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A nano-satellite that lets you take Earth images and "tweet" from space, then inflates a visible balloon, and de-orbits cleanly.
2,711 backers pledged $116,890 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Terry TradeMark Martin on February 15

      so what happened? do I get to tweet now? lol

    2. Creator Mark Chatinsky on September 15, 2014


      You did the everything you could and if you do another project....SIGN ME UP!

      To Engineer Is Human: The Role of Failure in Successful Design

    3. Creator aisbaby on September 15, 2014

      Awesome project!
      it isn't a failure... it's just another learning for the next big project.
      And as research & development goes, 99% of the time they don't succeed... but sets the stage for success :)

      GOOD LUCK!

    4. Creator Jean-Yves Hemlin on September 14, 2014

      As everyone else, we are disappointed that it did not worked as planned. However, I really want to thank you for making us dream! It was fantastic!

    5. Creator David Dyer-Bennet on September 14, 2014

      Of course this outcome is disappointing, even as just a backer. But I'm happy to have contributed to the attempt, and fascinated to read the first-person accounts of designing, building, testing, launching, trying to operate, and trying to debug this little satellite. Best of luck in your future endeavors!

    6. Creator Beagle on September 9, 2014

      Are we getting some kind of final update rather than having to piece it together from answers to other people's comments? I think after four months that's the least we can expect. For example, if you hadn't responded to a comment down below we would never have known you've stopped trying to communicate. With this and the 'we can't find it' I'm left wondering if the thing even geo up there!

    7. Creator Theresa Christenson on August 24, 2014

      Even though this attempt didn't work, I'm proud to have been a little part of this community effort.

      Any thoughts on trying again after you work out what could have gone wrong?

    8. Creator Tim DeBenedictis on August 22, 2014

      Steven - we doubt it, due to our best guess at the nature of the problem. I'm preparing a final report, which should be released in 2-3 weeks. Thanks for asking.

    9. Creator Steven Richardson on August 21, 2014

      I concur with Cordell. Sad that it didn't work but no regrets of my $10 investment.
      Tim: While you said you have stopped attempting to communicate (i.e. Sending the cube signals), is there any chance that the SkyCube may start sending signals on its own in the future?

    10. Creator James Williams on August 12, 2014

      $116k pledged and still no satellite. I could probably do better with a Pringles can, an IPhone, and an Estes model rocket. I feel robbed at this point. Sorry Tom. :(

    11. Creator cordell melgaard on July 25, 2014

      Decided to check on this, sad to hear after almost two years the project is dead.
      However, I don't regret spending $10 to follow a really fun idea. Just think how many times the Wright brothers failed.

    12. Creator Tim DeBenedictis on July 20, 2014

      Jason, Brady, Nobunari, Santiago, William, Larry - I have all replied to all of you personally through Kickstarter. In case you did not get the response, here's what I wrote:

      You're correct that you are overdue for a final update, and we've been working on it, slowly but surely. The short version is that we have't had any further contact with the satellite since March 27th. At the end of June, we stopped attempting to communicate. Most of our efforts since then have concentrated on diagnosing exactly what went wrong. While we have some good clues, we do not yet have a 100% certainty of an exact failure mode. I'll present what is known so far in the final report; that will be the next and presumably final update to this project.

      I apologize again for the delay in getting back to you.


    13. Creator Jason Ozin on July 20, 2014

      The last update in here April 22.
      If Skycube is dead then let us know do not ignore us.


    14. Creator Brady on July 14, 2014

      How's it going? When will messages start broadcasting? Also have we picked out messages yet?

    15. Creator Nobunari Isono on July 7, 2014

      Hi Tim

      I know you are having fun at Hawaii.
      Can you give us some updates?

    16. Creator Santiago Hernández on July 3, 2014

      Any news about Skycube?

    17. Creator William Phelps on June 20, 2014

      The last update was April 27. it's now June 20. It looks like Skycube is defunct. How about an update, please, Tim?

    18. Creator Larry Geary on June 4, 2014

      A message popped up the other day in either Sky Safari or Satellite Safari saying that you have heard from Sky Cube. Can you give us an update?

    19. Creator Tim DeBenedictis on April 21, 2014

      Charles - as per my comment to to #35, an update will be coming after this week's CubeSat conference (see Apologies for the delay.

    20. Creator Charles Yaker on April 21, 2014

      Tim #35 was 3/30 we are now 2/3 through April in all fairness an updates is due.

      Thanks CY

    21. Creator Tim DeBenedictis on April 21, 2014

      Swen - yes. Please see latest update (#35). You're commenting on a post that is months old!

    22. Creator Swen Krups on April 21, 2014

      Hi there,

      is there any update? Have you finaly located SkyCube? If so, when can we expect to take pictures and send messages?


    23. Creator Tim DeBenedictis on March 1, 2014

      John - yes, they will drift apart. Thousands of miles apart, all strung out in an orbit very similar to the ISS orbit, like pearls on a giant string around the Earth.

    24. Creator John Mayhew on February 28, 2014

      Super cool to hear (and see) it is now in orbit. Congrats to the team. Strange that they deploy them all crammed together like that. I guess they eventually spread out on their own?

    25. Creator Michael Scott on February 28, 2014

      Tim, congratulations on making it to space how cool! Thrilled to be part of it.

    26. Creator Hannes Planatscher on January 31, 2014

      Hi, first of all: Congrats! I have tried contacting the team multiple times because I can not login at , however I never got an answer. Could someone help, please?

