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Putting Big Screen Gaming In Your Pocket.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Karla Morris on

      I received the wrong color. Received black and ordered the custom orange for backers only!

    2. Teodoro Armenteros on

      Stuck on update screen as well.... the good thing is I am not alone!

    3. Missing avatar

      jesus del fresno on

      Same Issue I can't update...very very very disappointed after wait for a long a time

    4. Prateek Moitra on

      Gamestick, we hear a lot of setup glitches from those who already received thier GS. Any fix for these issues yet? Please provide the same for those who hav not received thier's yet so that it should not be a surprise.. Please address these stated issues below and provide us with a resolution. Here in India I am still waiting for mine to show up from HK warehouse. Not sure when I would get mine..

    5. Missing avatar

      Rodolfo F. Ferrer Jr. on

      Got mine today but won't get past the "Searching for Updates" screen...very disappointed!

    6. chris moody on

      Im also getting the update screen "No internet connection" problem. @playjam

    7. Missing avatar

      Calvin Caster on

      Got past the cheap plastic knock off controller with the giant joystick caps. Now I can't get past the searching for updates screen, seems like a fairly common issue judging by the comments.

      Feels like I got ripped off. Suppose it's too late to ask for a refund. Guess I'll just have to hope for a solution to pop up.

      Also why put a reset button on something when it doesn't do anything?

    8. Randy Jimenez on

      GameStick team, you really need to address your early adopters' issues. OUYA did a lot of damage to their brand by staying silent through tons of issues.

    9. William C. Bowlin on

      At long last, a box on my doorstep. Will look into it some more later tonight. Finally!

    10. Missing avatar

      Jon on

      Add me to the list of users whose GameStick won't go past "Update Software." Really kinda disappointing after waiting so long for the GameStick to arrive (plus the additional "WiFi shipping delay")

    11. Missing avatar

      Saad Malik on

      Same problem as everyone else--connects to WiFi fine (100% signal), but can't get past 'Searching for Updates'.

    12. Scott Johnson-Brown on

      Im in the same place as Randy and E. Scott. Connected to wifi, but get a box in the lower right saying no internet connection. I even connected it to my wireless hotspot with the same results. I have rebooted it several times with no avail.

    13. Randy Jimenez on

      Yup, they gave me the same suggestions. Still no dice.

    14. E. Scott Lockwood on

      @Randy I am showing up as connected, but it is saying that I have no internet connection. I am stuck at the Software Update screen too. An email to support just tells me to restart the system (unplug then plug back in the stick), and to reconnect to my wifi. So yea, I am in the same boat.

    15. Randy Jimenez on

      E. Scott, is yours showing up as connected but then having issues in subsequent steps? I can't even get past the Software Update screen and mine is less than 2 feet away from my router.

    16. E. Scott Lockwood on

      You know, I have done my best not to complain.. I understood the delays and such, but now that I have it in my hand, I am getting no internet connection even though I am 2 feet from my wifi and it says 100% connected. What's goin on here guys!?

    17. Randy Jimenez on

      I'm in the same boat as William Taub, stuck on "Searching for Updates." What is the deal?

    18. Jonathan Goldsmith on

      Oh, and another huge improvement I could see for this would be some type of software to adapt Android games not written for the big screen to be able to play them on the big screen anyways. This would give access to thousands more games right away. I don't blame PlayJam for not having this type of thing developed already, but I wish it was. Also would like to see Plex available for it, as I prefer Plex to XBMC.

    19. Jonathan Goldsmith on

      Well, here in the US, I just received my GameStick yesterday, ordered a dock after the fact, paid with PayPal. A little disappointed that the dock was not with the GameStick, but hopefully it will be coming soon. I must say, though, I am not very impressed with my GameStick. Setup took much longer than it should have, since it wouldn't take the WEP passkey to connect to my router, I ended up getting it to connect through the guest network using WPA. But then it downloaded an update, and I had to start over, including putting in my network passcode again. Once activated and setup, I was not very impressed with the UI, either. Not only did it seem quite slow and unresponsive, but there should be a search for games available, including to narrow the search by category and/or price(free, paid, under xxx dollar amount). Also, I expected services such as Netflix, VUDU, Amazon Video, and the like to be available, at the very least Netflix, but there was none. Not a huge fan of the UI format, either, but then that is more my personal opinion, and I can get used to it, I think. I understand that this is a new product, but after as long as they spent developing it, I was expecting more. I am disappointed.

