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A sci-fi/fantasy short about a group of forest dwelling warriors on a journey to their yearly pilgrimage site.

Written and Directed by Mickey Sanchez and Jake Jefferies
Cinematography by Matt Bockelman
Music by Steve Marion, Ezra Tenenbaum, and Dustin Wong
Titles by Kevin Durkin

Emma Sartwell
Mickey Sanchez
Maria Ryerson
Steve Marion
Santhya Manivannan
Jake Jefferies

^^^ Above photo by Rob Scheuerman, titles by Kevin Durkin

After their leader is obliterated by an unseen danger, the remaining members of a group of forest dwelling warriors are left to make it on their own to the yearly pilgrimage site. The seasons change from spring to winter until they finally find what they’ve been looking for. Or have they?

I just completed my first narrative short film, White Warriors, and it's about to go off to film festivals! That's where I need your help. I've identified somewhere between 20 and 30 places I'd like for it to go (and possibly more), but submission fees are all somewhere between $20-$60.There were also all the expenses from filming: food, transportation, costumes etc. Quite a chunk of change after you add it up!

It's been a little over a year in the making and I'm so happy to say that it's finally done. It feels really good and I've learned a lot. My game-plan is to submit this film to festivals and in the meantime to finish a feature length script that I've started. I hope that this way, if I meet anyone at festivals who is interested in working with me, I can have the next thing ready.

Please think of your contribution as supporting the entire life of this film from conception until now, as I try to get it out into the world.

Email me at if you have any questions. I'm so excited for everyone to finally see it!

~ Mickey

P.S. A high def trailer is available here:


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