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I have been invited to compose a new work for Soprano, Horn & Organ for the Imago Festival in Vienna this May. Text by St. Hildegarde.
27 backers pledged $1,689 to help bring this project to life.

Off to a good start!

Hi All,

With this project launched just two days ago, we are already at the one-third mark for fundraising. Many thanks to all those who have backed the project thus far!

For those still deciding whether to contribute, remember that works on an all-or-nothing basis based on the project timeline. That means that unless the project goal ($1,250) is reached by the funding deadline (Apr 12, 12:36am EDT), no funds are debited from backers or paid out to artists. While on first glance, this may seem harsh, I actually support such an approach. One of the things I like about is its unique combination of traditional artistic patronage (charitable donation) on one hand and basic market principles on the other.

What do I mean by this? Imagine, for example, that your business was quoting out a job and meeting with the decision makers. After much work and conversation, let's say you lose the job to another company. Would you expect your lost customer to offer you a percentage of the job based on your efforts? Of course not! Why shouldn't artists be held to a similar standard of persuasion and resulting support?

For those who are not familiar with my music or need a refresher, listen to the samples of my music just posted on the project page. Both excerpts are taken from my Vocalise CD (2010, Nelson Music). Moreover, Psalm 100 was a commission for a church, similar to this situation. Lastly, I am happy to provide references for any potential backer to assure you of my professionalism and reliability.

Again, thanks to our backers thus far and to all those considering donating. You are the best!!


Brian J. Nelson - Composer