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A concept rap album about wizardry. About time right? Beats invoking early 90's golden era hip hop. this cauldron is bubblin.'

Why wizards? 

This project has been in the back of my mind for several years.  I would often find myself freestyle rapping as if I were some powerful sorcerer.  I'm not sure why.  I haven't read much fantasy.  I admit I like some of the movies.  Movies with wizards are as epic as they are diverse.  I think a lot of my rhymes take from all styles of wizard.  From Gandalf to David Lopan all the way to Bruce Lee (Can you doubt his supernatural ability?) 

I've also tried to redefine what a wizard means.  I believe anyone can be a wizard in their own realm.  In their own world.  And Manateemann and friends are wizards of beats and rhymes.  What kind of wizard are you? 

I've been living in South Korea for the past year and it has been great for getting the work done on this album.  Much of it has been a collaboration with some emcee wizards from Austin TX, my hometown.  The Berfday Boy and Monster Love are huge on this album. (Thank you magical internet for making all this possible.)  

You can hear the whole album for yourself on this link.

And here's a much higher quality version of the wizardsleeves video.  I had to drop it down to a jpeg to get it on this page.  Kickstarter can't handle this magic.

I'm sure you're asking yourself why someone wouldn't be happy enough with having a soundcloud page and having his album on the internet.  Well, I'm an old fashioned type of renaissance man.  If I could get this album transfered to 8 track, I would.  I'd love to get it pressed on vinyl.  (too expensive... for now?)  So I've decided to go with cd's.  I'm going to get enough made to distribute on a small level.  Just to give to friends and sell at shows.  And maybe get paid some for what I've created.  That would be nice.  But this isn't the goal of the cd's.  It's more to hold it in my hand and know that I have created something.  You can't do that on soundcloud or bandcamp.  It just isn't the same. 

So I need this money to make 300 super high quality cd's.  Full color artwork and designs on the discs.  Even shrinkwrapped!!! If things go well I'll make more.  But for now 300 is good.  I'd just like to see this thing through... hopefully with your help.  

And I'll be seeing your wizard faces at the cd release party!  



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