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In the Garden, humans get converted into AI constructs to survive. 
But Luc - a rebellious ballerina - would rather die than conform.
In the Garden, humans get converted into AI constructs to survive. 
But Luc - a rebellious ballerina - would rather die than conform.
In the Garden, humans get converted into AI constructs to survive. But Luc - a rebellious ballerina - would rather die than conform.
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The Garden screening at the EMP Museum in Seattle


Here's some fun news:

The Garden will have its premiere in Seattle on Saturday, March 19. The fabulous EMP Museum's show is already sold out, but there will be encore screenings on Sunday, March 20.

Join us if you're in Seattle - the program consists on some of the best new shorts in the genre!

Your film is here


Hi there!

Thanks for sticking around.
Believe it or not: The Garden is complete.

We love it and can't wait to share it with you.

In the last few months, we watched the phenomenal VFX by Bartek Kulas, the eerie sound design by Matt Rocker of Underground Audio, and the bold color grading by Company 3's Jaime O'Bradovich, bring the story to the next level. 
Last night, we kicked off the festival submissions with the Sundance 2016 application.

Again, none of this would have been possible without your key role in the process!

Within the next 3-4 weeks, you will be receiving your exclusive video link with The Garden. We have decided to go 'greener' and 'better' by replacing the DVDs with digital downloads. If, however, owning a DVD is important to you, not a problem: just shoot us an email and we will send you one.
Stay tuned for our messages regarding your totes and T-shirts.

Thanks so much for this awesome journey.

The Garden team



Hi there,

The Garden has just picture-locked at a little under 14 minutes of screen time.

We're happy to share some shots from our sound and music sessions; samples of the vfx, as well as backers' rewards which are coming to you soon.

We'll be checking in again after September 21 with the ready film -
Have a marvelous summer till then!

The Garden team

shots from the edit room
shots from the edit room
creating the score at House of Love, Brooklyn
creating the score at House of Love, Brooklyn
sound design magic at Underground Audio in the East Village
sound design magic at Underground Audio in the East Village
the good stuff
the good stuff
VFX by Bartek Kulas
VFX by Bartek Kulas



Hi there!

You - yes YOU - are making an incredible film. See below to know for fact.
Thank you. Without your generosity, friendship and love for cinema, our hard work in the edit, special effects, sound design and score would have stayed just a distant dream.
Today, it's a reality. And we are thrilled to be in it with you.

We have three editors cutting the scenes, score in the making, special effects to be created and sound design ready to start; color grading being discussed, and finally (finally!) sound mastering.
We are working around the clock. But OUR film, although short, was not at all small. It requires nearly the same amount of hard and meticulous work and attention to detail, while seeing the big picture - as some indie features!
Our optimistic predictions for the time needed to complete The Garden, seem to laugh at us now, but we are positive that we will complete it this summer.

Stay tuned, keep your fingers cross &/ or shoot us an email ( if you have questions or simply feel like connecting.

The Garden squad.



Dear Friends,

We are so, so, so thrilled and proud to share the fabulous news with you:
on Sunday, we wrapped the filming of The Garden!

It was equally challenging and inspiring:
During the long 4 shoot days, we didn't miss a shot, our crew went above and beyond in their commitment to the look of the film and the story. Our young (and older) actors were fierce and focused throughout, despite the low temperatures, rain, and many complicated set ups. This was an unforgettable cinematic experience for sure!

Below, check out some of the photos from set. 

As we move on to the post production phase we shall keep you updated on our progress. In a few days, we're starting the editing and working on the score. Right after, we will set off for 10-12 days of post special effects.

Please, stay patient with the receipt of your well-deserved backers' rewards. We really want to give them to you! :) But since the completed movie is a big part of that gift giving, and we have a few more careful and artistically demanding steps on the path to delivering the final product - it won't happen right away.

Thank you for your continuous support, friendship and enthusiasm.
Please feel free to connect with us, comment or write us here or at


The Garden team.