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Real? Surreal? Iconic? The album art of Storm Thorgerson is so far deeply embedded in our psyche it's hard to believe it all came from one mind... Read more

New York, NY Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on July 6, 2010.

Real? Surreal? Iconic? The album art of Storm Thorgerson is so far deeply embedded in our psyche it's hard to believe it all came from one mind...

New York, NY Shorts
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Roddy Bogawa
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Roddy Bogawa

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MUCHAS GRACIAS I’m assuming that once the deadline for my project has passed, I can’t keep posting updates and clips here (unless I can get a special pass from the Kickstarter staff) so as a parting shot, I want to once again thank all my backers for making the project a success. You are now part of the swirling cosmos that has been my life for the past three years. It is a special thing for me that the audience for the film has become directly involved in its completion and now it’s full speed ahead! THANK YOU ALL.

For those that might be checking this project page out after the Kickstarter deadline, I still have some of the killer rewards listed as to your screen right and you can contact me at the profile link, via my site ( or the film’s site ( If you so desire, I also have a fiscal sponsor for the project with 501c3 status for any tax deductible donations for the film (sorry, couldn’t get this together for the Kickstarter time line). Also if you would like to just be included on the contact list, please email your info and I’d be happy to add you.

The film still has a long way to go but the success of the project on Kickstarter will allow the editor Karen and I to keep working on the film for the next several months to get a full screenable edit. I can’t put here in words how critical Kickstarter and your involvement will be to the project. Please keep spreading the word, support art and creativity, and know that you’ve made a difference. BIG THANKS.

THE GATEFOLD OK....SO HOW DO I THANK EVERYONE? Insane insane surreal feeling to wake up and see that my project has exceeded its funding goal! I've been thinking a lot about this experience, writing down notes to myself and perhaps "surreal" is the best way to encapsulate it. From the beginning of this project (now nearly three years of work), it's been a surreal journey - starting with a casual dinner conversation with Chris Brokaw who told me his old friend Dan had just worked on a photo shoot where he and the crew dug out a stairway into the sand of a beach, built wooden doors framing the stairs and then photographed it - and I thought "who the hell would still make an image like this?". The story reminded me of interventions like the artist Robert Gober excavating the gallery floor and for weeks I couldn't shake this image out of my head. A month or so later, when I found an old tattered copy of one of Storm and Po's books - WALK AWAY RENE - which detailed much of their work in HIPGNOSIS, my jaw dropped when I saw how many record covers they had designed that were part of my collection as an adolescent. For myself and millions of others, you intensely studied these images as the picture track to the soundtrack of the music and it was where I got my first fashion tips, interest in art, and formation of identity. It was a solitary thing and a social thing and most importantly full of excitement and thrills. I will never forget the anticipation of getting a new record, going to a friend's house and listening to it, reading all the liner notes and lyrics together (I'm sorry but simply copying over someone's Ipod library doesn't do it for me...).

And so beyond the story of Storm's incredible imagemaking and art, TAKEN BY STORM will also be about community and what these objects used to hold for us and the Kickstarter experience is now part of this surreal journey. I thank each and every backer for their support and want you to know that the emotional connection and support perhaps may in the end far outweigh the financial one.

BONUS TRACKS Ok…so the timing of TAKEN BY STORM getting back onto the home page and also having some writing on my thoughts about Kickstarter posted on the blog couldn’t have been better! Today I had been planning to post BIG NEWS and also a NEW CLIP that I had been working on for the past several days. We’re now on the last laps of the Kickstarter pledge drive and at near 75% of its goal, I’m feeling good!!!

So…THE BIG NEWS…The editor I had been pursuing for months came to town this past weekend and we’ve done a deal! Her name is Karen Skloss and she was an editor on the beautiful documentary on the life of country singer / songwriter Townes Van Zandt BE HERE TO LOVE ME and also recently had her first feature film, SUNSHINE, broadcast a few weeks ago on PBS. If you have seen either of these films, you know how they are poetic meditations on not only incredible people and their stories but extremely emotional, stirring, and long lasting. I can’t tell you how happy and privileged I feel to be working with Karen and while we had been communicating by email and talking on the phone, we really connected and as things have moved in leaps and bounds on this film, the vibe feels right! This does mean that my Kickstarter project goal has direct bearing on the film’s post-production schedule as though I have some money to keep her full time for the next two months, if more money isn’t raised, we risk getting stranded without completing a full cut of the film. After nearly three years working on this film, having it come down to the next two weeks or so is a little anxiety provoking to say the least. So please spread the word in the eleventh hour.

