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$4,880 pledged of $30,000 goal
By Marie Olesen, Autonomi Ltd
$4,880 pledged of $30,000 goal

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Game over

Dear Friends of Minefield

Bad news: We didn't raise all the funds:(

Good news: Your credit cards won't get charged:)

More good news: It was an experiment worth trying for us; One we were sad to continually have to hassle - and occasionally bore?!/ entertain!? - you with, but one which we'll all see more of as this is the way it's going for independent films with fewer toothlessly commissioned TV slots going. 

Thanks so much again for coming on this journey. Your support and belief in Minefield's potential has been massively important to us. Really has. We'll now consider alternative ways of completing Minefield, and will make sure to keep you posted. - Meanwhile if you do meet the sort of people with restless platinum multiple plastic, do give us a mention, would ye?!...

Keep following us on Twitter - @minefieldmovie, Vimeo and www.autonomi.tv 

Cheers for now, 

Marie Olesen, Producer Minefield



- forgot to say THANKS to all new backers! Very important to us,

Will keep you posted on all progress - but if Scotty can play ball at that level - so can we! 

Nite nite



Hello Minefield friends

A brief note to say that although we know we are far off our target, nothing is impossible?!?!?! 

The eternal optimists plough on - and with many feeders and little things/ half promises/ big potential commitments going on - who knows.

Please keep sharing, talking, indulging as nothing is settled until Saturday 6pm GMT (1pm EST for US). 

And should anyone want to witness the real substance to the film, the Vimeo links for the Minefield Rough-cut is here:

http://vimeo.com/24937833  -  password ‘Minefield’

http://vimeo.com/24988304  -  password ‘Autonomi’

marie@autonomi.tv for queries.

Looking forward to it all - cheerio from 

The Autonomix

All or Nothing!

Dear Minefield friends

Thanks so much to all new backers. We thoroughly appreciate your help!!

We're into our final few days of pledging for Minefield, and as we’ve still got a bit to go to get over the line, I'm now calling on you to contact anyone you might know with money, who loves football and hates war, to check out, pledge to and share the project.

The campaign closes this Saturday, Sept 17th at 6pm (GMT).
Please before then go to http://kck.st/nj2D8u for trailer, full info about the film, perks/ backer rewards, investor opportunities, links to rough cut, pictures and updates.
Click ‘Back this Project’

Remember it’s all or nothing…

Be in touch if you’ve got any queries, and please forward this mail to everyone you think might be interested - even if you are not. Thanks.

Marie Olesen

Producer, Minefield – a film about War, Football and Friendship.

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The final push...

Dear Minefield friends

Thanks to new backers! Your support means the world to us in these tough times!!! – some of you even supported without that pledge video.... – so for a cheap laugh, below it is again...

Following a sold out Glasgow Film Theatre for a hiving screening of Golden Bear winner Peter Mackie Burns’ first feature, Come Closer, and a mesmerising Mogwai gig, we’re now into our Final week of pledging – and annoying you! And no, we aren't complete philistines, and the 9/11 anniversary didn’t miss our attention, but as we said on Twitter: ‘Where were you after 9/11? Scotty Lee and his Spirit of Soccer charity were out there de-traumatising kids in the wars on terror across the world’. (in 140 characters...)

The campaign closes Saturday, Sept 17th at 6pm (GMT).
In terms of reaching our goal of crowdfunding Minefield, a film about war, football and friendship, featuring Scotty’s work over the past 17 years, we’ve still got a mountain to climb... If we don’t raise the full amount - $30,000 – we won’t get a penny. So one last time:
Before Saturday, please visit or share http://kck.st/nj2D8u for full info about the film, backer rewards, links to rough cut and trailer, updates and for details about how to donate anything from a fiver upwards. Click ‘Back this Project’

Be in touch if you’ve got any queries, and please forward the link to everyone you think might be interested. Thanks again!

Help us kick Minefield into completion!!!

Marie & the Autonomix

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