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Verbatim interviews with regular people about how they are affected by public policy changes in Wisconsin. ~ interviews published in multimedia form, on this website


UPDATE #2: If we are unable to meet our Kickstarter goal, all of your pledges will be cancelled.  please stop by on April 27 and make a direct donation!  With over 50 backers, we've nearly reached our quarterly goal. But only if you jump through one extra hoop!! We appreciate each one of you so much!  Thank-you for making our future interviews possible !!!


UPDATE #1: Thanks so much to “Sly” Madison radio show 106.7 FM/1670 AM
 for having me on his morning show today! He was such an incredible supporter of our project ~

Listen to the interview here:

Politicians and the media often ignore the stories of regular people in order to push their agendas. So early in 2011, we began collecting verbatim interviews from people about how they were being affected by public policy changes in Wisconsin.

Now, nearly a year later, we have amassed a living library of voices. From a rural farmer to inner-city citizens, from a correctional officer to a child protective services worker, from students to retirees, we continually strive to represent the diversity and magnitude of the human experience. These are the voices that we need to hear because they tell us what is happening to our families, friends, and neighbors.

And Wisconsin is not alone ~ these are the voices of regular people everywhere.

We’ve picked up momentum due to the response by local media, Hudson Patch and Pioneer Press, and also national media, Huffington Post and MSNBC, who have all featured our content. Additionally, interviews that were cross posted on the nationally known website in NYC, Open Salon, have consistently earned “editor’s pick” and have been featured on the front of their real-time magazine cover.

But the biggest incentive fueling our momentum comes from the satisfaction of the people that we interview. Time and time again, frustration lessens and empowerment grows when people have someone who listens. That someone is YOU !

These dynamics have encouraged our small crew as we’ve been volunteering our time and money. But now, we need your help to enable us to produce the next 10 interviews in our webseries. With your financial help, we anticipate increasing both the variety and quality of our unique stories, many of which would otherwise never see the light of day… lost in the shuffle of political bantering. Our mission is to change that.

At, we are telling the stories of Wisconsin, one voice at a time.



Kickstarter has a unique system in place to fund creative projects, in an “all or nothing” style. Either we convince YOU to fund our project to the tune of $16,000….or we get nothing! It's an AWESOME WAY TO SUPPORT INDEPENDENT (grassroots) MEDIA! If we meet our goal, we will start getting those awesome incentives to you! If you can spread the word about our Kickstarter campaign to your friends, on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or Email the link and speak about it in regular conversations – we’d sooooooooooooooo appreciate it!


Click the “Back This Project” (green button) in the upper right-hand corner and choose your contribution amount. Next, you will be guided through the Amazon checkout process. You must complete the Amazon checkout process for your pledge to count.


If funding fails, all pledges are canceled and your card is not charged. Let’s work together to avoid that tho! – Donate today to keep this important interview series going!


We have only requested the bare-bones budget essential for creating a sustainable organization for 10 interviews. But we could do more interviews! 
Money raised here will pay for filming, interviewing, transcribing, writing, editing, music and image production, research, website maintenance, educational/digital workshop training, replacement equipment (Art needs new video equipment and a back-up hard drive which are expensive!  You should see some of his old stuff!!!) gas money, travel expenses, etc... It is amazing that we’ve been able to produce such a diverse body of work with just volunteers! Help us continue delivering your voices that add so much to the public dialogue ~


You can help by spreading the word about our series in your community. We need your help broadcasting the Kickstarter campaign. Facebook it. Tweet it. Reddit. Email it. Sing and dance it…whatever works ~
Every dollar helps ~ most projects meet their goal with MANY smaller contributions, rather than larger ones!!!

Thank you for supporting ~ we are telling the stories of Wisconsin, one voice at a time.


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