AND…the NEW CLIP is posted in the updates section. I debated removing the one on this page and replacing it but when the new sample came out to a size that could fit on the updates, I thought, “keep ‘em both!” And now it seems that Yancey has committed me to raising the bar with each update. So…please view as it’s got a few rock stars you may recognize and gives a small taste of the incredible footage I’ve been able to gather in what’s been a really pretty amazing film journey and experience. If all goes well, hopefully Storm and I will be touring with the film sometime next year to your city.

ONE MORE PLEDGE REWARD!!! It’s amazing how much of my film has gotten to where it is on VIBE and here’s another example! Yesterday I received an email from famed rock photographer Jill Furmanovsky (a bit of her interview from the film is in the update posts) and in support of TAKEN BY STORM and its Kickstarter funding drive, she has generously donated two digital fine art prints of a photo she took in 1975 of Pink Floyd sitting around the mixing desk as they recorded tracks for WISH YOU WERE HERE in Abbey Road Studios. Jill’s amazing photos of groups such as Joy Division, Madness, Led Zeppelin, The Police, Oasis, U2, Jeff Buckley and many others are available through Rockarchive ( along with that of other photographers including Storm. ADDITIONALLY she has donated two signed copies of her book, THE MOMENT, which features much of her photography from her days as staff photographer of the Rainbow Theater in London, her fantastic portraiture for iconic magazine THE FACE, and various tour documentation for groups such as Oasis and Pink Floyd (Storm hired Jill to shoot photos during THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON TOUR as well as the Abbey Roads recording sessions). THE MOMENT is extremely hard to get, nearly out of print, and these copies are from her personal stash! For a pledge of $1000 to the project, you will get both the Pink Floyd print as well as the signed copy of her book, two beautiful and important documents of rock and roll history!

NEW REWARD SWAG!!! A big thanks to Dan Nadel and his totally hip publishing company PictureBox ( who recently released the definitive book on the design work of HIPGNOSIS. FOR THE LOVE OF VINYL, designed by Storm and Peter Curzon, is not only a fascinating and entertaining read (Storm and Aubrey Powell his partner in HIPGNOSIS provide back and forth recollection and commentary of each of the featured record cover designs) but it is truly a beautiful object replete with transparent embossed record grooves on the hardbound front and rear cover. For those into design or rock and roll and/or both, this is an absolute must have. Dan has generously donated copies of the book for my Kickstarter fundraiser and I am able to offer this additional reward to pledges at the $100 and above level…your very own copy of FOR THE LOVE OF VINYL.

SHRINKWRAP OK…so it took a painfully obvious email from a friendly Kickstarter staff member (thanks Andy) to make me realize that in all my angst-ridden pre-planning of the rewards, I didn’t include a DVD of the film! DUH!!! I have to admit that part of this oversight was perhaps feeling the end was still a bit far off, but with YOUR SUPPORT, this maybe sooner than we think, the film will get finished, you’ll get your cool swag, and we’ll be having a beer after a screening sometime soon (on me)! So I’ve added two new pledge levels that both include a DVD of the finished film as part of the reward - and at the higher level, a THANK YOU in the actual film credits! For those who pledged above the $50 level, of course, you get a DVD thrown into your swag bag. I’m sure Storm will be designing the DVD (he did do the DVD designs for THE WALL DVD deluxe re-issue and PULSE for Pink Floyd among others) since he’s already emailed me several versions of the film poster so you know it’ll be cool!!!

