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Portable x Affordable = Maker + Baker + Designer + Handcrafter
Portable x Affordable = Maker + Baker + Designer + Handcrafter
Portable x Affordable = Maker + Baker + Designer + Handcrafter
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    1. Muherz Creator on

      @Steven, we sent your package to the Florida address in January 2018. Wish you like it. Please message us or send letters to if you have any question. Thank you!

    2. steven siegel on

      My address is

      Dr Steven Siegel
      2212 bayview drive fort Lauderdale Fl 33305

    3. i hate buying gas

      Anyone know of a brand of 2 or 3 inch keychain caribiner that the cubiio can engrave? I've had success with some anodized alluminum but haven yet found the right caribiner.

    4. Muherz Creator on

      @Wilson Thomas,
      So glad to know you love it! And your works shown on flickr are wonderful. Many thanks for you sharing. I know more and more people don’t like to use facebook; however, many users/backers posted parameters for different materials. These experience would shorten the time to achieve best results. Here is the hyperlink of Cubbio User Group for your reference:

    5. Missing avatar

      Wilson Thomas

      Hi, So you guys won't think I'm a total goof, here is a link to my flickr account where I have posted pictures of some of what I've made. Hope you like it and it gives you some inspiration. Click here to see:

    6. Missing avatar

      Wilson Thomas

      Hi, Thanks for the response. I have an older ipad mini that isn't running the correct version of ios for using cubiio remote on it, but thanks anyway. I have fallen in love with cubiio and she is running morning, noon and night. I'm trying different material and design and having a blast. I'm building up my inventory, but having started selling anything yet. But soon I will. I'm still figuring out what setting work best for different material, but coming up with some very interesting pieces. I would almost go ahead and buy another one, but I guess I'll wait for the next model. But hurry up. Not sure I want to post on fakebook, but we'll see. Thanks for a great tool and toy.

    7. Muherz Creator on

      @Wilson Thomas,
      Please visit our website ( for the detailed method of transforming illustrator’s work into g-code. Backer, Bert Chao, made a great video showing how to do it. (…=) During previewing, Cubiio draws the outline rectangle, at the meanwhile the user can adjust the relative position between Cubiio and the target. Switching on expert mode may help alignment. In addition, cubiio remote can work on iPad. please scan the following QR code on our website ( Thank you.

    8. Missing avatar

      Wilson Thomas

      Hi again. Also, could you also allow cubiio remote to work on ipads and tablets? That way I can use my tablet to engrave and leave the house/run errands while laser is working. Please?

    9. Missing avatar

      Wilson Thomas

      Also, if somebody has not already suggested...maybe in the next model, have an alignment grid printed or engraved on the base. I think this would help positioning material a little easier.

    10. Missing avatar

      Wilson Thomas

      Hi. Finally got around to trying out my laser. It works, but I have some questions... In the documentation, it says you can adjust image while previewing. I don't see this functionality. How is this done? Also, is there anyone who uses Illustrator who has generated gcode files using gcode generator script 1.1? It looks like it works, but I don't know what settings to use. Can anyone help? I think the documentation can be enhanced to bring all info together in one place. There are too many scattered pieces to refer to and not well organized, I think the machine is fine and has potential for me, but without good documentation; I am somewhat lost and getting frustrated trying things that don't work or are not well explained. Thank you.

    11. Muherz Creator on

      @i hate buying gas,
      We must take it into consideration. Many thanks for your reminding!

    12. i hate buying gas

      Thanks. I like the cubiio, have enjoyed using it. If you haven't considered, please find a way to transfer files w/o having to remove the SD card (I.e. USB, wifi, Ethernet). But realizing the added cost that might entail, so it's a trade off. If it isn't that much, could be worth it

    13. Muherz Creator on

      @i hate buying gas,
      Of course! We will send early notification to all cubiio backers. Super early bird discount will be also provided. The second version is still under R&D stage now. Its specification hasn’t been fixed so I can’t say too much. Definitely, it will eat bigger stuff, stay compact and cool.

    14. i hate buying gas

      Any insight on your second version product? Possible discount or early notification for cubiio backers?