    20. William Taub on

      A few hiccups.... it doesn't work with the 3m pico projector- even with external USB power. I get a purple screen with different shades of purple vertical lines. Also, I can't get this thing to go past the "Searching for Updates" screen. What is going on?

    21. Thiago Stocco on

      I doubt I'll receive it in the next 5 days here in Brazil. Our mail post sucks, and yet there's a big chance I'll get to paid some duties (which will make the delivery even longer), so the tracking numbers would be great to know where the package is (way home, being inspected, etc)

    22. Ole Sollie on

      The reason I ask is that in case the swedish postal services are used things sometimes just never gets delivered. And UPS they just show up at the door without calling. Schenker and DHL usually call before delivering. So depending on how they are sent then I know if I need to stay home from work some day or not. What shipping company is beefing used? :)

    23. Shaun Frost

      Im in San Jose CA and have not recieved my shippment yet. I will wait till next week and ask for tracking number.

    24. Diogo Pontes on

      Thanks for the feedback, Gamestick. Hopefully it won't take that long now... although with the weekend in the middle of the 5 days I would say that one can expect a whole week instead of 5 days...

      Have they been sent by normal post, or some type of specific delivery company (UPS, DHL,etc..)? Just asking as that brings issues in terms of delivery, at least here in Sweden.

    25. GameStick Creator on

      Good morning... just a quick shipping update:
      All orders to EU, mainland Europe, and South America have now been shipped from London and are due to drop in the next 5 days. Due to the fact that each shipping note was manually generated, rather than transcribe 1,200 tracking numbers we will pass them out if products have failed to reach their destination by then.
      Most Canadian/US deliveries should now be completed.
      We are experiencing a delay in sending units from Hong Kong but most units are now on their way. We will send tracking numbers as soon as we have them and we really do appreciate your patience.
      Once again, a reminder that the docks are not included in this first consignment - we expect to ship them later this month.

    26. Sunnyboy on

      Malaysia is so near to Hong Kong, but until now there's nothing!!!!!!

    27. Diogo Pontes on

      @Ole, me too! Wonder if it will just show up in the post all of a sudden, or if I'll still have to wait for the tracking number. We were informed that it had been sent to EU last Tue/Wed, but so far, nothing.
      Usually it takes less than a week for stuff to reach Sweden from UK...

    28. Ole Sollie on

      Still waiting for trackingnumber to in Sweden...

    29. Sølve Horrigmoe on

      Could we please get an update on European tracking numbers? I see there are several of us asking for this (Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands and Norway). Are you guys even reading this thread?

    30. Missing avatar


      Hey there, I received the GS in the mail yesterday. I let everything charge up and the started the setup process. My GS worked fine until the "Searching for Updates" section. It hung there for a few hours last night and I've let it sit there for about 45 minutes tonight and it appears that nothing is happening. GS is successful logged into home Wifi and is about 15 feet from the wireless router. Is there a way to get some help? The GS looks very nice and professional. My was sealed appropriately with not production markings. I just want it to work. Thank you in advance.

    31. Samuel Gerry on

      I would get adventurous and try to pioneer something, however I'd be a bit outside my element. Plus my biggest fear is bricking the device, it took far too long to get my hands on it, I'd rather not have to deal with PlayJam again to be honest.

    32. EarthBoundX5 on

      Finally got to open it, and ya, despite the seal being broken, everything is there. Kinda disappointed that the controller had a lot of plastic imperfections and scratches though...

    33. EarthBoundX5 on


      Don't know any official means, but a requests have been put in for a GameStick xda dev forum section, once thats up I'm sure there'll be rooting info quick. Otherwise, if ya want to experiment, try the traditional rooting methods....or not....

