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Real? Surreal? Iconic? The album art of Storm Thorgerson is so far deeply embedded in our psyche it's hard to believe it all came from one mind...
Real? Surreal? Iconic? The album art of Storm Thorgerson is so far deeply embedded in our psyche it's hard to believe it all came from one mind...
Real? Surreal? Iconic? The album art of Storm Thorgerson is so far deeply embedded in our psyche it's hard to believe it all came from one mind...
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    1. Roddy Bogawa Creator on

      Hi's been a long haul dealing with clearances on this one but i was able to finally negotiate a trade of usage with Pink Floyd's management and we're good to go!! The film is having its theatrical release Oct. 2-8 at the Museum of Modern Art in NY and then on the 16th, it will be screening at the Barbican Center in London as the opening night film of a new BFI series "Sounds of London". Really happy about this. More screenings to follow.

      For backers waiting on a DVD, first of all, thanks for your patience. They are in production with some really cool extra outtakes and elements not in the film and will be mailed out end of October/early November. Really thanks again. For those who might want to purchase the film, the DVD digipak and a DVD digipak + print edition (an original image Storm designed for a book coming out on my films) is NOW available on the films site - It will be live for streaming early November from a link on the film's site as well. Cheers, a toast to Mr. Thorgerson and big thanks to all. All the best, Roddy

    2. Illiac on

      How're things going with this project? I haven't seen or heard anything at all and am curious as to when we'll see our benefits from our pledges.

    3. Missing avatar

      Gerbert Verheij on

      Sadly, mr. Thorgerson passed away yesterday, but his work will live on forever. RIP.
      This makes the documentary even more iconic, about time I get to see it.

    4. Roddy Bogawa Creator on

      Hi Tim,

      Thanks for message. Have been totally swamped since March believe it or not and hadn't checked my page for awhile. Film got great press and response in Austin and I've been taking meeting after meeting with distributors, dvd companies, as well as heading into last edit session (yes, there are a few changes I want to make from viewing it with large audiences). I can say I had some really great meetings with a few companies and am getting closer to possibly signing a deal to get the film out theatrically as well as dvd release and digital release. Some funding has come through recently to go back and re-transfer the 16mm to HD so the film is going to look great (though it looked fantastic on huge screens in Austin). If you're on Facebook, there's a fan page I created (Taken By Storm) which I have been posting more updates and bits of outtakes from the film so please join and forward to friends.

      Storm in good form and just completed loads of new covers (Rival Sons, Wombats, Younger Brother) as well as all new stuff for the blitzkreig of Pink Floyd vinyl and box sets due for release soon.

      Will keep posting news and please spread the word. Looks like things are speeding up finally...

      Hope summer is going well for everyone. All best, Roddy

    5. Tim Schavitz on

      Any updates since SXSW?

    6. guillermo machuca on

      i just can't wait!!!!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Kerri Sakamoto on

      hi Roddy,
      thanks for the update. all serendipitous and exciting developments. wishing you lots of good karma for the home stretch.

    8. Roddy Bogawa Creator on

      hi guys,

      thanks for the all the good vibes! this has really been an amazing experience (even more so that the project reached and exceeded its goal!) and the bottom line is that if i didn't make it, i would have run out of money for the editor at the end of august. crazy but the success on kickstarter means i will be able to keep karen the editor on the project through at least october and until we get a full cut of the film! we will shoot for sundance, berlin, rotterdam, south by southwest and that window of festivals. now the fun begins...


    9. Mike Ambs on

      Loved the video for this KSR. Watched the whole thing and wanted more. I can't wait to see the film and I can't wait to learn more during the post-production stages :)

    10. Ian Whitmore on

      So happy to see that you reached your goal! Looking forward to watching the DVD or seeing a screening somewhere? Great job!

    11. Greg Bauer on

      Best of luck! I hope this project gets funded!

    12. Misoon Whang on

      Roddy, You are almost there!!!!!!!!!!

    13. Chris Schlarb on

      Hey Roddy, I have been doing my best to get the word out about the project and the film. A few people responded that they would like to pledge but are bummed that at the lowest pledge level they can't even see the finished film. Would you be interested/able to add a digital version of the film at the $25 level?

    14. Roddy Bogawa Creator on

      hey rick,

      after 30 some odd days, i've gotten to only checking every 10 minutes or so....whining has not decreased however...

    15. Rick Mingee on

      Thurs June 24 - C'mon gang, less than $5k needed and there are 67 backers...if every one tosses in a mere $75 we are done and we won't have to listen to Roddy whine...and he will stop logging in every 2 seconds checking results!!!

    16. Roddy Bogawa Creator on

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for the pledge and kind words! It's been a really amazing project so far and hopefully soon with Kickstarter's help, Storm and I will be touring with the film soon! Please spread the word! Less than two weeks to go to reach goal...

      Thanks again. Regards, Roddy

    17. Chris Schlarb on

      I've always been a HUGE fan of Storm's work. This documentary looks absolutely fantastic. I can't wait to see it. Thanks for all the hard work in putting it together!