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£12,322 pledged of £300,000 goal
£12,322 pledged of £300,000 goal



ROYAL COLLEGE OF ART Interior Design & Textiles students have developed an innovative and multifunctional wearable dwelling in direct response to the Syrian refugee crisis. The garment is designed to convert from a jacket with large storage pockets into a sleeping bag and also a tent. Lead project tutors Dr Harriet Harriss & Graeme Brooker set the design brief and have been working with project advocates - WALL Fashion London - who have mentored the students towards developing a prototype ready to go into mass production and have kindly offered to cover the cost of making the factory-ready prototype. The project now seeks funding in order to mass produce the garment, and help refugee aid agencies transport and distribute these wearables – in the places it’s needed most. We need your help to do this - just to get us to the point where the wearable has been tested and we've got a large batch ready for distribution - after which point we are confident we can create a self-sufficient production system. Please help us make a difference. Our wonderful and talented students names are as follows: Gabriella Geagea Anne Sophie Geay Cassie Buckhart Eve Hoffmann Anna Duthie (textiles) Jess Wang Hailey Darling Zara Ashby Ruben Van den Bossche Giulia Silovy. Photographer: Joshua Tarn

Risks and challenges

The aim is to work with UK refugee agencies to continue to develop the design in time for a summer (July 2016) deployment. If the design needs to be adjusted to make it more affordable we will make these changes.

At the moment, the materials involved are cheap and sustainable since it is intended to be distributed affordably and is not intended as a long term solution.
Our project partner WALL Fashion are offering us advice on how to develop the project and we are extremely grateful to them. If the project cannot proceed due to any faults with the project will will refund all our investors. The sums pledged are for manufacture /mass production and distribution only. We are resourcing the design development ourselves, by doing it as a student design project. We thank you again for all your support.

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