    15. Muherz Creator on

      @Jason Meltzer,
      You encountered FAQ’s Condition 9: The laser dot offsets from the central position. I paste the solution in the following. Resolve 9: Please update to the latest Cubiio Remote. Enter “Adjust Central Position” in the setting menu after connecting to your cubiio, and then follow instructions to relocate the laser dot to its central position. Here is the hyperlink of cubiio FAQ:

    16. Muherz Creator on

      @Mario Martinez,
      Thanks for your comment. The products provided via Kickstarter and Indiegogo are identical so they have the same table about “What Materials can Cubiio Engrave and Cut”. The laser source is a 1.6 Watt OSRAM semiconductor blue color laser. This value is the rated optical power emitted from the laser diode. After reflecting by mirrors, passing through condensing lens and protective window, the optical power is attenuated down to 800 mW. We are planning a new model with a higher optical power for more possibility.

    17. Jason meltzer on

      I use my cubiio daily and just today the laser shifted some how and now only prints a 1/4 of the image in the bottom corner. It appears to need to be recentered or recalibrated. Is there any way to do a factory reset?

    18. Missing avatar

      Mario Martinez

      On your page it says that the laser is now a 1.6W laser (see below). Is this a firmware upgrade for us kickstarter backers or is this some kind of version 2.0 model? Even the Indiegogo campaign still has the old 800mw spec. What gives?

      Laser Source1600 mW OSRAM 450 nm blue laser, lifetime estimation 10000 hours

    19. Muherz Creator on

      @ Brett Whicker,
      Please keep your smartphone closed to Cubiio. Less than 1 meter is suggested. Regarding to the other question, the following video helps.…

      @i hate buying gas,
      Thanks for answering Brett’s question.

    20. i hate buying gas

      Brett - you need to lossen the set screw that holds the thumb screw in place. It is the tamper resistant torx screw. I use a Swiss army knife bottle opener. The small blade was able to lossen it enough to remove the thumb screw

    21. i hate buying gas

      Brett - I have a moto g4 dedicated just for cubiio. When i get bt connection issues I turn off bt then on again. This usually resolves connection issues. The phone is no more than 12 inches from cubiio at all times.

    22. Missing avatar

      Brett Whicker on

      My Cubiio keeps disconnecting from my bluetooth devices is this normal?

    23. Missing avatar

      Brett Whicker on

      Does anyone know how to detach the laser from the base so that it can be used with the tripod? I have unscrewed the laser but it still does not come off and I do not want to force it

    24. Muherz Creator on

      @Jack Herod,
      You are absolutely right! The key point is the transient ability to supply current. Some cheap chargers, although labelled 2 ampere, just can’t offer sufficient current when the laser needs full power suddenly. We suggest Apple 12W charger for iPad. It was tested OK. In addition, the USB cable should be fat and short to avoid voltage drop.

    25. Muherz Creator on

      I just tested and all okay. Please indicate which part not accessible specifically. Please address your browser and OS as well. Thank you.

    26. Muherz Creator on

      @David Kiszkan,
      Thanks for your great idea! Before we add this function in app, please invert color in your image processing software. Most all image processing applications have this function.

    27. Zon

      @Jack Herod
      Thanks, that's really helpful advise!

      The question regarding inacessive resource persists.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jack Herod


      I found that if you don't have ample power going to the device, it will sometimes stop in the middle of a job saying that it may have moved. I increased power to it and everything is perfect now. It has to be a SOLID 2.5 amp (or whatever it calls for).

    29. Zon

      Problem number one - resource is not accessible.
      Problem number two - cubiio turne off as "moved" after about half-an hour of work even if it's absolutely unmoveable.
      Please advise.

    30. David Kiszkan on

      App update idea : color invert switch to swap which part of a graphic is burned

    31. Muherz Creator on

      Recently there will be an App update version 1.2.2 which includes power/speed parameters for common materials. Many thanks for your suggestion.

