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This project was successfully funded on October 13, 2013.

Help keep Indie Statik alive, pay writers, and more!

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Indie games! We love indies of all shapes and sizes and it has been our utmost pleasure to talk to developers and cover their games over the past year (nearly).

It doesn't matter how obscure, edgy, silly, weird, or even broken; indie games are what we live for.

Feel free to peruse the variety of stuff and things that we cover.


Revenge of the Sunfish:

CRYPT WORLDS: Your Darkest Desires, Come True!:

There's a huge range of gaming experiences available to us all at any given second. We find and share them with you, alongside providing a discussion around these games, and getting to know the developers who created them. 

Take a look at and to get an idea of how involved we are with the development community already.

If you want to read some of our selected works, please do so as well:

Our content has even been shared and promoted by ComplexPenny Arcade Report, and Rock, Paper, Shotgun & many more!


Josh Mattingly & Chris Priestman
Josh Mattingly & Chris Priestman

Hi, I'm Josh Mattingly and I started Indie Statik back in 2011 as a YouTube channel where I post Let's Plays of indie games. In the beginning it was pretty bad; hell, you can still see my earliest videos if you don't believe me! 

Soon after, I got my act together and threw up The Super Indie Spotlight and Top 5 FREE Indie Games to cover everything from latest indie game commercial releases, to the unfinished and obscure titles in a more enjoyable and resolute format. 

Developers started to take notice and I began filling a gap that existed on YouTube; giving EVERYONE the opportunity they deserved to shine.

Here, take a look at a couple of my videos:

Top 15 Roguelikes for Beginners and Experts Alike:

Top 10 Indie Games of 2012!

Super Indie Spotlight - Wanderlust: Rebirth!

Indie Statik is a website and YouTube show, and community that focuses on discussing indie games and the culture surrounding them.

Oh, now it's my bit. Hi, I'm Chris Priestman. In the Summer of 2012, I was looking for somewhere to write about indie games but wanted to do it on my own accord...because I like strange games that not many publications cover or care for.

It was decided that I would head up an Indie Statik website. Josh and I then tried our best to round up a few like-minded people to help out our cause, too. We did that and you can see them all here. Then, we were able to soft-launch the website in November 2012 and have been going ever since!

Our roots are pretty punk, I suppose; covering obscure games, asking questions that others aren't, not being afraid to investigate shady dealings in the industry, and discussing niche topics with an interest in exploring the full potential of the medium.

We've not even been around a year yet, but we're told that we're doing things right by readers and developers. We attend conventions across the world, and enjoy hanging out at various indie game events, where we're encouraged to keep up what we're doing with great big smiles. It feels pretty great!

Oh, and Static with a 'K' was Josh's handle way back in the days of playing competitive Counter-Strike in the 1.1 - 1.5 era.


Keeping Indie Statik chugging along and push it to a point that it's self-sufficient, paying content creators, and covering necessary costs.

To continue following our passion, we need some resources. This thing I've created has become much bigger than I had ever anticipated!

Until now, we've been running the website and YouTube show with our personal savings, and the limited funding that we were lucky enough to receive. 

Sadly, that just isn't enough to keep us going any longer. So, in order to continue covering indie games daily, and provide more quality content than you can handle, we're asking for your generosity (in return for some really cool stuff).

While it's true that we already have a website that is operational, there are some things that are holding us back from being as great as we know we can be. 

Paying content creators is very important to us, and with financial support we're able to continue doing what we do, and more! As you can probably guess, the more content we can produce, the more the site will grow and the more we are able to give back to the indie games community. 

As it is now, most people contributing to Indie Statik (Including Josh and Priest) have to work day jobs to pay rent. Which is fine, but not always ideal, and certainly not in the best interests of Indie Statik.


A free indie games arcade on our website, more staff, more website features, an indie games travel show (we go to developers get-ups), and even an Indie Statik booth with cool games at various conventions and shows.

Risks and challenges

Indie Statik has been operational for almost a year now, but it’s reached the point where it can no longer sustain itself at its current rate without additional support. The time and effort put in by our staff, and all the wonderful artists who donated their work for the campaign, have been risks worth taking for the sake of the website’s future.

The biggest challenge right now is going to be keeping up with demand, scaling the site’s infrastructure as we continue to grow, and building an arcade that will run smoothly for the user.

With the money we aim to raise, the experienced staff we already have and those we hope to hire, as well as our strategic partners like Game Jolt, will help us overcome additional challenges.

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