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A 22 story, queer-centric comic anthology modeled after tarot's Major Arcana - the relaunched campaign.
A 22 story, queer-centric comic anthology modeled after tarot's Major Arcana - the relaunched campaign.
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Initial Fulfillment COMPLETE (did you get your stuff?), and Store Open!

Posted by Fortuna Media (Creator)

Hello hello there, everyone! 

Well, after 2.5 months of a two-person team handling over 800 physical orders, INITIAL FULFILLMENT OF TABULA IDEM IS FINALLY COMPLETE! ���

Why do we say "initial fulfillment?" Well, there's always room for error in shipping- whether it be package theft, damage, or an error in our shipping program's exporting function (usually due to blank address formatting OR incorrect address verification), we want to make sure our backers are taken care of first and foremost. If you have not received a tracking number yet and/or your items, PLEASE message us ASAP! (Preferably message us rather than commenting, as sometimes comments can get lost and it's harder to reply to them). This shipping was a lot of hard work for us, and we can't thank you enough for your patience and desire to see us all through. 

Lastly, now that initial fulfillment is complete, guess what that means? 
That's right: TABULA IDEM and FORTUNA MEDIA now has an online storefront!


For now, we're limiting how many physical copies we'll be selling to 10 per tier beyond the digital PDF- we're running low from initial fulfillment and want to save some in case backers haven't gotten their goods yet, and we'll do our best to get them out the door ASAP. We're ordering more and they're currently in production, but people have been asking since the holiday season's around the corner, and what makes a better gift than queer comics?

Some people are asking: what'll be your next project? We'll have some goodies in store for the future, don't you worry. Whether it's a continuation of TABULA IDEM's "universe," other merch, or different collaborative works that live up to the Media name, we're excited to bring you more, and thanks for coming along on this journey with us. Follow us either on Kickstarter or the @FortunaMedias twitter to see what we bring to the table- we're ~tarotbly~ excited to share what we have planned with you. Our next item in the shop will be a set of tarot themed enamel pins editor Hye designed (and also Kickstarted!) in the next few weeks when they arrive, so keep your eyes peeled!

That's all for now, folks! Again, please message us ASAP if you haven't received a tracking number OR your package yet, or if you just have questions in general.

Best Wishes, 

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