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Contemporaneous: Stream of Stars — Music of Dylan Mattingly's video poster

Contemporaneous is releasing our debut album, "Stream of Stars", featuring the music of Dylan Mattingly, on INNOVA Records this Spring! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on March 20, 2012.

Contemporaneous is releasing our debut album, "Stream of Stars", featuring the music of Dylan Mattingly, on INNOVA Records this Spring!

About this project

“Never do things others can do and will do if there are things others cannot do or will not do.”
— Amelia Earhart

Inspired by the example of Amelia Earhart, Contemporaneous is on the home stretch of producing its debut album, a disc of music written specifically for us by founding co-artistic director Dylan Mattingly. We need your help to make this compelling and captivating music available to everyone and sincerely hope that you will join us in our effort to immortalize our efforts in Stream of Stars.

About the Project

“NY's hip, new, student-run new music ensemble,” Contemporaneous is an ensemble of talented and enthusiastic young artists dedicated to performing the most exciting music of our generation that describes our world and captures our existence. As founding co-artistic director of Contemporaneous, Dylan Mattingly has been instrumental in bringing the music of our time to new audiences, so it is fitting that our debut album consists entirely of world premiere recordings of pieces that Dylan has written specifically for us.

The entire process of making this album — from composition to performance to production — is the result of countless hours of dedicated work by a group of ambitious and talented young artists who have volunteered their time and talents over the past two years out of love for this music. Of the three works on this album, two were deemed “impossible to perform,” but the impeccable and beautiful performances contained in this album are a testament to our dedication and our deep conviction in this journey: bringing to life music that carries a special power that should reach as many people as possible.

Our efforts resulted in an invitation to release Stream of Stars on innova Recordings, a fantastic multi-genre label affiliated with the American Composers Forum. Although we are very excited work with innova’s team of experts, their promotion, distribution and manufacturing services do come at a price. Our pledge goal of $6,000 will only cover these costs and not the additional several thousand that are required for the many other production costs involved in creating this album. So, please consider pledging even if we meet our stated goal so that we can continue to do the vital and groundbreaking work that we do best.

All donations are tax deductible through our 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor, Tribeca New Music. If you pledge to this campaign, your card will be charged to the wonderful people there, who will forward your donation to us so that you can write it off your taxes.

In a performance that is sure to be among the highlights of our third season, Contemporaneous will release this disc at our performance for the Tribeca Music Festival on April 11th, 2012. This performance will take place at the superlative Merkin Concert Hall in New York, where we will be performing Dylan’s Atlas. We hope to see you there!

About the Music

Stream of Stars opens with Dylan’s Atlas of Somewhere on the Way to Howland Island, an epic and beautiful poem for chamber orchestra that is an emotional depiction of Amelia Earhart’s final journey. You can hear Earhart's journey in the music: her engine revving, crossing the endless blue, a stop in Tahiti, an elegy at the tragic end to the flight. The finale, though, features an incredible build to an overwhelmingly jubilant climax that sends Amelia's spirit out into the stars.

Six Night Sunrise (Music of Barges and Metallic Stars), for violin and piano, is a sonic picture of a single, intimate moment shared between the Pacific and the stars (and you). The last work on our album is Lighthouse (Refugee Music by a Pacific Expatriate), a down-to-Earth yet intricately sophisticated ode to the Pacific Ocean in a unique and riveting joyride for amplified string quintet.

Mattingly says, “I want to write music because things are beautiful, not because I feel there’s something I need to fix. Maybe there’s something wrong in the fact that things are about to go away if I don’t save them.”

Thank You!

Your enthusiasm and support for the music that we perform is what keeps us going at Contemporaneous. We could not make any of this happen without you, so thank you for being a part of this special project!

Gratefully yours,

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.”
— Amelia Earhart

Some Quotes

“[Mattingly] is not just a composer, he is the pilot of a starship and he takes the audience with him on a splendiforous journey to the uncharted courses of the human psyche.” — Albert Behar, composer

“By my lights, Dylan Mattingly, young as he is, has, with Atlas, earned his place in the pantheon of contemporary American composers.” — Susan Scheid, blogger

The Artists

Performed by David Bloom, Christopher Carroll, Katharine Dooley, Tamzin Elliott, Alex Fager, Amy Garapic, James Haber, Anna Hadfield, Josh Henderson, Zachary Israel, Ronald Joseph, Václav Kalivoda, Caitlin Majewski, Dylan Mattingly, Maxwell McKee, Alex Meyer, David Adam Nagy, Maryam Parhizkar, Renata Rakova, Max Scheinin, Finnegan Shanahan, Gabriella Spitz, Sabrina Tabby, Mayumi Tsuchida, Amalie Wyrick-Flax, Fanya Wyrick-Flax, and Bingwen Yang

Produced by Dylan Mattingly and David Bloom
Engineered, edited, and mixed by Conor Brown, Christopher Rubeo, and Thomas Mark
Mastered by Silas Brown
Album art by George Mattingly

Films by Yuxin Huang


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    This exciting CD contains only WORLD PREMIERE recordings of fantastic new music. If you contribute just $5, you will get a digital download of our last concert, “Just for Us,” which consisted of six world premiere performances!

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    Dylan’s “SIX NIGHT SUNRISE,” is the soulful and secretive piece at the heart of our album. Anyone who contributes at this level or higher will receive a digital download of this piece six nights before the album is released!

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    Dylan’s “GRAVITY AND GRACE” is a sublime improvisatory journey. Anyone who contributes at this level or higher will receive an unreleased live recording of the premiere of this piece at the 2011 Berkeley Arts Festival.

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    Pledge $30 or more

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    The very end of “Atlas” is an overwhelmingly jubilant climax that sends Amelia Earhart's spirit out into a STREAM OF STARS! If you contribute at this level or higher, you will receive your choice of a digital download or an autographed hard copy of our “Stream of Stars” CD.

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    Did you know that Amelia Earhart created a chart-topping fashion line? If you contribute at this level or higher, you will be a TRENDSETTER just like her with a sleek, red or black Contemporaneous T-shirt in the size of your choice OR a sporty, red and black Contemporaneous totebag.

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    Albert Behar once wrote, “[Dylan Mattingly] is not just a composer, he is a STARSHIP PILOT...” If you contribute at this level or higher, you will receive a DVD of Contemporaneous piloting an exciting studio performance of Dylan’s “Atlas,” filmed in the Frank Gehry-designed Richard B. Fisher Center.

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    The sound of a RADIAL LIFTOFF is absolutely exhilarating, and Dylan’s sonic imagination of exactly that experience begins our album. If you contribute at this level or higher, you will get to see Dylan’s transcription of Amelia’s takeoff when you receive an autographed full score for “Atlas,” complete with its three beautiful cover pages.

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    Amelia planned to refuel for the final leg of her global journey on HOWLAND ISLAND, a small, uninhabited island, and her beacon of hope. If you contribute at this level or higher, you can join the directors of Contemporaneous for lunch within 150 miles of our home base at Bard College. If you live outside that range, you will receive an original oil painting by Dylan.

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    AMELIA EARHART’s example is so inspiring because she committed herself to bringing the far corners of the earth closer to one another. If you, like Amelia, want to give the sky to the people by supporting living, breathing music, we want to reward your generosity with a private performance in your home. If you live within our reach (NY, MA, CT, NJ, AL, or Northern CA), a few of our musicians will come play for you and any family or friends you invite.

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