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    1. Dustin Harley Davidson on

      @Minijiet If you look at the other comment section, it would answer your question, as I've posted many times now about my letters from Jasper.

    2. Sunnyboy on

      Any update whem will the dock be sent?

    3. Dustin Harley Davidson on

      @James Murty You could have just looked at the top two posts on this update before you commented... Look in the other comments section to see our letters from Jasper.

    4. James Murty on

      Nearly five weeks have passed since Jasper's "The issue is now largely resolved and we now fully expect to ship the docks out from China within three weeks" remark. I don't suppose anyone's heard anything more from them?

    5. Dustin Harley Davidson on

      Yet another email from Jasper that I just received and posted in the main comments section. I'll let you make your own conclusions.

    6. Dustin Harley Davidson on

      I have posted an email from Jasper in the main comments section. They HAVE abandoned this and most of their social media sites. The ONLY way to get ahold of them is the support tab on their page. Read the email I posted for further details.

    7. Whirlwound

      The delays with this and Pebble are the end of my Kickstarting days. Once I have the dock, Auditorium Duet and the MegaTokyo VN (at least I'm used to Piro's delays), I'm officially done.

      PlayJam should move into the dialysis market, they're that good at taking the piss.

    8. Dustin Harley Davidson on

      One of the backers apparently got a response from someone yesterday who said they are still in China.

    9. Joseph Shivak on

      great.. well hopefully sooner than later.. later if there is a problem and needs revisions but patiently waiting.... somewhat.. :)

    10. Dustin Harley Davidson on

      Based on the time table and giving time for customs at the dock, they could START shipping as early as late this week or as late as next month. Depends on customs and many other things... like them caring....

    11. Joseph Shivak on

      so according to that timeline, the docks should be on their way to us from the local warehouse at this point?

    12. Dustin Harley Davidson on

      According to this schedule they should be leaving China in about a week, then to a local warehouse, and out to us about a week later.

    13. Dustin Harley Davidson on

      @Clinton @David @Fredric I'm getting tired of referring people to the main comments section... so I'll post the letter they sent over here.
      Sent to me on Feb. 6

      Dear Backers,

      Let me start by apologizing for the lack of news and or updates on the GameStick project over recent months - in particular on the status of the docks. We have been immersed in a complicated set of issues that center around a dispute with one of our manufacturers that has made posting any meaningful or reliable delivery updates almost impossible until we could resolve them.

      This means we have let some of you down and for that I am truly sorry.

      The issue relates to component sourcing and costs and hinges on the fact that our agreement required the docks to be manufactured for an agreed cost against a specific part list.

      Whilst the part list has been adhered to, the cost structure is significantly out of line and has required a lengthy retrospective negotiation, as we were not in a position to absorb them. The net result of this dispute is that whilst the docks are made, packed and ready for shipping, they have been sitting in a warehouse for some time and are likely to stay there for at least the next two weeks whilst Chinese New Year holidays are taken across Asia. The issue is now largely resolved and we now fully expect to ship the docks out from China within three weeks.

      I can only apologize whole-heartedly for the continued delay and the fact that we have been unable to effectively update you in the meantime as this would have risked jeopardizing our position. Please rest assured that I am working hard on your behalf and ours to resolve the situation as fast as humanly possible.

      The dock is a cool product - one that was conceived by you and one that we are incredibly keen for you to start enjoying.

      This project has had its fair share of comments - both positive and negative, all of which we have taken fully on board. We remain utterly convinced that we are on the cusp of a zeitgeist moment; when we look at the future of the connected living room, it is impossible for us to conceive of one without affordable gaming at its heart.

      We believe that GameStick and products like it will be a common feature in the majority of American and European homes within 5 years, providing simple access to rich media at true mass market prices. This remains an immense opportunity and we are as driven as ever to sit at the forefront of this revolution.

      PlayJam's shareholders have been exceptionally supportive of the business and remain motivated and energized by the opportunity GameStick offers, believing that we can create an industry defining company. We are also talking with prospective new investors and hope to make some announcements within the coming weeks and months that can only mean great things for the future of the product you helped get off the ground.

      While for the reasons explained we have struggled to maintain communication on the dock delivery date, we hope that our other lines of communication are improving, namely our helpdesk and news letter which started a couple of weeks back (sign up here). If you have any suggestions on how we can further improve this, please do get in contact by responding directly to this mail.

      Kind regards

      Jasper Smith

    14. Clinton Weir on

      To those who haven't received docks: I haven't received ANYTHING, not even an explanation of why I haven't received anything. Glad to hear that SOME people got SOME part of what they ordered.

