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A nano-satellite that lets you take Earth images and "tweet" from space, then inflates a visible balloon, and de-orbits cleanly.
2,711 backers pledged $116,890 to help bring this project to life.

We Have Liftoff!

Posted by Tim DeBenedictis (Creator)


SkyCube is now in orbit.  Today, January 9th, 2014, at 1:07 PM Eastern Standard Time, an Antares rocket built by Orbital Sciences Corporation launched successfully from Wallops Island, Virginia, USA, carrying SkyCube and many other satellites to the International Space Station.

If you missed it, here's how the launch looked from the press site:

Antares/Cygnus Orb-1 Launch from Wallops Island, 9 Jan 2014
Antares/Cygnus Orb-1 Launch from Wallops Island, 9 Jan 2014

More images are available from Orbital's web site.

Here's an HD video capture of NASA TV's launch coverage:

What Comes Next?

Over the next 3 days, the Cygnus cargo craft will chase down the International Space Station.  Cygnus is expected to berth at ISS during the early morning (approximately 4:00 AM EST) on Sunday, January 12th.

We'll keep you posted.  Today's been a very, very good day.  Thanks to all of you who've made this possible.

Aloha and Mahalo,


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    1. Glenn Kelly on

      Congrats to Tim, his team, and everyone who saw this as a significant and worthwhile venture! This is exciting, amazing, and a worthwhile first step toward demonstrating the public's interest in space and research; am endeavor that should be global and not country specific, funded by people interested in science, astronomy, remote sensing, and beyond without interference from any government and hopefully immune to government axing of funds. This is only one small step towards meeting those efforts, a true demonstration of "smaller, faster, and cheaper!"

    2. James Williams on

      Congratulations! I'm glad to have been a part of this. Can't wait until March!

    3. Josh McNamara on

      Astounding. My sons sixth birthday is shortly after the eta for pics and tweets. I plan on using one accordingly. As for the pictures will there be any assistance with what exactly we're snapping shots of? And if we were interested could we purchase more?

    4. Dean Browell


    5. Lee Wilson on

      Woot Woot! Congratulations SkyCube!

    6. Missing avatar

      virginia DeBenedictis on

      Knowing the great amount of time, effort,costs, frustrations, problems etc. that have gone into the Skycube undertaking, I am still thrilled beyond thrilled to have seen yesterday's launch. We now see the dream with wings--may it continue to soar. It is truly an honor and priviledge to be even a small part of this pioneering project. Thank you. Fly on, Skycube! Fly on, dreams!

    7. Mauricio Fonseca Beltran on

      Great news!
      I am very happy to have a small part in this project.
      Now let's wait until March ...

    8. Rick Maschek on

      Congratulations on reaching space aboard the Antares/Cygnus Orb-1, it was a beautiful launch. Hope everything goes well on ISS and a for a successful deployment in March.

    9. Seeker on

      It's been an honor to take part in this project. Even though our contribution wasn't huge, we are extremely happy that some "part of us" is now in the space. It's wonderful that people from all over the world come together to participate in such a "cosmic" undertaking. Thank you Tim for this opportunity! Peace out and greetings from Poland! We're looking forward to getting more info.

    10. Beagle on

      This is genuinely very exciting! Can't wait to get home now and read all this properly.

    11. josep saldaña cavallé on

      My acknowledgment and congratulations to Tim DeBenedictis, Scott Cutler, Rouslan Dimitrov, Mark Caviezel, Kevin, Robert who have the idea, projected and made the SkyCube. Go SkyCube!

    12. Missing avatar

      Ken Riopelle on

      Fantastic! Keep going, a real inspiration!

    13. Chris Heier on

      This is a proud moment for myself and all the backers of this project. Great job Tim! I'm very excited about this project, and being able to put my mark on something going to space.

    14. Hiroaki Kanematsu on

      Congratulations, team! I'm excited and looking forward to the further updates from you. Thanks for your great efforts!

    15. Missing avatar

      James Oglethorpe on

      Congratulations to the team! I would like to echo what Thomas Eldredge says below. Proud to be a tiny part of the collaborative effort.

    16. Missing avatar

      Hens Zimmerman on

      Awesome! Congratulations! Thanks for all your hard work, Tim.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey C on

      Wonderful news, thank you for the update.

    18. Thomas Eldredge on

      I know this is vain because I only contributed a few bucks to this campaign, but I am profoundly proud to have been even a small part of a project that was launched into space and will soon serve as a platform to promote and improve our understanding of space.

      GO SKYCUBE!!!