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$63,980 pledged of $600,000 goal
By Brandon Laatsch
$63,980 pledged of $600,000 goal

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    1. Nicolas Olesik
      on February 13, 2014

      Yeah, twitter feed might be the best place. That and I heard that he had an agreement with Mojang and it might have been others at fault for the cancellation. *Cough*KS*cough*

    2. Black Coyote on February 12, 2014

      Check out Brandon's twitter feed.

    3. Andreas Tarandi on February 11, 2014

      I know we haven't lost any money, but what annoys me is the thing that he asked us to trust him, and then is totaly silent. But I do understand that he might be unable to say something specific due to legal reasons, though legal reasons that prevent you from even saying "I can't say anything at the moment" doesn't seem likely.

      I just really don't like getting the silent treatment. On this project it doesn't matter, but what worries me is that future problems will be handled with silence too.

    4. James Huff on February 10, 2014

      Before jumping to any conclusions about the lack of official commentary on the cancelation of the project, keep in mind that any attempt to reach an official agreement with Mojang may be governed by a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which is a very standard practice. In other words, Brandon may not be able to legally disclose anything while he reaches an agreement with Mojang, and that includes commenting on the status of the project.

      While I would love to hear more details on what happened and what's going to happen, I would much rather assume that Brandon is staying as much on the right side of things as possible so that this project actually happens. Plus, maybe this whole project will be produced at an even grander scale with the full support of Mojang?

      Either way, the project was canceled and we therefore haven't lost any money, so there's no reason to be negative at this point.

    5. MEP on February 10, 2014

      Maybe Notch had Brandon killed?

    6. Andreas Tarandi on February 10, 2014

      I'm really disappointed that there are no official comment yet. The silence makes me very unsure if I will back his next project, unfortunately.

    7. lucid enigma on February 8, 2014

      So, it's the morning after (in the UK at least) and still no official comments?!?
      I might just go back to bed...

    8. EmersonF on February 7, 2014

      Could also be due to some of the comments being about the VGHS fund raising going on at the same time. I know I saw a couple of lamentive comments about that. Would make sense to get VGHS funded and out of the way, give their supports some time to get a couple of paychecks, and then start the campaign again.

    9. chabuhi on February 7, 2014

      Slow down ... take a deep breath. Until we hear more, anything is possible. Hey, it might just be that Brandon and Mojang will work something else out to still make this happen. It doesn't ALWAYS have to be that the big, bad millionaire came in and crushed the little guy's dream. Not saying that's NOT exactly what's happening here, but maybe in the end we'll see this film in some form or other, hopefully with Brandon attached to it.

    10. Jordan York on February 7, 2014

      I'd really like an update from Brandon so we know what's going on. He launched this and never took the time to comment once or interact with the community in any way.

    11. Logan76667 on February 7, 2014

      Brandon didn't even TALK to notch about this ? That's really an error, no matter what's said about licensing, you should still talk to them real quick, especially if it's someone as chill as notch...

    12. Olivier Leduc on February 7, 2014

      To hell with Mojang, they say money corrupts the mind and this is proof. It would have been different if it was a big studio or company behind this project, but hey, why should Mojang care?

      They're big time millionaires now, so they don't mind shitting on the little guy.

    13. Missing avatar

      sean martin on February 7, 2014

      Thinking that Brandon has been in the business for a while, and said this has been a project (the trailer) for the past year, I'd like to highly doubt that he didnt get any go ahead from Mojang at all. Hes too professional for that. But seeing notch's tweet, brandon's video of the project on his channel gone, its hard to say. I really want to believe something was lost in the past year that led to this, rather than this big mishap.

      One can only hope the details get worked out and this gets back on track.

    14. Jack Moore on February 7, 2014

      I would have thought that, if they spent a year planning this, they would have consulted with Mojang. Kind of disappointed in Brandon but hope this works out and can get made in the future.

    15. James Williams on February 7, 2014

      Oh, wow. I thought they had some sort of licensing deal. Well at least the trailer was cool.

    16. Missing avatar

      Daniel Killip on February 7, 2014

      Obviously nothing can be confirmed until we hear from the man himself, but it's to be rather strongly assumed that the kickstarter was cancelled due to not getting permission from Notch (Based on his latest tweet)

      I'm posting this because it seems everyone is too lazy to scroll down a couple posts and see the reason themselves.

