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Announcing the launch of Sordelet Ink! Rick Sordelet is teaming with author David Blixt to promote the first of many scripts and books!
Announcing the launch of Sordelet Ink! Rick Sordelet is teaming with author David Blixt to promote the first of many scripts and books!
186 backers pledged $6,592 to help bring this project to life.

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Sordelet Ink Results

The summer is over, and the results are in! Thanks to you, Sordelet Ink is now a publisher. We were able to put David Blixt's books into the hands of thousands upon thousands of new readers. The reviews have been fantastic across the board, and David's devoted fanbase is starting to grow. There was a boom of sales in June,  when the bulk of the advertising you helped pay for hit. So we can nothing say but thanks, and thanks. 

David has a new short story collection out this month through Sordelet Ink on Kindle called SINCERITY AND OTHER SCARY TALES. His next novel will be COLOSSUS: THE FOUR EMPERORS, followed by the third and fourth Colossus novels and the fourth Star-Cross'd novel, all coming out next year (yes, he is terrifyingly prolific). We're presently producing both the audio and paper versions of all these novels, and Sordelet Ink will be working hard to push those in the coming months. Additionally, we'll be choosing our next project, probably around the same time as last year (April/May). So we're going to be very busy! We'll keep you all informed.

There is one thing that you can do that doesn't involve money, just a moment of your time. If you can write an Amazon review of whichever of David's books you've read, we would appreciate it greatly. Those things are gold to a publisher, helping to raise the profile for these books (the more reviews, the more Amazon shows off the books to new readers - which is why unscrupulous publishers resort to hiring fake reviewers to bolster a book's numbers! But we only want honest reviews, which means we rely on those who have read the novels). 

But as we've said before, you've all done more than enough! We just wanted to say thank you again, and let you know that things are afoot at Sordelet Ink. Because you gave us our start. 

Cheers, and thanks!

Rick Sordelet and David Blixt

We Made It!

Thank you, everyone! As you can see, we've passed our goal (which is fantastic, as the overage will pay a chunk of the Kickstarter fee). We did it yesterday, with 48 hours to spare. We had huge donations and small donations and everything in between, and we love and appreciate every single one. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

So what's next? On Monday checks will be sent to the publicists for David's books, and the publicity blitz begins June 8th and lasts through July. These are ads targeted to Kindle readers, book clubs, historical fiction fans, and more. We're also commissioning some book trailers which we can spread virally. And we can pay our amazing cover artist Rob McLean for his work. And a website is being designed even now for future Sordelet Ink projects! This summer it's David Blixt. Who's next? We can't wait to find out.

What's next for you? Well, depending on your donation level, you're going to receive a potential blizzard of books. There are five to choose from:

FORTUNE'S FOOL (Star-Cross'd 3)

Just shoot David an e-mail at with your preference(s), and you'll get either a .pdf version of the complete novel, or else a .mobi file, which should transfer to any mobile device (or so I'm told). 

For more information about the books themselves, check out David's site at or, even better, go to his Amazon author page at While you're on Amazon, you can do us a massive favor by clicking "Like" below the title on each description page (Amazon has likes - who knew?). 

If you're entitled to everything (and of course, you are, in life, in dreams. But we mean under the backer rules), just drop David an e-mail and you'll get drowned in a sea of digital words. 

We'll have more updates once the project is officially over. But let us just say again, from wellspring of our hearts, thanks. Your friendship and gracious generosity has been truly awe-inspiring, and we are humbled.