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A playing card deck with beautiful illustrations by Echo Chernik featuring characters from Patrick Rothfuss's The Name of the Wind.
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Auri & Bast Jokers and BackerKit Lockdown!

Posted by Elodin Enterprises (Creator)

Hello wonderful backers!

We hope you had a fantastic new years. Our great news is that as of last night all art is officially finished and we're going to print!

We promised we'd show off the last two cards as soon as we could, so without further ado: the Auri Joker.

We love the subtle mystery that this lends to Auri, and it plays a good homage to The Slow Regard of Silent Things in the process.

And our Chronicler, Kvothe, and Bast triptych has been completed now that Bast is ready to make his sexy appearance.

Chronicler is intently and seriously listening while Kvothe tells his story, while Bast is leaning back and smirking, giving us a perfect snapshot of this moment and these characters.

Just the Bast Joker
Just the Bast Joker

All of the art being completed means that everyone will have one more week to finalize their orders on BackerKit.

A little over 400 backers still haven't completed their surveys, so those people will need to fill theirs out or be unable to select add-ons. The vast majority of you (clever, good-smelling folks that you are) have completed your surveys, and can use this last week to make sure you've ordered everything you want from the campaign. We held off so that people could see all the art before deciding what prints they might want, so now's the time!

Surveys will be locked down on Monday, January 22nd, so you have until the end of the day on Sunday to finalize your order. If you ordered additional items and paid with a credit card (not via PayPal) your card will be charged on Monday.

This lock down does not affect your address. You'll be able to make address changes whenever you need to until we're preparing things for shipment. We'll give you two weeks notice before we lockdown addresses, and you likely won't get that heads-up until March, so if an address change comes up before then, feel free to log into BackerKit and adjust your address there.

Let us know if you have any questions, and thanks for all of your support!

Elodin Enterprises

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    1. Elodin Enterprises Creator on

      @Damian - We still don't have a concrete timeline of arrival of product from the factory, but once we do we'll be sending out an update to make everything more clear. That said, we'll send out a request for final addresses about 2 weeks before the first package ships, and close things down pretty much the day before shipping starts, so you'll have time to figure out which address will work best for a while yet.

    2. Missing avatar

      Damian Steele on

      I'm moving across country at the end of May. Would you suggest updating the delivery address to where I'm moving? Or should things be shipped in April as planned?

    3. Elodin Enterprises Creator on

      Cara - You're up to date! If you have any other questions shoot us an email at elodin (@)

    4. Missing avatar

      Cara Smoley on

      Am I up to date? I think I took survey. Please verify. Thanks. Cara Smoley

    5. Doug Wilson on

      Auri chasing after Fox reminds me of Cast Away.


      Also, I like that it's inverted. Interesting perspective.

    6. Elodin Enterprises Creator on

      Ashley -- It isn't and it likely won't be more fleshed out until Echo has finished working with the backers to fit their liknesses into the art. Since those prints in particular won't be finished until much later, we'd be flexible with you about adjusting your order accordingly later on. Just send us an email at elodin (at) if you want to change anything when you see the final!

    7. Missing avatar

      Ashley Heimbach on

      Has the Levity Print of At The Eolian been finalized yet? I'm going back and forth between two of the Levity Prints and was hoping to see At The Eolian in a final or at least color version before nailing down which I'm getting. If so, is it possible to update the Kickstarter photo with the final version? Thank you!!!

    8. Elodin Enterprises Creator on

      That's an excellent idea and we appreciate the note!

      You can go to to either log in or get your survey re-sent to you.

    9. Missing avatar

      Sharon Crook on

      Where is the "survey"? I can't find a link anywhere.

    10. Missing avatar

      Peter Boswell on

      Great news. I'm looking forward to receiving these.

      Just a thought (constructive criticism.) You might add a link to the Backerkit survey so we can check we have completed it.

    11. Missing avatar

      Kelly Jones on

      These are so beautiful! I can't wait to see them!

    12. Elodin Enterprises Creator on

      Jay - Send us an email at elodin (@) and we'll work with you on this. It really REALLY should've arrived by now, so it was likely lost in the mail.

    13. Jay Elmore on

      What is happening with the holiday cards?
      I know they were delayed but I still haven’t received mine.