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The iBoardbot is an internet controlled robot capable of writing+drawing (and wiping!) on a glass surface.
The iBoardbot is an internet controlled robot capable of writing+drawing (and wiping!) on a glass surface.
The iBoardbot is an internet controlled robot capable of writing+drawing (and wiping!) on a glass surface.
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    1. Jay Babin on

      I just wanted to say that I never got mine.. I have had several messages back and forth with the iBoardbot people over the last year or so and the end result is that they could not verify through tracking that the item was ever even shipped..
      I am not bad mouthing this company and I am sure this was an isolated incident - but I am out money..
      Also, KickStarter itself is not at fault - and I continue to back projects - Lesson learned, there is a risk associated with this platform.

    2. Creator on

      We have sent you a private message

    3. Raja Uppal

      Hi guys. I got my item 2 months ago and was overseas only to find upon my return that when i opened the sealed package there was cables missing and this has caused the item to not function. I will send a separate email about this so that you can rectify this oversight

    4. Creator on

      Albert, we have sent you a private email.

    5. Missing avatar

      Albert Maksoudian

      Hi There, I have not received my Iboard yet, any tracking number u can provide. Thx

    6. DaveTheK on

      After finding a glitchy wifi board, and great tech support from Kareen, my iBoardbot is up and running! Of my many Kickstarter projects, this one of the best - accurately machined, well-designed, robust software, and pretty enough to put on my desk. Well done jjrobots, this is a very nice project. Might be nice to see a vectorizer that can do halftones using dots...

    7. Morgan Strongbow

      Could you please share your source for glass? I am in the US and have not been able to find anything suitable at a decent price. All I need is the glass and I can assemble my bot.

    8. Creator on

      Hi Irawan,
      Please send us a photo of the broken pieces to
      The stl files can be found here: and here:

    9. Missing avatar


      @creator, will you share the 3D files (stl) ? So, I could print it by myself. Some parts came broken already.

    10. Creator on

      Stephen, please send us an email to with some details about the problem (or post it on the iboardbot forum:
      Joshua: your parcel including the glass you wanted was sent two days ago.

    11. Stephen Rowlatt on

      Hi I assembled my Iboardbot last night and managed to pair to the Internet okay but nothing working, I do think it's down to me, such a headache, I'm getting to old for this.
      Although it does look good and it was very well packaged

    12. Joshua Schachter on

      Just got mine. Already noticed that the steppers are missing :(

    13. Missing avatar

      Jetguy on

      I am bringing my iBoardBot to Bay Area Maker Faire in San Mateo. This is my new favorite toy.

    14. Creator on

      Ali: we have sent you a private email. Check your inbox

    15. Missing avatar

      Ali on

      Hi Guys,

      Got my iboard.. Started assembling today. (packing was very bad.) So far lots of parts are missing. i checked the packing very carefully, nothing fell out that I dint see.. How can i get the missing parts??? (

    16. Creator on

      Jetguy and Eugene: Thanks! we really appreciate your words ;-)

    17. Creator on

      John: thank you for the photos. We will send you replacement parts by the end of the day
      ljubicic: Please, send us photos of the damaged parts to (in the meantime we will send you the 3D models of those parts if you do not want to wait for the spare parts)

    18. Eugene Kuchma

      I received the package yesterday, assembled it with a relative ease, and had a lot of fun with it up until 2 AM, couldn't stop. It was fascinating! Hope you folks continue do what you're doing! Good luck

    19. Missing avatar

      ljubicic on

      Hi Guys,
      I received my package yesterday. Thanks a lot for this. but when I opened it, I was very surprised how bad it was packed. My apprehension was confirmed and at one of the motors has a brocken bracket. It is the mounting of the motor for the y-axis witch is broken.
      so I can not use bot. very unfortunate. ;-((

      can you send me the spare part or redirect me the data for 3D printing? I can print the part then by myself here.

    20. John Savage on

      Delivery companies really do employ muppets. My tube was horribly battered and had been wrapped in tape (I guess to stop bits falling out?) and on opening it, I discovered crushed and broken 3d printed parts. Who knows what else is damaged............ Won't be building mine for a while :(

    21. John Savage on

      Just collected mine and its in an extremely bartered tube. Hopefully all is well inside but have taken a few pictures just in case!

    22. Missing avatar

      FINGIER on

      Hello I will write a post on the forum !!

    23. Missing avatar

      Jetguy on

      I got mine and withing an hour had it assembled and drawing!!! Another great project. Still loving the Robot Air Hockey as well.

    24. Creator on

      Sander: take a look to this web: You will find how to create IFTTT recipes:…

      FINGIER: Could you give us more info about your problem? I know we have insisted on this a little but, could you post it on the iboardbot FORUM? ( I could help other users to solve similar problems.

    25. Missing avatar

      FINGIER on

      Just receive mine as well :
      Assembly = done
      Connection to my Wifi = done
      But impossible to get a drawing out, Is there any help to troubleshoot what happens exactly ?

    26. Andrew Moore on

      iBoardbot arrived yesterday, built it last night, all good except lifting servo moving in the wrong direction, moved the arm to the other side and all great. using Yellow glass at the moment

    27. Missing avatar

      David Williams on

      Hi there,
      I have just been told that mine is ready but I have to pay tax and handling before they will deliver- is this expected?
      -Delivery is in Thailand and cost works out to be about 14 GBP (720THB) in tax and such.

