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To calm & silence workplace digital and physical distractions is personal nirvana...and productivity heaven. Your time, your terms.

To calm & silence workplace digital and physical distractions is personal nirvana...and productivity heaven. Your time, your terms. Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on October 30, 2013.

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Everyone & Everything is distracting & interrupting you-PLEASE!...STOP!!!

So you know the've hunkered down at 2pm to get this critical email/report/contract done by 5pm...and its somehow 415pm and EVERYONE and EVERYTHING has been distracting your attention away from it.

There are fewer and fewer barriers to the invasion of your physical space and time by colleagues. Workspace layouts are trending towards more open-concept. More noise! more interruptions!

Is it fair that you are constantly interrupted at work and getting little done, but then have to finish this thing at 10pm every night at home? No, its not.

How to be less stressed, and more the touch of one button

We have invented the MyFocus Solution to do just that. To allow you to gain more control over when you want to be "Available," and when you want some "Do Not Disturb" time.

Your time, on your terms. You press a button on any platform, and the status changes from Green to Red, in real-time, simultaneously, across all devices.

Colleagues will leave you alone, and none of your electronics will badger you for attention. Now you can get on with the stuff you need to, and find some more time for yourself.

Here are some quick demo videos to explain how it woks with your PC and mobile devices.

Where we are & why we need your help...


At present we have a fully-functioning prototype (as seen in the video), that we are currently building in small batches by hand.  The hand-built ones are good, and we've been using some everyday for 6-months already, but there's a limit to what can be done by hand.

Under the hood
Under the hood

Of the three main button components shown here; the PCB, the plastics, and the machined aluminium parts, all need to be optimized for larger volume production. At a minimum this requires new tooling, and a dedicated assembly and automated test and QA/QC line. 


In our prototype we currently have the button synchronized with a stable, and nicely designed user interface (UI) for our Windows Desktop software and our Android mobile App (see below left). The OSX, iOS 6/7 and BB 6/7 versions (see below centre & right) are clearly not to the same level yet. With your support we will improve the UIs to match the design and style guides of the Android version for release. Latterly we will develop Windows phone 8.X, and BB10.

Current UI of mobile Apps
Current UI of mobile Apps

Android, Blackberry, Apple and Microsoft all have different software approaches to how they alert and notify their users. So while we've mapped some basic functionality across all platforms, each requires some customized code development, and more intense testing before we are ready to release them. 

Additionally we continue to build direct application integration on the most common sources of visual and audible distractions as they evolve.

We need the $129,000 to complete these upgrades, and release a consumer-ready product for the 2013 Holidays across those most common systems.

Pledge Rewards

The 1-button MyFocus Solution

The MyFocus Solution includes one MyFocus button, 1 user account PC software, and the mobile app to connect and control an unlimited number of YOUR devices from your account.

The 4-button Squad-pack: For optimal family or team visibility

The Squad Pack is designed specifically for you if you've already thought of other friends, colleagues or family who could use this. By pledging for the MyFocus Squad Pack you'll get 4 MyFocus buttons, 4 individual accounts, and Squad software that leave you all fully status-aware of each other at all times. You'll be grouped together in the software like in the picture below so you can see each squad member's status across any device. This way you can see if your MyFocus squadmates are available or if you should let them focus just by checking their status from your MyFocus account. 

We can't do it without you, so we want to reward you with something tangible for your generous support, whatever the level of commitment.

Game-Plan upon KS Success

We know what we are doing, because we've done this type of thing before. Our team has developed a project plan to execute on the promises we are making here.  

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Risks and challenges

For a KS campaign, we have an unusually well-rounded Strategy, Business and Operations execution team.

