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Stretch goal #3: A focus on covering all of Colorado

Posted by The Colorado Sun (Creator)
Gunnison Gorge
Gunnison Gorge

Telling all of Colorado’s stories

Colorado is cowboy boots at the theater. But it’s also combines in the fields, carabiners on sheer rock walls and snowshoes at 13,000 feet. Its stories are vast and varied, and telling them requires shoeleather reporting across a massive landscape.

From urban cityscapes to rural vistas, from the eastern plains to the Western Slope and beyond, this land is home to a diverse array of characters, interests and industries that define us as Coloradans. The Colorado Sun is dedicated to highlighting how the state’s resilient communities are evolving on the frontlines of today’s dynamic West, where shifting attitudes over public lands, recreation and industries are reshaping lives.

Yuma, Colo.
Yuma, Colo.

Our new stretch goal

To tell the nuanced stories of Colorado’s discrete social, geographic and political landscapes, we will cultivate a network of home-grown, experienced freelance writers and photographers who can deliver, with the quality work our readers deserve, the evolving narrative of Coloradans wherever they live, work and play. We also will send reporters and photographers to all corners of our state to meet those people face to face and see the issues, challenges and successes that anchor our communities.

That kind of commitment doesn’t come cheap. So we’re designating as our latest Kickstarter stretch goal a financial target that will help us blanket the state. This support will enable us to engage the cities, small towns and rural outposts where Coloradans are tackling economic and social challenges that may have a different twist to them, but still echo common concerns that tie us together.

This isn’t just an abstract plan.

We already have commissioned stories examining issues that extend far beyond Denver and the Front Range. Our reporters are traversing the state, while we’re also connecting with proven local freelancers and making the commitment to write and photograph the stories that matter to Coloradans; the stories that make us Coloradans. You’ll see some of those results very soon.

Please consider helping us reach across the state in the most robust way possible.

We're looking to raise $65,000 before the end of our campaign to extend our reach from border to border. It will buy the gas, hotel rooms and meals for reporters and photographers to get where they need to go. It will pay the best local freelancers who bring innate regional knowledge to their work. It will tell the stories that too often, in a time of diminishing news resources, don’t get the wide exposure or broad audience they deserve.

Colorado, you have responded with enthusiasm and trust for our mission so far. Please help keep the momentum building toward excellent local journalism that will reflect the statewide scope that The Colorado Sun represents.

Leadville, Colo.
Leadville, Colo.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Laura LB Border on

      Make sure to cover the Western Slope. I grew up there and as an adult have lived in Boulder. It is really important to inform the Western Slope about opportunities at the University of Colorado, about voting for Regents, and about what the different political parties really accomplish for them. Water issues are important as well.

    2. Missing avatar

      Dick Peterson on

      It is exciting to watch this new development of news coverage in Denver and Colorado.