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Show off your love of zombies with a Zombie T-Shirt!
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Return from the Dead


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Most of the shirts are packed and ready to ship! Unfortunately I ran out of packing tape, so some packages are going out tomorrow and others are going out Saturday. As for the shirts themselves, I am incredibly pleased at how they look, and I'm certain you will too! Below is a photo of the final product.... which I took a few minutes ago.

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Stay on target... stay on target....

I just got back from the manufacturer, and the T-Shirts should be completed by Thursday... which means I expect to start shipping them out Friday and Saturday!

On a sad note, the quality of my Zombie Postcards is quite poor. I am not fond of putting out crappy products, so I'll have to scrap them. For those of you who are supposed to get Zombie Postcards, don't fret -- I'm going to give you an extra free T-Shirt as compensation!

So there you have it. More updates soon.

Remember, Zombies were people too.

Hiding during the Zombie Apocalypse

Things are moving along quite nicely. As of today we've got all the survey results in (which was critical to get shirt sizes), master logo designed and ready to go (thanks to my wife), and all the shirt colors/shades picked out at the manufacturer. I'm putting the order in tomorrow to get the shirts made -- note that they won't be shipped out until the Amazon funds have come through.

On a related note, I found the survey results pretty fascinating. When asked "where would you hide out during the zombie apocalypse", here were the responses:

5 - BAR
3 - MALL

So, most of you would hide out in your house, while many of you chose the bar (I assume because you've been watching too much Shawn of the Dead).

Surprisingly only one person chose a Church. Personally I think the church is the best place to be since (1) there's plenty of carbs to eat, (2) plenty of wine and blessed water to drink, and (3) every church I've been to has bars on the windows and super-heavy doors to keep out heathens.

Surveys sent!


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