    15. Missing avatar

      David Herman on

      This is just getting embarrassing... where are the fcking docks? The gamestick itself has many issues WiFi, price and other shiz and now no docks?

    16. Frederic Denis on

      Where is my dock / ou es mon dock
      french polynesia / POLYNESIE FRANCAISE

    17. Dustin Harley Davidson on

      @Filipe I posted an email I received from them in the main comments section if you want to go check it out, but the from what I got, the manufacturing company wanted to charge them more than the agreed upon price once they were completed and then Chinese New Year hit, but we SHOULD have our docks in March/April

    18. Filipe on

      Where is my dock?! Almost one year has passed and I still haven't receive everything I payed for...

    19. Dustin Harley Davidson on

      I have posted an email sent to me by GameStick on the comments section if anyone hasn't received it and would like to read it.

    20. Dustin Harley Davidson on

      Reposting comment from comment section
      Stu Alsford about 2 hours ago
      I've heard back from the PlayJam CEO: Drafting an update to be posted tomorrow.

    21. Dustin Harley Davidson on

      @Joseph Thanks man! I sent the info to the general comments tab too. Here's hoping for more info soon.

    22. Joseph Shivak on

      Just got a response, the founders tag is something coming out in the future. It is not currently on the os and will be an update. Just waiting on dock info now.

    23. Dustin Harley Davidson on

      @Joseph Well from what reps have told me, you can try to pester them on twitter or facebook and if someone actually does see your post they will try to push the ticket through, but the sites are mostly automated. Other than that you might try to start another ticket as there could have been some strange glitch in the system. I wish you all the luck in the world. And let us know if you get it resolved. I'd be quite interested anyway.

    24. Joseph Shivak on

      It was and then that site took me to for the issue.. i have a ticket.. logged in no response... responded hello? to the ticket so there is some update.

    25. Dustin Harley Davidson on

      @Joseph, which website support did you go to? They really only respond at and should be able to help you out.

    26. Joseph Shivak on

      I inquired a month ago about the Founders tag on the website support area.. have yet to get a response.

    27. Dustin Harley Davidson on

      @massimo You won't see it for a while still, they are just being shipped over from China, and we don't get anymore answers from them.

    28. Missing avatar

      massimo silvori on

      Still waiting for the dock!!!!!!
      (form Italy)

    29. Dustin Harley Davidson on

      I posted this in the main comments, but will post again here for others.
      I have officially been told by a rep that ALL of their social sites are mostly automated and they don't actually deal with them. That would include this one and their forums. They say that the ONLY way to get ahold of them is through their site and clicking on the support tab. So far they have completely blown me off and I have now had to reverse my statements to my friends. This product is not worth buying. They overcharge on games and charge for games that should be free, have a pitifully small selection of them anyways, and don't care about their supporters. The only useful thing to do with a GameStick is flash it and put Google play on there, then you get the games cheaper or free and they play just fine. I regret my decision to back this product.

    30. Jan Babiuch-Hall on

      My GameStick doesn't work at all on my TV (an LG 42LD650). I've messaged GameStick directly twice, once on Dec 24 and once on Jan 12, and haven't gotten any acknowledgement or response. Maybe it'll get noticed here or someone in the comments can help.

      Details below:

      Dec 24, 2013
      I just opened up my Gamestick package and though it looks great, I have two problems to report.

      First, the device only works on my friend's TV, it doesn't work on mine (the TV sees that something is plugged into HDMI, but quickly displays a "no signal" message). Both TVs are LG, though mine is a slightly older model (I can't recall the model number, but I can find it, if it'll be helpful). I'm currently updating the GameStick to software version 0.9.2049. Is it possible that that'll fix the issue with the older TV?

      The second problem is that I only received the GameStick and case, not the dock. Did I miss some update? Is the dock coming in a later shipment?

      Thanks in advance and happy holidays!
      Jan Babiuch-Hall

      Jan 12, 2014
      Since my last message, I have tested the GameStick on my TV with the updated software. It still does not work. Do you have any advice or solutions?
      I would appreciate your timely reply.

      Jan Babiuch-Hall

    31. Dustin Harley Davidson on

      @Rallye I was told by a rep on twitter that the docks will shipped around the end of this month... didn't specify if they were being shipped from China or to us, and they have evaded my questions about the delays so far, but I hope I'm making a bit of headway there. As far as those issues go, I had them also. I contacted the support on their site and they were very quick to respond and sent me another GameStick and those issues went away.
      The MicroSD card goes in the end opposite from where you plug it into your extender. A very small unmarked slot. Put the card in so that the metal contacts are facing the thickest part of the unit and push it in with a finger nail until it clicks in and stays flush.