    32. Missing avatar

      David Yau on

      Just realized the goggles are required for legit sale, so it is not a gift :P

    33. Missing avatar

      David Yau on

      @祥哥,她不會expert mode...不用管她,何況護罩提供了最佳距離,拿起來開expert mode應該也行吧?

    34. Missing avatar

      David Yau on

      please include the power and speed for the material you tested for cutting and engraving, so we dont have to guess from nothing. Thanks.

    35. Muherz Creator on

      === Haven’t received your Cubiio yet?! ===
      A survey to collect delivery information from all backers was issued on Oct 3, 2017. Please log in Kickstarter, reply the survey, and let us know your mailing address; and then we know what place to ship your package to. In addition, please refer to Update #29 (Dec 15) about address in English. Please contact if you still have questions about shipping. Cubiio’s website contains everything you need, including FAQ, user’s guide, and example files. Welcome to visit

    36. Muherz Creator on

      @ Jilin Guo,
      Yes, DHL will email the tracking number to you directly when your package is on the way. Thanks for replying the survey. You have been enrolled in the shipping list.

    37. Muherz Creator on

      @Misty Brooks,
      First of all, many thanks for your early pledge and support. Second, the cubiio (with shield) you received, can be removed from the shield and it can work stand-alone too. It can work as originally described. Third, you paid $319 for laser head plus shield; the laser head we are providing on Indiegogo starts from $379. That means you paid less and got more. Fourth, the $379 ones on Indiegogo will be delivered late, in June. The following video shows how to remove the laser head from the shield and remember to enable Expert Mode. Mind everything the App reminds you about safe. Please feel free to contact us via Thank you…

    38. 祥哥 on

      @Misty Brooks,首先这里的价格比 Indigo上便宜,而且可以优先得到设备,何况加上护罩是kickstarter的强制要求,而且激光器又不是不能自由移动,没看过所有的updates,就别开放你那所谓的脑洞来为难发起人,更何况同样的价格可以多个护罩和2副护镜,还有赠品,真不知道你是怎么想的

    39. Missing avatar

      Misty Brooks

      I'm really upset you now offer it on Indigo as a free stand-alone laser when we here on Kickstarter paid for a stand-alone laser and it had to be a cube box Laser Now I want my money back so I can get the one that is a free stand alone as originally described you change the platform you changed everything about the laser here on Kickstarter and now you're offering it on Indigo I have an open mind at all I would like to get a refund so I can get the one that is stand alone and by the laws you have to do so you changed the original design I would like to get my money back please please contact me as soon as possible at

    40. Missing avatar

      Jilin Guo on

      Will backers be provided with a tracking number after the cubiios having been sent?

    41. Muherz Creator on

      @Stefan @권기현,
      In October 2017, we issued a survey to collect delivery information from all backers. Please reply the survey first and let us know your mailing address, and then we know what place to ship your package to. In addition, please refer to Update #29 about address in English. Many thanks for your pledge.

    42. Muherz Creator on

      I suppose you hope to separate the laser module from the acrylic shield. The following video shared by a backer may help you. Please visit our website ( for FAQ. Thank you.…

    43. Missing avatar

      정연우 on

      Please tell me how to separate glass from cubiio.
      It wasn’t separate.

    44. Missing avatar

      권기현 on

      When i will get my cubiio??!!

    45. Stefan@4elementsgroup on

      When i will get my cubiio??!!

    46. Muherz Creator on

      @i hate buying gas,
      The mating cycle life of the SD card slot is 10000. This number is provided by the component supplier. In addition, to produce a good grayscale photo, we suggest Sketch Guru. Please view the latest Update #33. Thank you.

    47. Muherz Creator on

      @ i hate buying gas @David Yau,
      Backer Guy Hagen did a nice work: Electro-etched copper based on Cubiio-cut vinyl mask design. For your reference, the hyperlink is

    48. Muherz Creator on

      @Javier Moser,
      Cubiio can’t cut 3 mm MDF. Please refer to our campaign page or website ( Cubiio can cut 1.5 mm wood (balsa) at most.

    49. Muherz Creator on

      My colleague replied you several days ago. Please check Private Message for details. Thank you very much.

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