SOFTWARE-We have a small, experienced and dedicated team that have been working on software development for this prototype for >2 years. The fundamental functionality and enhanced feature sets and GUI of the Android+Windows version has been in a stable embodiment and beta-testing for most of 2013. We have also developed a stable baseline functionality on iOS, OSX and BB. Throughout the year we have been proactively preparing in advance for large corporation systems releases/updates, so that we can iron-out any bugs that these releases may cause to our software. So far, so good. While we still currently see no major roadblocks from major company software releases on the main platforms, we do not know what small updates or patches, that may be released over the next 6-9 months, could do to our system's functionality. Should that happen we will commit additional software development resources to solve any problems.
Additionally, apart from Windows and Android, the other platforms do not yet have a complete User Interface (UI) to the same level. While we don't believe it to be the case, there may be certain formats or fonts on these other devices that might cause the UI shown in the video and photos to look slightly different from the Android experience in the final release.
Finally, apart from the Android+Windows platform, we have not done any long-term use or stability testing. To attend to this we have implemented a comprehensive QA/QC procedure for release, and do not foresee any substantial roadblocks to current delivery schedules.

HARDWARE+PRODUCTION-The hardware parts are made in Canada and China, and currently hand-assembled in Canada. The largest production run we have previously completed was ~100 buttons for testing lead times, and speed and quality of assembly. Should there be any major disruptions of trade beyond the scope of CanFocus and its suppliers control, then delays in delivery might be anticipated. Currently there are no international political conditions we would consider an issue, but should something happen it might impact the delivery schedule. As a contingency we are currently evaluating a "Made 100% in Canada" production solution locally to Toronto.

MANAGEMENT-The President, CEO, CTO, and VP-OPS alone have collectively >80 years of financing, operationalizing and delivering complicated Software+Hardware projects. The team is well-organized and fully committed. No single senior team member is currently planning to leave CanFocus, and all critical path activities and key knowledge have already been reduced to Patents, Copyrights and Trademark applications, which are all assigned to the company, not an individual. We've done the detailed planning and budgeting, for success and have the experience to know we have developed a feasible project plan.

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  • FAQ

    Can I switch between Red and Green on any device, at any time? Will this propagate across all my devices in real-time?

    YES. Doesn't matter which button you push. Go on Red for a pre-determined period of time on your laptop, then go back to Green via your App or physical button. You don't have to go Red/Green on the same device for it to work.

    How long can you be on Red for?

    Anywhere between 5-minutes to 4-hours. You pick your preferred time and then as you go on Red a timer starts. CanFocus will then automatically return you to Green when the timer is up.

    Is it easy to set-up?

    YES. Set-up is really quite easy. Download our software on your computer/smartphone and install. Plug in the button to your computer, open the MyFocus software and select which programs you want to mute. Mobile applications will be available through our website, Google Play or Apple's App Store. Windows and OSX software will be available via a personal download link that we'll send to you.

    Do you support iOS 7?

    YES. In fact we’ve already built and unit tested iPhone/iPad silencing layer, and have applied the network layer for release to our beta-testers. We still need to apply a proper GUI and push it through network reliability and stability testing. We expect to be fully-functional on iOS 7 by the Holiday season 2013.

    I am being distracted by software or App program "XXXXXX," can CanFocus help me get that under control too?

    YES. We are happy to help keep you focused! If you have a common software distraction or App that is really preventing you from doing what you want to do, post in the comments section and we will try to help. If it really is bothering you then upload a video explaining what your distraction is to our Facebook page. The best distraction video will get a prize at the end of our KickStarter campaign ( pictures/videos of colleagues/co-workers/family).

    Will there be regular software updates and releases?

    YES. Established and new commercial software products and Apps are always evolving and improving, so we have a team of developers releasing updates in a timely manner to make sure your MyFocus experience is seamless. As you can see in the charts below we cover most of the major distractions but we're adding more features each day.

    NO indicates that when in Red there is no alert. YES indicates that currently when in Red there can be an alert but we are continuing to develop the software to cover these areas (CanFocus currently will not override your iOS vibrate-on-silent preference).

    Do you support Blackberry 10 or Windows Tablet & Phone?

