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A 22 story, queer-centric comic anthology modeled after tarot's Major Arcana - the relaunched campaign.
A 22 story, queer-centric comic anthology modeled after tarot's Major Arcana - the relaunched campaign.
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Book Updates, and Surveys Out Soon!

Posted by Fortuna Media (Creator)

Hello hello there, gang!

We bring you a couple sneak previews for both the book and how the surveys will look! It's a small little update, but an assurance we're still chugging along on development. 

For starters, here's what one of our new 22 color insert pages will look like!

Artwork by Nero O'Reilly (@itsnero ,
Artwork by Nero O'Reilly (@itsnero ,

While the rest of the book is in black and while, we wanted these pages to pop out in color, providing a window where the story of the comic took place. Before we had completely purple borders, and now with a little revision, each card page stands out as its own unique piece.

Now, onto information about surveys!

Surveys for shipping and other add-on factors will be sent out tomorrow, and cover all the possible bases you may have questions about or want to disclose to us. You will have a chance to:

  • Submit your address for physical reward shipments
  • Confirm yes/no whether you want a complimentary tarot deck or not (if your pledge qualified for a tarot deck)
  • Declare any additional books or decks you may have added onto your pledge
  • Give what name you would like to appear in the book 

The name submission for our "Special Thanks" section cutoff date will be June 30th, 12AM PDT, two weeks after the surveys will be sent out. You'll still be able to submit your survey and a name for our webpage after the 30th, but after that, we'll be using whatever title you have on your public Kickstarter account name, so make sure you submit those surveys ASAP! The Digital PDF and wallpapers will also be disbursed on June 30th, so get excited! 

Thanks again, everyone! Be sure to check your Kickstarter emails and/or app tomorrow, and we look forward to sharing TI's development with you. As always, email us at or drop us a message if you have any questions.

--IJ & HM

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