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An old-school turn-based party-based RPG set in an open fantasy world. For PC, Mac and iPad.
An old-school turn-based party-based RPG set in an open fantasy world. For PC, Mac and iPad.
An old-school turn-based party-based RPG set in an open fantasy world. For PC, Mac and iPad.
730 backers pledged $22,508 to help bring this project to life.

Update #8: Day/Night Cycle Video

Hey guys! We're at 125% and almost 500 backers. A few of you have asked us about Antharion's day/night cycle, so we decided to make a short video demonstrating it.

To make a virtual world feel compelling and alive, it needs regularity. Antharion's day/night cycle gives it this regularity and helps to give you a sense that you're fully immersed in a living-breathing world. Day and night also have tangible effects on game play. Adventuring outdoors at night becomes a dangerous affair since even with a torch you still can only see a few feet ahead. Searching for inns to sleep at during nights becomes quite important. Also, NPCs have schedules and will often go home at night after work. One new feature we just added that you'll see in the video is light shafts coming in from windows. Light shafts start to shine when the sun comes out and eventually disappear when the sun goes down. The atmospheric music in the video was created by our composer Eric.

[Please note that in the video we essentially fast forward through parts of Antharion's day/night cycle for the sake of demonstration. In actual game play, changes to light or color would occur at an imperceptibly slow pace.]

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    1. Missing avatar

      Peter on December 30, 2012

      Everything looks great, but there is one aspect to mention.
      English is not my native language and I certainly might be wrong (pardon me if it's really so), but the name "Necrophil" seems to be a bit odd.
      Did you really mean the whole race of blokes like these ?

      On the other hand such a faction would truly be "the most feared and reviled of all the races" )

    2. Missing avatar

      Kristian on December 18, 2012

      Wow that music is really, really good. Just the right kind of atmospheric low key that makes you want to go out and explore the world. Big thumbs up to Eric!

    3. Orphic Software 2-time creator on December 17, 2012

      Glad you guys liked it! And we're working super hard to keep 'em coming.

    4. Missing avatar

      Saxon1974 on December 16, 2012

      Looks great, I really like that its dark at night so you need torches. In most of todays games its never dark enough to even need a torch.

    5. Jesse Dylan Watson on December 16, 2012

      I get more excited with each update :)

    6. Missing avatar

      solarempire on December 16, 2012

      @Orphic This description of half implemented seasons you had in the engine sound too good. Hopefully you find a way to get it back in somehow. ;)

    7. Willem on December 16, 2012

      Looks very cool. Great work! Loved the music as well. Game already seems to have a wonderful charm to it. Really looking forward to it.

    8. Orphic Software 2-time creator on December 15, 2012

      Couldn't agree with you more and we actually played around with seasons early on... The original idea was that trees and terrain would have 3 states: regular, fall (which is all orangish), and winter (which would be either dead or snow covered). So in winter lakes would freeze over and you could walk on them. And yeah, the days shortened in the winter. This however didn't work well with our existing engine and was quite impractical so we scrapped it.

    9. Missing avatar

      Dave blanchard on December 15, 2012

      What would be neat is to have seasons as well, where night and day happen at different times. I know it adds work, but it really would just be a variable added to time.

      Oh my ultima fetish is showing.

    10. Orphic Software 2-time creator on December 15, 2012

      Great suggestions guys, thank you so much! We're going experiment around with outdoor window lighting effects. As soon as we actually implement something we'll let you guys know via an update.

    11. Missing avatar

      Godewijn on December 15, 2012

      Le Awesome :)
      I am so glad you guys decided to retry this kickstarter :)

    12. Justinian on December 15, 2012

      Making great use of the nice dynamic lighting system you've implemented. I'm continually impressed with the ambient music too.

    13. gandalf.nho
      on December 15, 2012

      I agree about outdoor light shafts

    14. Over on December 15, 2012

      I second the idea of adding these "light shaft" effect to exteriors as well. It would appear in house with people inside, unless they're all sleeping with the lights out.

    15. Kahuna Kevin on December 15, 2012

      Agree when you're outside and it gets dark you should see flickering light coming out of house windows... At least if a person is home, they'd probably have candles or torches lit. It's kind of a neat way of showing who's home and who you can potentially chat with vs entering homes at random. Or if you want to do some looting, just look for the completely dark houses ;)

    16. Missing avatar

      solarempire on December 15, 2012

      Very nice! Goes perfectly along with the music. Would it be difficult to add this "light shaft" effect also on the outside of windows when its getting dark? I always loved that effect in Daggerfall. You could "switch on" some randomly chosen window lights over a time span when its getting dark and do this backwards to switch them off gradually when its getting late at night.

    17. Zombra on December 15, 2012

      Looks good! And it's good that using inns (and hopefully camping in the wild) will be real game mechanics. I always feel weird just using an option to "wait here 16 hours" while standing out in the middle of nowhere ... "Poof, 16 hours passed".

    18. Missing avatar

      Dmitriy Grinblat on December 15, 2012

      It seems that you doing greate job, guys. Keep on!