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An old-school turn-based party-based RPG set in an open fantasy world. For PC, Mac and iPad.
An old-school turn-based party-based RPG set in an open fantasy world. For PC, Mac and iPad.
An old-school turn-based party-based RPG set in an open fantasy world. For PC, Mac and iPad.
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Progress Update 1/18


Hey guys, this month we decided to do something kind of cool, a trailer-style video preview. Check it out...

Oh and we're updating both our Steam Greenlight and our Website so check them out.

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    1. zdsdead - Gimp of the WOM on

      Is that an Owl bear I see?


    2. Orphic Software 2-time creator on

      @Enis, I'm 100% sympathetic towards your locked OS attitude, but as a tiny developer we have to make hard decisions about where to invest our extremely limited time and resources.

      @Godewijn, most design stuff has been wrapped up, but we're going to send out the remaining requests next month.

      @Hugo, there's an option to disable breathing. When you start taking into account things like frame rate and other practical considerations, the current system of movement is the only one that looks remotely decent - and believe me we tried every conceivable combination of movements.

    3. Hugo B. on

      Great video guys! I keep loving the pixel art style. Only one thing which I find less appealing is that all the characters keep bouncing up and down. I know this is done deliberately as some breathing / passive animation, but I think it's a bit too much since the movement is quite a lot and all the characters bounce at the same pace. Perhaps you could improve it by varying the bounce amplitude and speed per character making it look a bit less "organized bouncing around." Anyway, look forward to play this. Proud to support you, keep it up!

    4. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      Also, when will we get the chance to design our stuff (it was an add-on I purchased)?

    5. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on

      Nice, very very nice :)

    6. Enis Bayramoglu on

      Gosh, all this time, I thought this game were to support Linux, what a disappointment :( How do you support Mac and Windows but not Linux anyway? Mac + Windows = OpenGL, the rest is just a cross platform infrastructure. I don't understand why people invest in OS locked technologies in this day and age.

      Anyway guys, great job with the game. It sure will be worth the effort of switching to the crappier OS.

    7. Orphic Software 2-time creator on

      Thanks a lot guys!

      @Mark, sorry no eta yet on the alpha but we'll definitely let you guys know as soon as we're feeling confident about the timeline.

      @Zombra, don't worry plenty of keyboard shortcuts for everything ;)

    8. Zombra on

      Also, just watched the rest of the trailer. Looking FANTASTIC. :)

    9. Zombra on

      Please tell me that spells and other menus can be navigated with the keyboard ...

    10. Missing avatar

      Mark Green on

      The video looks really good!

      When is the game going to be Alpha-ready?

    11. Missing avatar

      oasisbhrnw on

      Tactical battles look quite fun :)

    12. Darklord on

      Well that was damn cool! Can't wait! :-D