    34. Samuel Gerry on

      Any word on how to obtain root? I'm feeling pretty underwhelmed with mine so far.

    35. Corey Johnson on

      @Austin mine was broken too, I'd like to know why. Everything was in the box but I had the same concern.

    36. EarthBoundX5 on

      Just got mine today (MN, USA), was confused though at first as it was shipped from GameStop.... Also, the seal on my actual gamestick box was broke, is this normal?

    37. Thiago Stocco on

      C'mon, guys, where are the tracking numbers for south american backers?

    38. Missing avatar

      R on

      Reported my bricked GameStick to Support yesterday. It's DOA.

      Their response is:

      I’m sorry to hear that - it’s the first time we’ve had any reports of this. I assume you’re using the power adapter and USB cable that we supplied in the box?

      When the controller is charging it should have 4 lights flashing on the front - can you tell me if this is happening please.

      I've reconfirmed that my GameStick is, indeed, bricked. I'm hopeful that they'll handle this in a non-OUYA-like fashion, and I'm sure that support is pretty swamped during launch week.

    39. Missing avatar

      Archie Rainedesigns on

      Finally got my Gamestick!

    40. Missing avatar

      steelwraith on

      Still haven't gotten an answer about registering two controllers to the same email address....

    41. ZeroBiss on

      @Gamestick: You, guys, tell me: "Hi ZeroBiss - your tracking number should be available by the end of this week."
      Which weekend we talking about?
      Brazil: no track numbers and (of course) no gamestick.

    42. Missing avatar

      Chris Alleman on

      Got mine earlier today when i went home for lunch. Took everything back to my office and plugged in to my monitor that has an HDMI port. Unit booted up fine and paired quickly with the Controller. Had no issues with the update other than there is no indication after the reboot that the controller will be paired until after a minute or so.

      I did have some issues with the wifi staying connected but I was able to get ShadowGun downloaded and installed. After some initial video lag the game ran smooth and I didn't experience any noticeable controller lag. After playing for a bit I quit the game but it did not go back to the main screen until I pressed the home button on the controller. The wifi was still having issues staying connected tat this point too.

      One thing I noticed after unplugging the GameStick; it is very hot to the touch, almost surprisingly so.

      Other than that I was very happy with my short trial and look forward to what's to come

    43. Missing avatar

      Ben H on

      I just got mine last night. I have to say the packaging and presentation are first class. Upon getting everything setup, I found it's far more responsive than my ouya. I even brought it into work and hooked it up to a computer monitor to show off to some of my gamer and programmer associates. It was awesome, plug into monitor, plug in usb and rock&roll.

      My only criticism (and it isn't that big) is the storage case. It's great that it got included, and I get that you're trying to minimize bulk. The problem is that it only holds the controller/stick. With the crapshoot that tvs are today, in order for the gamestick to truly be portable and usable you have to carry at least the usb cord and power plug. Maybe future iterations can consider this; but the case should really have space for the cord/plug.

    44. Mario Mora on

      Just got mine in the KickStarter color, and let me extend my total appreciation for the design of the packaging, the case, the controller and everything so far. Utterly first class.

      Now I hope to have time this weekend to fire it up and test it all out. :D

    45. Sølve Horrigmoe on

      *tap tap

      Is this thing on?

    46. Randy Graham

      Received my package today in Memphis, TN. Looking forward to hooking it up and trying it out soon. Thanks, Playjam - this thing looks and feels awesome.

    47. Missing avatar

      Markus Bisinger

      No tracking number for me, too (also Germany).

      When Gamestick says it'll take a day to mail numbers then you will get your number propably next week. It's always the same thing.

      Sad, but (hopefully not) true.

    48. Jonathan Reisdorf on

      No tracking ID, no device for me yet (Germany)..

    49. Vikas Prabhu on

      Hey Guys.. Any update on shipping to India......???

    50. Missing avatar

      Alejandro Castro on

      Any news for South America - Argentina?