    28. Corey

      Mine just arrived in Los Angeles!

    29. Stephen Rowlatt on

      Received email earlier stating that it's now ready for collection but won't be able to pick up until Friday.

    30. Morgan Strongbow

      Where is the webapp link/download? Still waiting on my delivery but figured I would play with the app...

    31. NialP

      Here is another supplier of Tempered glass in the UK that is the correct size (400x150x6mm) and in a choice of colours, on eBay for £10.99 inc free shipping!

    32. Missing avatar

      Klaus Scheuplein on

      Hi there. Just ordered the 40x15 glass. Now i'm wondering if it is easy to modify the setup to let's say 40x60cm by getting some longer rods, belts and cables etc. Is it possible to adjust the usable size via bluetooth connection or do we have to wait for the code to be published?
      Might become a bit unstable/less precise i guess from looking at the pics.
      What do you think?

      Did not find any hint till now...

    33. Morgan Strongbow

      I just uploaded a few STL files that I repaired manually (S3D identified them as non-manifold)
      I found a few small holes and/or reversed faces and fixed in Sketchup and posted them to the JJRobots forums...
      Enjoy and happy printing!

    34. Sander van der Velde on

      @creator. Is there any news on the IFTTT connectivity?

    35. Creator on

      Hi Nial,
      It is up to the courier company´s automatic message service to send those texts. We are still sending documents to them so they have gone ahead... a little. Please, be patient we are doing as much as we can

    36. NialP

      Excited to get a delivery notification yesterday saying it would be delivered today...
      Then disappointment when I received this email just now :

      Your JJ Robots parcel has been delayed

      We were expecting to deliver a parcel to you today; however, we have not yet received this parcel from JJ Robots. As soon as we get your parcel, we will send you an email with your new delivery details. Until then, please contact the sender for more information.


    37. Janice & Stu (Wren Games)

      Excellent, thanks for the fast response :)

    38. Creator on

      Hi Stuart,
      Everything is fine. We need to send a lot of invoice copies and other papers to the courier.
      We are sending these forms as soon as we create them. We expect to full fill everything within the next 7 days.
      The courier service will keep you updated ;-)

    39. Janice & Stu (Wren Games)

      I just got an email from the courier saying it was delayed because they have not received it from jjrobots? Any idea what's happening anyone?

    40. Stephen Rowlatt on

      Awesome I've received notification of delivery within the next 12 hours, anyone else got there's yet?

    41. Sander van der Velde on

      Order glass...I've ordered that weeks ago and it's waiting for the missing parts aka the iBoardbot ;-)

    42. Andrew Moore on

      Time to order the glass by the soounds of it :)

    43. Creator on

      Hi Jetguy,
      We missed your last comment.
      Yes, we will upload the 3D model of that pulley -the one you saw on the video- to GITHUB too (and to thingiverse by the way). We are working as hard as we can to send everything on time! (it is a lot of work!)

    44. Missing avatar

      Jetguy on

      Also, pictured pulley in the campaign uses 2 setscrews, but the printed version STL depends on a D motor shaft (no setscrew provisions). Mine is a bit too snug on the motors I have, so I need to wait until I get the kit and see how well my printed non-setscrew D shaped version fits the motors you supply. You cannot drill or ream a D shaped shaft hole and scaling the object to adjust bore size will then throw off the OD and teeth for meshing with GT2 belt.

      Given everything else came out dead on using my printer (Raise 3D N2) including the teeth on the belts, all rods holes, even the printed slides for the 6mm tubes, so this is a tolerance issue in the supplied STL.

      Again, just sharing in hopes that those who backed the kit minus printed parts can resolve this minor issue without a lot of hassle. It's trivial to find OPENSCAD GT pulley designs on Thingiverse, and set options like pulley teeth, flange size, setscrew options, and hub size but wanted to use official guidance and make sure others knew about it.

    45. Creator on

      Thanks for your words ;-)
      FYI, we are about to release an affordable Air hockey robot using the same iboardbot electronics and ancillary elements (plus the camera)
      Regarding the bushings, we picked the current ones trying to reduce the noise as much as we could, but the LM8UU can be used too (it is only matter of modify a little the X axis carriage model).
      Fell free to add your comment to the iboardbot forum so a modified X axis model can be kept there for everyone ;-)

    46. Missing avatar

      Jetguy on

      My only comment is can you link a source to the 8mm bushings used? I just want to ensure the exact parts I have match. Also, might it be possible to design around more standard linear ball bearings for the 8mm axis? Nothing wrong with bushing in this application, just specific sizes are a little less common (at least here in the US), but LM8UUs are much, much, much, easier to source.

    47. Missing avatar

      Jetguy on

      FWIW, I just built a totally different project by JJ Robots, the robot air hockey and am blown away with how well it works!!! The code worked out of the box with no major adjustments. The printed parts were both easy to print and worked extremely well without any adjustments or tweaks.

      Just saying, I expect this project to be the same success and amazing performance. I am really happy to be a backer of this one because I think it's just as cool. I've printed all the STLs now for this project as well and while I'm waiting for some 6mm tubing, I expect it will be as flawless as the AH Robot was.

    48. Creator on

      Sander: Confirmed. We got your number ;-)
      Nagromic: The standard glass dimensions: 400x150x6 mm

    49. Sander van der Velde on

      Since I can't change the survey can I get a confirmation that you have my number now? Thanks :)

    50. Sander van der Velde on

      phone number send via message service from Kickstarter

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