LINER NOTES As an adolescent teen growing up in Southern California, the first rock concert I went to was Pink Floyd at Anaheim Stadium with my skateboarding buddy Kirk Powell. My father drove us an hour and a half to the show dropping us off in the empty parking lot at seven in the morning vowing to meet us at the same spot some sixteen hours later. As hours passed waiting, the admission line grew and the entire day was a bit surreal – culminating in the massive group herded into various lines to be searched and tagged with bracelets for those of drinking age (this was after all, Pink Floyd’s ANIMALS tour). The concert was even more surreal, a spectacle of laser lights, smoke and projections and when the opening songs to ANIMALS began, a giant pig with red laser beam eyes floated over the audience while squeals echoed from hundreds of speakers placed among the seats in the stadium. During the drive home in my father’s Volkswagen Beetle, I excitedly tried to describe the giant pig and that this was perhaps the very same one from the images on the record sleeve that I had stared endlessly at in my room. This was an unforgettable moment for me - a crossing of the experiential with adolescent fantasy - and buying records and going to concerts with my friends would become the unifying activity throughout these transitional years.

FRONT LAYOUT Storm Thorgerson is an artist who believes in the craft of his imagemaking, no matter at times whether these images were bombastic, surreal, impossible, hypnotic, or sublime. As HIPGNOSIS, along with partner Aubrey (Po) Powell, Thorgerson designed some of the most recognized album graphics in popular culture - Pink Floyd’s DARK SIDE OF THE MOON and HOUSES OF THE HOLY for Led Zeppelin - while relentlessly pushing the boundaries between art and commerce. Not only examining the prolific work of Thorgerson, TAKEN BY STORM will also examine his idiosyncratic techniques and visual achievements shunning computer fabrication for more ‘materialistic’ means such as constructing the various objects, scenarios, or performances in real time and space and simply photographing them. As a designer continually working with his creative philosophies and principals guiding his art in his quest to "do it for real" while the very nature of imagemaking has dissolved into the digital realm, Thorgerson has created a massive body of work that intersects movements in art, culture, and perception and TAKEN BY STORM will be a film resonating with the moment in which we live where beauty and poetic discovery are things which can still send us back in time and memory.

BACK COVER At the moment, the film is @95% shot (yes, that is 16mm film) and I am trying each and every avenue to raise the funds as soon as possible to get a cut of the project (which means, yes, even though I have a mac, etc. etc., I want to hire a good editor). I’ve filmed numerous interviews of Storm many at the sites where he created some of his most iconic images and gotten amazing interviews with musicians such as David Gilmour and Nick Mason from Pink Floyd, Robert Plant, Peter Gabriel, Graham Gouldman from 10cc, Alan Parsons as well as Dominic Howard from Muse, Rob Dickinson from Catherine Wheel, Noel Hogan and Fergal Lawler from The Cranberries, Cedric Bixler Zavala from The Mars Volta, and Simon Neil and James Johnston from Biffy Clyro. I’ve also interviewed artists such as Sir Peter Blake (who designed Sgt. Pepper) and Damien Hirst as well as rock photographer Jill Furmanovsky. I know it sounds a little crazy that I haven’t been able to raise the money to finish the film, but I’ve had loads and loads of interest from distributors, producers, sales agents, and the like, but no hard cash!

And so my urgent and humble plea, dear Kickstarter fan…

INNER SLEEVE My Kickstarter request, if successful, could not come at a more opportune time. I have raised some private money towards the edit but need to raise the total amount of my project request to insure a cut of the film to be completed in the next several months. The money raised will be used to keep the editor on the project until a full cut is done that can be screened to potential distributors and sales agents. As things go, I hope to submit the film to next year’s festival circuit.

Storm has generously gifted me with several original artworks to help in my Kickstarter campaign as well as Atavistic Records supporting me with discounted copies of the soundtrack to my last film, I WAS BORN, BUT…, scored by indie rock musician Chris Brokaw. Chris is a co-producer on the film and recording original music again for the soundtrack and I am also getting original music from Antony Genn and Martin Slattery of The Hours who if you know their history (Pulp, Elastica, Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros, Black Grape), you know they ooze Britpop.

TAKEN BY STORM will really be a film for the ‘punters’ as Storm puts it and if all goes well will be the first film of mine to get a wide release. And so for TAKEN BY STORM to be featured on Kickstarter makes sense in so many ways…that the ‘punters’ (fans to us yanks) can be part of its completion and also help in getting the word out. Any and all contributions, any and all recommendations, any and all communication, I thank you profusely in advance.


