SkyCube: The First Satellite Launched by You!

by Tim DeBenedictis

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      Gary J. Carter on

      Fingers crossed indeed! We're going to put our T-shirts on Sunday night and wear them to bed for luck ;-)

    2. Tim DeBenedictis Creator on

      Gary - I'm gonna assume you mean Tuesday night, unless you plan to wear them for 3 days straight :-) As best we can tell, launch will be Wednesday 12/18.

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      Greg Lynn on

      Awesome to see everything coming together. Hey launch complications make it all authentic :-)

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      virginia DeBenedictis on

      Sounds to me like crossing fingers and wearing T-shirts are good ideas, ammonia pumps and other things notwithstanding. We continue to go with the flow--and are getting good at that. Go Skycube!

      Love, Mom