    YES. Just a question of priorities. We’ve chosen to focus on Android, iOS, and BB7 before tackling the mobile Windows and new BB mobile offerings. In fact, as we do work on Windows 8 today, we expect very little in the way of additional development to support Windows 8 Tablets (non RT). Similarly our development spikes have helped us scope the challenge on BlackBerry 10, which is minimal. A lot of our BB7 code and our OSX GUI work being done in qt is designed to be portable to BB10.

    Is there Intellectual Property, Trademarks and Copyright?


    Are software releases and updates free?

    YES. CanFocus will upgrade your MyFocus software free-of-charge for 3-years.

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    Pledge $5 or more
    About $5 USD

    32 backers Limited (968 left of 1000)

    CANFOCUS RED/GREEN DRINKS COASTER, + NAME ON WEBSITE "WALL OF FAME." The 2D analog solution, and a handy way to signal your need for a top-up whilst watching the game...without using words.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships to: Ships anywhere in the world
  2. Select this reward

    Pledge $19 or more
    About $18 USD

    17 backers Limited (183 left of 200)

    CANFOCUS CUBICLE RED/GREEN FLIP HANGER. An "old school," 3D analog home/office/coffee-shop solution. To control physical interruptions only.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships to: Ships anywhere in the world
  3. Select this reward

    Pledge $29 or more
    About $28 USD

    19 backers Limited (181 left of 200)

    LIMITED EDITION "PFO" FLIP T-SHIRT. For when it all gets too much! Green circle on outside, Red circle with "PFO" on the inside...pull it up over your head and tell people to "Please Find Others!"

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships to: Ships anywhere in the world
  4. Select this reward

    Pledge $79 or more
    About $77 USD

    87 backers Limited (813 left of 900)

    MYFOCUS 2013 HOLIDAYS LIMITED EDITION. For you. Or as an ideal gift. Its Red. Its Green. It silences all digital and physical disruptions and provides much more festive does it get???
    In this pack you get one CanFocus account, one MyFocus button, and MyFocus software that will allow you to silence an unlimited number of devices from you account. * $15 shipping in Canada.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships to: Ships anywhere in the world
  5. Select this reward

    Pledge $99 or more
    About $96 USD

    16 backers

    THE MYFOCUS SOLUTION. Hardware, Software and App to silence physical and digital distractions with one click of our button. In this pack you get one CanFocus account, one MyFocus button, and MyFocus software that will allow you to silence an unlimited number of devices from you account.*$15 shipping in Canada.

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships to: Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $399 or more
    About $388 USD

    13 backers Limited (187 left of 200)

    THE MYFOCUS SQUAD PACK. The Squad Pack is designed specifically for you if you've already thought of someone else in your circle who could use this. By pledging for the MyFocus Squad Pack you'll get four CanFocus accounts, four MyFocus buttons, and MyFocus software that will allow you to silence an unlimited number of devices from you accounts. Also included is additional Squad software that provides realtime visability of your other MyFocus squadmates status (red or green). So at a glance you know will know if you squadmates are avaialable or if you should let them focus. * $ 45 shipping in Canada

    Estimated delivery:
    Ships to: Ships anywhere in the world
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    Pledge $1,250 or more
    About $1,214 USD

    0 backers Limited (10 left of 10)

    CANFOCUS "CANADIAN DIGITAL DETOXIFICATION" LONG-WEEKEND. We kick-back the Canadian way; maple syrup, bacon, canoeing, chilling, chugging, hockey...with our entire team. Go native and out of WiFi range. +4-button family pack, +4xDrinks Coasters, +4xT-shirts. *You have to get yourselves to Toronto.

    Estimated delivery:
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    Pledge $8,000
    About $7,770 USD

    0 backers Limited (4 left of 4)

    EXCLUSIVE, ONE-YEAR BOARD OF DIRECTORS OBSERVER SEAT. Literally be there as the company's Board of Directors make their corporate life or death decisions. Some restrictions apply: non disclosure agreement required, non-voting position, to attend in person you need to cover costs, otherwise webcast. Please contact CEO directly via

    Estimated delivery:

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