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An old-school turn-based party-based RPG set in an open fantasy world. For PC, Mac and iPad.
An old-school turn-based party-based RPG set in an open fantasy world. For PC, Mac and iPad.
An old-school turn-based party-based RPG set in an open fantasy world. For PC, Mac and iPad.
730 backers pledged $22,508 to help bring this project to life.

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Post Release Update - 8/19


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Official Soundtrack


The Soundtrack

Here it is, AntharioN's Original Soundtrack composed by Eric J. Gallardo consisting of 26 all original tracks. Those of you in the $20+ tiers should already have received the link. Here's a small sample from it...

Waning Sunlight

 Raider's Folly

 Discovering Antharion

 No Light

Patch Notes 

We've been continuously patching AntharioN following release. We're currently at version and here are some of the more notable patch note items:

  • Additional arrows have been added to vendors.
  • Various spelling and grammatical issues have been addressed.
  • Trainers now train up to 50 levels each instead of 25.
  • An issue preventing some displays with 1366x768 resolutions from entering full screen mode was fixed.
  • A bug causing certain spells to display inaccurate to hit % cursor tooltips was resolved.
  • Your chances of getting random loot from monsters was increased, resulting in more gold early in the game.

One Last Thing...

Since we got very little in the way of press mentions, the long term success of AntharioN will depend heavily on word of mouth. If you've tried the game and enjoyed it please help us out by leaving a little review on Steam, we'd greatly appreciate it! And thanks again to all of you for making AntharioN a reality!!!



AntharioN has officially been released!

Emails were sent out to everyone with a DRM free direct download link and a Steam Key from

AntharioN is available directly from where anyone who buys it will get a DRM free direct download + a Steam Key. It's also available on Steam and the Humble Store.

In the immediate future we'll be working on getting the remaining rewards out to you guys as well as finishing up the iPad version of the game. The iPad version should be out within a month.

Thanks everyone!

- Orphic Software

Art Book and Dev Notes Rewards


We just sent out links to AntharioN's art book ($30+ tiers) and dev notes ($50+tiers). Here's a sampling...

The entire Art Book was done by our incredible artist Peter White.

The remaining rewards will be trickling in over the next few weeks with the digital stuff arriving first. 

And as a general reminder, AntharioN's official release is this Wednesday! Press has been tough to come by, so we definitely appreciate those of you who've been helping us to get the word out about this game, thanks!

Also don't forget to check out our updated forums.

- Orphic Software

Release Date + Pre-Orders


We're excited to announce AntharioN's official release date: 7/15/15

We've also begun accepting pre-orders here on our website.

We'd like to thank everyone who's participated in the alpha and beta. We've gotten tons of useful feedback from you guys!

Upon release we'll provide all of our backers with download links and (or) keys. Then those of you entitled to physical rewards will begin receiving them in the proceeding week or so.

In preparation for release we recently revamped our forums and website, so check them out if you haven't already.

Now let's have a great release!

-Orphic Software