SkyCube: The First Satellite Launched by You!

by Tim DeBenedictis

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      Keith Nealy on

      Seems odd that you can't find it. I thought the government tracked all orbital objects. If they know where all five are, but don't know which is which, and they're separated by thousands of miles, why can't you look for your signal at each pass for each of them? Does it not send an ID as part of its telemetry? Can you ping it? I thought you had ground stations that would send you info. No? It's up to ham operators?

    2. Tim DeBenedictis Creator on

      Keith - I certainly didn't mean to give the impression we're relying on amateur radio operators to find the satellite. Rather, one of our project goals was to provide tools for amateurs to detect transmissions from the satellite. We're doing that now. As far as the other things you suggest - yes, we're doing all of that, too, right now.

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      virginia DeBenedictis on

      What you are doing is truly a pioneering effort and what you have accomplished is amazing. We do not know all the impacts of pioneering endeavors--it is the nature of the entity. But no one could have put forth more effort in this undertaking. Kudos to you and your team and Skycube's supporters. Ad astra per aspera.

    4. josep saldaña cavallé on

      SkyCube signal?! Radioamateur Dmitry Pashkov @UB4UAD heard this today at 915 MHz

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      Greg Parikh on

      Are there any updates at all?
      Something would be nice

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      Montgomery A. Lee on

      Anybody know anything more? No updates in 3 months. Is SkyCube dead?