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This feature-length documentary follows the global impact of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, a hymn to liberty and freedom.
This feature-length documentary follows the global impact of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, a hymn to liberty and freedom.
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Clip #2 Opening of the Fourth Movement

Here is a second piece, the begging of the finale and the "Ode To Joy". How will the fourth movement be done? Beethoven must have asked that question. I certainly did. And what a struggle. How would I present in images and story the most famous music the world has ever known. I started with an idea. Long before I thought about what should go where,  I called the fourth movement of the film "Become Who You Are". The quote is from Nietzsche's The Gay Science, and at first glance seems obscure. And since Nietzsche is, to say the least, an elegant but slippery writer at times, I imposed my own interpretation on his words. That is, in the progress of our characters' lives, they set out on one path only to discover who they really are in acts that, from an outsider's perspective, seem foolish or self-defeating. Feng Congde, for example, the student Leader at Tiananmen Square who set up the broadcasting system to send the Ninth out to the world during those momentous days, thought he wanted merely to leave China and find himself a good job--make serious money, buy things with that money, and settle down--and begin his climb. When his computer broke down while studying for exams, Feng went down to the square and found out who he truly was, what kind of human being was digging to get out of the cramped space that was his soul under a Communist dictatorship. In the eyes of his government, he became a criminal, a traitor against "the people," and other such things that it takes no imagination to invent. In his eyes, Feng found out what he had to do--not what he should do--with his life.

We then move to Japan and spend a bit of time with Machi and Isabel, the main characters for the Chile story.

 As for delays and obstacles in making films, in this case one big one came when I had to add a story about the fall of the Berlin Wall, also in 1989, and Leonard Bernstein's Ninth concert there to celebrate the unification of Germany. How to tell that story? I found Lene Ford to do the job. A former resident of East Berlin with a spirited way of describing her own life and the lives of others, Lene takes us through her discovery of the other side of the Wall, and through another side of herself. Her story is rich and subtle, as she loved her country but was eventually brought face-to-face with hard questions that could not be answered with slogans and flags.

There is so much more to the four individuals that wind their way through the film, held up by the Ninth soundtrack (a story and character in itself), sometimes brushing against the grain of the music, and often finding an eddy that sweeps us along for the ride. 

I won't post more for a time, and hope that the full monty of a film will be at your service soon.




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    1. kerry candaele 3-time creator on June 30, 2012

      Hi Michael. Good to hear about your Ninth concert. I hope your mother can go. I will see you in NYC, looks like in the Fall. Take care.

    2. F Michael Hemmer on June 29, 2012

      Hey there Kerry - Keep on keepin' on!

      Going to see the 9th at Wolf Trap in Vienna Virginia this summer. Taking some of my family and maybe my mother if she is able. Proabably the last symphony concert she will ever be able to enjoy (alzheimers). Just wanted to thank you for putting the Ninth into a perspective that I had not known before bumping into you here at Kickstarter. Looking forward to seeing you someday in the Big Apple. Be well! Enjoy your summer.

      Tat tvams asi...

    3. peter on April 23, 2012

      keep up the good work. dont rush. it will be magnificant!!!

    4. kerry candaele 3-time creator on April 23, 2012

      Thank you again for the encouragement. I can get my head to takes its time, but never my heart.

    5. Missing avatar

      Ford Roosevelt on April 23, 2012

      What joy in these two previews. Yes, take your time. So look forward to the final version.
      Ford R.

    6. Missing avatar

      Clover Woods on April 23, 2012

      Dearest Kerry,
      I'm feeling nothing but joy/freedom after I have seen the previews. Please take your time as you weave this story together. It is worth waiting for, this "ambiance of hope ".