    32. Rallye on

      Been months since an official update on this website. People are screaming for their docks and rightly so since they were promised them months ago.

      I finally got my GameStick a few weeks back, just before Christmas (Western Australia). Bluetooth reception for the controller is patchy, dropping signal when sitting less than 8 feet from the TV and using the HDMI extender cable supplied. Interface is a little quirky to navigate and some games are tough to play with the sensitivity (dunno how to change it from interface) but otherwise, for what it's worth, it's a decent little toy.

      Now, to figure out where to put that microSD card I bought to give me more storage...

    33. Missing avatar

      Ryan Crognale on

      So the docks have about a three month delay after already being delayed? A bit rough...

    34. Dustin Harley Davidson on

      @Coleman Lee, @Charlie Pulbrook You should chen the normal comments also.... Yes they should make it an official update and give a few explanations.
      Creator GameStick 3 days ago
      Hey folks,
      The questions about the docks: Just to let you all know, we're back and in full swing after the holidays (Happy new year!) and working hard, as usual, to get all open backer items sent out and tackle new, exciting things for the GameStick in 2014. What this means for the docks is that they are expected to leave China next week and are going to be fulfilled to our backers around the end of this month.

    35. Adnan Raja on


      My game stick has been on hold with the Shipping company & the customs for more than 25 + days now.

      I have been in constant touch with the shipping company via which you have shipped.

      Finally they have given a reversal asking from me a plethora of documents and ids, as the shipment was not sent to me via the normal courier route and instead was sent using the commercial channel, which is generally used for marketers, dealers and resellers.

      Because you have sent the parcel through this route and this requires some kind of an import code without which there is a plenty. The courier company is asking me for a penalty charge which in total is in excess of $155/- which is outrageous and ridiculous.

      I request you to please check with the shipping company regarding the same at your end and please resolve the same. Also if not resolved then I would not be accepting the package at my end by giving such a ridiculous amt of penalty for your shipping mistake. In that case the package would be returned to you and I would either expect a full refund or a reshipment of the same using proper shipping methods for direct consumers.

      Please revert on the same urgently.

      Adnan Raja.

    36. Missing avatar

      Coleman Lee on

      Mid January now and no update on docks still?

    37. Charlie Motton on

      Another un satisfied backer waiting on my dock. How can it be that there have been no updates in 2 months?

    38. Thiago Stocco on

      Where are the docks???

    39. Missing avatar

      David on

      Still waiting on two docks! I thought these were being shipped out in November and now it's January and still no docks in hand, what's going on?

    40. Adam "Cero" Ludwig

      Agreed, an update would be good.

    41. Colin Ewen on

      + 1 to no dock. Any update on this as it is now Jan? Thanks

    42. Missing avatar

      mark francisco on

      PlayJam, I think you need to update us on the status of the docks. Mid-November is long gone and most of us would have expected them to be in our hands by now.

    43. William Goulding on

      UK Based - haven't received my dock either. Would be happy to take a refund on that at this point.

    44. papa.coen on

      Hailing from Europe/NL here. Haven't received a dock yet. Any news on delivery?

    45. Joseph Shivak on

      Where is the forum located at on the i am checking about my founder tag.. i don't see a tag on my gamestick itself so i'm gonna look to insure its there. Will the docks arrive by February? (assuming a month to ship from china to usa, then reshipped inside the usa, shouldn't take a full month so i'd imagine no later than February..)

    46. Coral Tara Courtney on

      Well I'm disppointed - my controller won't charge and the stick won't find the controller when it plugged in. Support is nice about point out video but my just DOA. :(

    47. Whirlwound

      Never mind the dock - I don't think I've even got my Founder Tag...

    48. Missing avatar

      Nana K. Boachie on

      Has anyone received a dock yet? At this point I'm wondering if backers from China have even gotten theirs yet.

    49. DexX on

      Add me to the "won't download the mandatory update stage" club. Very annoyed. I left it on overnight just in case it was being slow, and I've restarted it multiple times, even leaving it unpowered for over a minute just to make sure. They say they've "posted a fix" and that's it. Their fix is "turn it off and on again". Done that. Got any other suggestions?

    50. Sebastian Röring on

      I was really looking forward to get the gamestick. Now, tested it for 1 month, I find it very annoying. It's loosing connection in game if the gamestick is not in view or more than 2 meters away. The stick crashed or hung up a few times and the gameplay is mostly very boring. Sorry, but I don't think this thing is well enough developed to get on the market.