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After retiring from law enforcement, legendary marshal Wyatt Earp roams the West in search of his fortune in a 5-issue digital series
Created by

Joe Caramagna

227 backers pledged $8,044 to help bring this project to life.

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Howdy! A while back I asked you not to share your digital copy of The Further Travels Of Wyatt Earp #1 with anyone. Well, now you can thanks to!

I urge all of you to reach out to everyone in your network and tell them that you played a big part in making this comic book happen by directing them to this FREE preview:

Go ahead and let them see the result of your support and generosity! BE LOUD! BE PROUD! As you SHOULD be! Without you, this book would not exist, and let them know it. We done good, guys and gals. We done REAL good!

A survey for your shipping information will be going out in the next couple of weeks, so be on the lookout for it. And then I'll see you on April 15th--our big on sale date!

Thank you all! 

Joe C.

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Hey all!

I am uploading a preview of THE FURTHER TRAVELS OF WYATT EARP #1 to NoiseTrade to drum up interest for the book release on APRIL 15th! But NoiseTrade wants to know...

...Which known writers' work does FURTHER TRAVELS OF WYATT EARP #1 remind you of? It could be a comics writer, screenwriter, novelist, etc. Let me know, friends!

If you need a new PDF of The Further Travels Of Wyatt Earp #1 to make that determination, click the link below! Thanks again for all your patience. We're nearing the finish line!


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Hey there! FINAL REWARDS DAY is fast approaching, and to hold you over, here's some behind-the-scenes thumbnails for Further Travels Of Wyatt Earp #2 by Scott Koblish!

I hope you all had a good 2014, and here's to a GREAT 2015! Happy new year!

Issue #2 Sneak Peek & The Ronald McDonald House

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Howdy, cowpokes!

We're getting ready for our April 15th, 2015 on sale date, but before I get to the exclusive sneak peek at our second issue, I want to quickly talk about something a little more important:

Last year, you helped me to collect hundreds of dollars worth of household items to help The Ronald McDonald Houses of Long Branch and New Brunswick, NJ through the holiday season. This year I’ve created another Amazon Wish List of things they need – mostly low priced, Amazon Prime-eligible, and will be shipped directly to their door and the people who need it – and I hope that we can do even better this time!

The Ronald McDonald House provides a home away from home for families with a seriously ill child who’ve had to travel far from home for care. It allows families to stay together and close to the hospital without having to worry about living expenses and where their next meal is coming from. The Long Branch House is located just a quarter of a mile away from The Children’s Hospital at Monmouth Medical Center, and works in tandem with the New Brunswick House to operate family suites at four area hospitals. But it is only through the generosity of its volunteers and the community that it can provide these services.

If you’re skeptical about donating to big charities because you’re never sure where your money is going or if it will really make a difference, this is for you. Please donate today, and share the link below with your family and friends on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, or wherever you connect. It’ll be the best gift you can give this holiday season.


And now, here's some of that issue #2 art I was talking about, by our artist Scott Koblish!

Check out more of Scott's sensational work in Marvel's DEADPOOL'S ART OF WAR on sale now!



Hello, cowpokes! Want some NYCC news that is relevant to you? Here you go!

Coming April 15, 2015
Coming April 15, 2015

THE FURTHER TRAVELS OF WYATT EARP is set for an April 15th, 2015 release! That means if you pledged for a print copy of the book, you will receive it between now and then. I will keep you updated on those details later!

Enoy the weekend!