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    Custom made TAKEN BY STORM 1” promo rock badges (set of three)
    + soundtrack CD to Roddy Bogawa’s last feature film, I WAS BORN, BUT…
    [Original music by Chris Brokaw, released on Atavistic Records]

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    Custom made TAKEN BY STORM 1” promo rock badges (set of three) + soundtrack CD to Roddy Bogawa’s last feature film, I WAS BORN, BUT… [Original music by Chris Brokaw, released on Atavistic Records] + official DVD of the completed feature of TAKEN BY STORM

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    Custom made TAKEN BY STORM 1” promo rock badges (set of three)
    + soundtrack CD to Roddy Bogawa’s last feature film, I WAS BORN, BUT…
    + signed promo poster by Roddy Bogawa and Chris Brokaw for I WAS BORN, BUT... CD
    PLUS digital download of two unreleased Chris Brokaw tracks for TAKEN BY STORM

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    Custom made TAKEN BY STORM 1” promo rock badges (set of three) + soundtrack CD to Roddy Bogawa’s last feature film, I WAS BORN, BUT… + signed promo poster by Roddy Bogawa and Chris Brokaw for I WAS BORN, BUT... CD PLUS digital download of two unreleased Chris Brokaw tracks for TAKEN BY STORM + official DVD of the completed feature of TAKEN BY STORM PLUS “THANKS” in film credits.

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    ORIGINAL FINE ART SILK SCREEN PRINT by Storm Thorgerson. Prints include designs for “Deloused in the Comatorium” and “Televators” for The Mars Volta, “Eternal Flame” for Audioslave, Ellis Beggs and Howards “Homelands”, “Late September” for Deepest Blue and “Transmission” for Gentleman Without Weapons. Each print signed and uniquely customized by Storm with his fingerprint and personal ‘fish eye’ logo stamp.
    Prints are high quality silk screen images on archival paper - image size @ 19” x 19”
    overall print size 26” x 32”
    PLUS ”SPECIAL THANKS” in film credits.

    Fine Art Prints will be gifted via random numerical system.

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    ARCHIVAL DIGITAL FINE ART PRINT by Jill Furmanovsky. This photo of Pink Floyd is in the recording studio Abbey Road during the sessions for WISH YOU WERE HERE (Jill believes it was specifically for WELCOME TO THE MACHINE as many shots also include Roy Harper) and this image has David Gilmour casually laying atop the mixing desk, Roger Waters and Rick Wright in conversation, and Nick Mason reading some type of handbill. A legendary band in a legendary studio making a legendary album, this photograph is a rare and intimate glimpse of Pink Floyd making the follow up record to the massively successful DARK SIDE OF THE MOON. ADDITIONALLY, donors at this level will receive a signed copy of THE MOMENT, Jill’s collection of rock photography from 1970-1995. This book is rare and nearly out of print and you get both for YOUR PLEDGE.

    Prints are on Hahnemühle paper - image size @ 16.5” x 11.7”

    PLUS ”SPECIAL THANKS” in film credits

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    ORIGINAL PENCIL DRAWN STORYBOARD for the actual concert films directed by Storm that were projected behind Pink Floyd for their 1995 Pulse World Tour. Sketches in the series include the mechanical hand from the Wish You Were Here lp sticker and the faceless bowler man from the back cover.
    Each storyboard includes six images and measures 16 ½” x 11 ½”
    PLUS ”SPECIAL THANKS” in film credits.

    Two storyboard pages to be gifted via random numerical system.

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    ORIGINAL HIPGNOSIS PHOTOGRAPHIC LAYOUT BOARD. These are three original boards that were the actual designs by famed company HIPGNOSIS and include “Getting Closer” for Paul McCartney and Wings featuring a hand-tinted photograph of a lobster getting a Sunday walk down a city street, the surreal face pulling of Paul Young for his band Sad Cafe lp “Misplaced Ideals” and theater company Lumiere and Son’s film noir imagery for their “Dogs” performance.
    Each layout board is in excellent condition, measures approximately 14” X 19” and is signed by Storm (and have totally cool crop markings, notes, HIPGNOSIS business stamp, etc. on boards and cover sheets)
    PLUS “ASSOCIATE PRODUCER” title in film credits.

    These truly rare items to be gifted via random numerical system.

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