    17. Missing avatar

      Roger Rutman on February 7, 2014

      Why was this funding cancelled?

    18. Missing avatar

      Daniel Killip on February 7, 2014

      I'm fully expecting this to go live again within a week or so, once a few phone calls are made and some emails sent out.

    19. Missing avatar

      MasterHD on February 7, 2014

      Why was it cancelled??! :(

    20. Jamie Frost on February 7, 2014

      Notch mad...damn...hope it gets ironed out. I figured it was just not ideal to run a kickstarter at the same time as vhgs3...

    21. Devin Clarke on February 7, 2014

      Wow cancelled? This will probably impact your next crowd funding venture.

    22. Andrew on February 7, 2014

      From what I've heard, it was cancelled because Brandon did not consult and gain approval from Mojang prior to starting this.

    23. Melanie R on February 7, 2014

      Why was it cancelled?

    24. Super Dude
      on February 7, 2014

      Um, cancelled? What the ****?!?

    25. Missing avatar

      skippyfox on February 7, 2014

      Canceled?? Why?

    26. Richard Thomas on February 7, 2014

      If it's true that Mojang wasn't consulted before this went live that was a strategic error. Mojang's support would've been useful in mobilizing the community. Still time to fix things though.

    27. Missing avatar

      Vincent Mule on February 7, 2014

      Looks like there was no talking with Mojang before Brandon wanted this funded...

    28. Missing avatar

      Jihad El-Mohtar on February 7, 2014

      I just pledged 279$, and happy to have done so, but one problem, I live in England, and I used my Canadian Credit card with my Canadian home address, and I want it shipped to me in England, what will I have to do?

    29. Foomandoonian on February 7, 2014

      I hope Brandon can work something out with Mojang to make this cool movie happen, but I'm already kind of disappointed that he thought it was okay to go ahead without permission. Even if it weren't strictly necessary, it's still clearly the right thing to have done.

    30. VonMalvarius on February 7, 2014

      Maybe you should try to contact popular Minecraft Youtubers to spread the word more easily. Those people got hundred of thousands of views each video.

    31. Tor Benjamin Johnsen on February 7, 2014

      "We don't allow half a million kickstarters based on our ip without any deals in place. :/" Notch just said on Twitter, was that in regards to this project? and any comment about that?

    32. Jose Pinto Serrasolsas on February 7, 2014

      Good luck on the project, here you have my contribution ^ ^

    33. KlaasB on February 7, 2014

      Never played Minecraft, but love most of the videos you guys put on youtube. VGHS was ... not my cup of tea though. I am sure this movie will be awesome.

    34. Evan Smith on February 7, 2014

      Just saw this pledgeging 40 now. As this gets updated and as time goes on ill definitely be uping my pledge. I know you guys will do a great adaptation of minecraft!

    35. NiceGamerPaul
      on February 6, 2014

      I hope this get's funded. I put my 40$ in.

    36. Missing avatar

      Yuto Takamoto on February 6, 2014

      All of my yes. If I had more money, I would easily throw even more money at this than I already have.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jared Shelton on February 6, 2014

      I'm a big fan, and I want to see this happen. I love the concept behind this movie! I just hope you can reach your goal.

    38. John Walsh on February 6, 2014

      long time fan of brandon and i know he can do this right, can't wait!

    39. Missing avatar

      Techrocket9 on February 6, 2014

      This is going to be less horribly awkward than VGHS, right?

    40. Justin Miller on February 6, 2014

      I'm in.

      I hope this gets funded!

    41. Missing avatar

      Stephen barusso on February 6, 2014

      Just have 3$ to them...your welcome.

    42. Missing avatar

      Matthew Lalande on February 6, 2014

      I cant wait for the surveys to begin. This is a awesome project and is going to be backed up by so many awesome minecrafters.

    43. Alex Vietinghoff on February 6, 2014

      I really admire Brandon's work, and I very much want this to succeed!

    44. Richard Thomas on February 6, 2014

      Excited to be a part of this. Looking forward to the private server. :D

    45. Riley Steindl on February 6, 2014

      We should try and spread the word through the Minecraft community and such. I think that would have a profound impact on funding or lack there of.

    46. Frederico Lohmann Jr on February 6, 2014

      I really hope we get this backed. Good luck for all of us. o/

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