    27. Creator Rick Maschek on January 13, 2014

      Congratulations, nice up on Cygnus, enjoy your stay on ISS and have a successful deployment.

    28. Creator ross burke on January 12, 2014

      Very excited to hear that our satellite has left the earth's atmosphere. Well done and congratulations to the team. This was my favourite kickstarter so far.


    29. Creator Seeker on January 9, 2014

      Go Go SkyCube :)

    30. Creator Charlie on January 9, 2014

      God Speed, SkyCube!!!

    31. Creator Charlie on January 9, 2014

      Live coverage of the launch at Spaceflight Now!!!

    32. Creator John Kennedy on December 20, 2013

      Sorry to hear about the launch delay! Doing space is HARD!

      Sadly I am definitely XL, so I'll take a pass on my 2 shirts.

    33. Creator Tim DeBenedictis on December 17, 2013

      John - see Orbital's web site for updates. As of now, launch looks to be December 19th. We are flying out to Wallops today.

      what is it with these T-shirts? More than a year ago, I posted an update saying "if you haven't gotten a T-shirt, please email us at". Send your shipping address and T-shirt size to that email addy. Please note we have run out of XL, but still have all other sizes (S, M, L, 2 XL). But it'll have to wait until we get back from Wallops.

    34. Creator John Kennedy on December 17, 2013

      What's the latest? Go/No Go?!


      Also, VERY low on the priorities at the moment, but no t-shirts appeared here either.

    35. Creator Tim DeBenedictis on November 19, 2013


      No, you can use them any time during the mission (after the satellite is deployed.) We're not allowing any specific tweets/images to be submitted until the satellite is deployed and operating on-orbit. We don't know exactly when SkyCube will be deployed from ISS. Unlike today's launch, SkyCube isn't being deployed directly from the rocket - it's going to ISS first, then being kicked off ISS several months (an unknown time) later. Because of this timing uncertainty, we can't yet accept specific tweet/picture requests.


    36. Creator James Williams on November 19, 2013

      Hi Tim,

      I'm excited that we now have a launch window. Just a question. I sponsored 10 minutes of the mission. Does this mean I need to use the message feature and take the pictures during this 10 minute timeframe, or can I do this at any time during the mission?

      Can't wait until Dec 15th! It'll be worth it in the end!

      - Jim

    37. Creator Tim DeBenedictis on November 11, 2013

      Mark - I have to apologize for the long delay between the last two updates. That was my responsibility. It was partly out of sheer terror that this project would not actually succeed. We didn't know what launch we'd be on. We didn't know if we'd be able to communicate from orbit (the entire US gov't shut down during the week we were supposed to schedule our tests!) A the same time, we were frantically rebuilding our satellite under direction of Nanoracks technical review. Any updates during this period would have been filled with a frightening amount of uncertainty - if we'd had time to post them at all. Our project is back on track now, with the satellite delivered. And I'll try to be more consistent with the updates.

      Regarding the app: we are not introducing SkyCube features into Satellite Safari until the satellite is actually deployed in orbit. I feel it would be misleading to advertise tweeting from space or images from space in an app, when the satellite that's supposed to deliver them is still on the ground.

      If you want to know more, email me privately at

    38. Creator Mark on November 11, 2013

      This project is a bit disappointing at the moment, I became a backer well over a year ago now, as far as I can see from the last update the Satellite is supposed to launch in about a month however updates are few and far between, there are very few active comments and in general there just seems to be a lack of excitement or interest.

      I became a backer because I was interested in seeing the process from start to finish, things started off well with some interesting technical insights but recently nothing.

      Also I installed the app but it also seems to have no current link in with this project... either I am missing something here or the project owners are!!

    39. Creator Rick Grzyb on October 23, 2013

      any news on anything tim?

    40. Creator Rick Grzyb on August 1, 2013

      any news on the app?

    41. Creator Tim DeBenedictis on May 2, 2013

      Sandra - please see latest post. SkyCube won't launch til at least November 28th this year. We have not yet added the messaging capability to our Satellite Safari apps. You haven't missed anything.

    42. Creator Sandra Little on May 2, 2013

      Was wondering about the messages we wanted and when/ how to send them. Disc we miss an important update?

    43. Creator Seeker on April 4, 2013

      Hi Tim. I have one question regarding T-shirts. I think, I missed information in my absence. Were T-shirts sent? . . .

      Best Regards


    44. Creator Tim DeBenedictis on March 18, 2013


      No, we will eventually build a free web interface as well. But the iPhone and (soon) Android apps will give you a much better/more flexible interface.


    45. Creator Santiago Hernández on March 18, 2013

      One question, Will we need to buy the satellite Safari app in order to request the pics and send the messages?

    46. Creator Vaclav G. Ujcik on March 2, 2013

      Thanks! I kinda let it slide until I saw the note about moving the launch to September. Then I said "Hey, I could still advertise this if I had the shirts ;)" So I thought a quick note was appropriate. I'm now newly excited to see the possibility of getting pictures of the ISS after launch.

    47. Creator Tim DeBenedictis on March 1, 2013

      Vaclav - you are cursed. I did find my email to the T-shirt manufacturer requesting them to be re-sent to you, but .... ??? Anyhow: I am sending you two XXL t-shirts right now.

    48. Creator Vaclav G. Ujcik on March 1, 2013

      Tim, for what it's worth, I never did get an XXL t-shirts.

    49. Creator Gil on January 1, 2013

      Just another request to set up an email list for giftees. There are excited kids out there who would love to be included in the project..

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