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Delivery Update

Posted by GameStick (Creator)

Hello backers,

The process of re-packing in Hong Kong has taken a little longer than expected but we have now completed that exercise and all rewards are picked, packed and addressed in individual packages. These are currently being re-palletized in bulk (with exception of those destined for Asia) and shipped to our US and UK forward shipping points.

This is the updated schedule:

US & Canadian Orders: Goods will ship to the US in bulk on Monday where, once they have cleared customs, will be broken down into their individual packages and then shipped out via UPS. Tracking numbers should be available soon after and we will do our best to get those to you as quickly as possible. Canadian backers fear not – we got the message loud and clear and have arranged for your orders to ship USPS to avoid those brokerage fees (with tracking, we’re promised).

UK, Europe, South America: Goods will ship to the UK in bulk on Monday where, (once they have cleared customs), they will be broken down into individual packages and then shipped out via Royal Mail. Again, we hope to provide tracking numbers as soon as possible after dispatch but due to the large numbers of individual shipments this may take a couple of days to organize, by which time hopefully you’ll have your GameStick in your hands!

Asia and ROW: These will ship direct from Hong Kong DHL / FEDEX mid next week and tracking numbers will be made available as soon as possible.

We wish you a fantastic weekend!

Love GameStick.

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    1. Missing avatar

      dgallo911 on

      Ok, so its the 24/11/13 and i still havnt recieved my gamestick or any tracking infomation....Does anyone know when they will be actually be dispatched??

    2. Missing avatar

      Brian Schuch on

      Hello from Japan, which last time I looked at a map, is in Asia. It's November 2nd, well more than a week after this update. No tracking number no nothing. Is anyone there?

    3. Missing avatar

      Jacques Bos on


      Indeed first thing to do is make customers informed and happy. I understand that the people from gamestick are enthiousasts. I Think planning is a thing they have not learned yet. I hope that they learn from al the comments here.

      Jack Amsterdam The Netherlands.

    4. Michael Delozier on

      You guys need better customer service.. if you expect to make any money after this, you better start doing better at customer service or the word of mouth on the internet will fold your company in a blink of an eye. Just have to write little updates to keep people happy... you need to keep your "customer" happy. That is rule #1.

    5. Missing avatar

      Andreas Stürmer on

      "...orders arrived in to London yesterday (14th october) so now just need to be sorted in to groups for postage and this will happen over the next 2-3 days. We want everyone to have their GameSticks as soon as possible and we hope to have them on the move again before the weekend." - So we have 23th october now, no status updates, no adress confirmations and no tracking informations. Worldwide launch is in one week... somethings wrong here :-(

    6. Missing avatar

      Dan durenberger on


    7. Prateek Moitra on

      Simon, where are we on updated status on delivery. Just got a survey mail asking to confirm the shipping address that's also been about 4 days back. Where is it?

    8. Verdi on

      Nope, it still hasn't arrived.

    9. Missing avatar

      Oubay on

      Will you provide us with a tracking number?

    10. Jacob Andrew Mason on

      so 11 days later....
      oh and for everyone, when we all do FINALLY get our gamesticks. add me.
      my gamestick handle/tag is "i"

    11. Missing avatar

      Greg Beck on

      I am in Canada, I have just moved, is it too late to change my addess for delivery ?

    12. ZeroBiss on

      @Rohan: :-O. Maybe I buy it :-D

    13. Rohan on

      Ok Game Stick, here's the deal:

      In your most recent comment regarding shipping (5 days ago) you stated that orders for Asia (and I have to figure this includes Australia) will start shipping from HK this week. In the past I've received packages from HK in 3 - 5 business days, so as a challenge I just bought an Ouya (as well as some other things) from Amazon... Let’s see which one gets here first. If it's the GameStick then awesome I’ll cut it a break and test it out, if it's the Ouya then the Stick either gets sold on ebay without being opened or put in a blender... we’ll let fate decide that one.

    14. Rohan on

      @Boone: Yup, and that's assuming that they don’t have any further delays in shipping, or your mail delivery...

    15. Boone Simpson on

      So based on the timeline, I might get it a day or two before Retail? That is kind of a bummer.

    16. Pasquale Barilla on

      Nvm just saw the other post in the main update. Survey it is.

    17. Pasquale Barilla on

      Hey it looks like I just got a survey from you guys (via survey monkey), but already responded months and months ago. Is this legit?

    18. Missing avatar

      David Herman on

      Hey GameStick, I'm eager to get my hands on the product, is it with the shipping to Europe? I only hear about shipping to London, but will you than send GameSticks from London to Europe, or are you sending them straight to is it than?

      Thanks for reply :) Luv ya

    19. GameStick Creator on

      Hi Jay - thanks for the comment. We're trying not to inundate people with new updates but we'll do another one next week probably. Things have slipped a couple of days but we're keeping fairly close to schedule. There's a small update in the main comments.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jay Kavanagh on

      Hey Gamestick the comment you made about the shipping delay should be its own update. Not many people are going to see it once more comments show are just asking for hate mail. lol

    21. Michael Delozier on

      @Conrado... didnt you read what they said above and in this comment section? No one has gotten it.

    22. Conrado Schlochauer on

      Hi, I have not received it yet. My name is Conrado Schlochauer and I am from Brazil. Tks.

    23. Missing avatar

      Kimberley Ralph on

      Pretty excited, I hope it was worth the wait! Great job on keeping all the updates going, keeping us in the know!

    24. Twix on

      Thank you very much for using USPS for Canadians.

    25. Maggie Evans on

      Please could you post when the orders have been shipped to individual backers?

    26. Julien JEANROY-BERTRAND on

      This mean that my GameStick was on a plane which travelled above me yesterday. It was so close... Damn...

    27. Simon Dick

      Excellent, I can't wait until I finally get my hands on one :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Joseph Farrell on

      I'm getting excited for delivery. I have told my co-workers about it and they are wanting to see how it runs. I work for an IT Help Desk and we are all gamers and this is such a cool concept that they might pick them up when they are commercially available. I pointed them to the Game Stop web site.

    29. GameStick Creator on

      Latest news from the logistics desk:

      1. US orders are leaving HK today - a bit later than we hoped but there's been a massive rush on airline freight since the end of the Chinese holiday last week and this is the first slot we could get. The ETA in Texas is now Monday as the freight has to go through customs checks and be re-palletised for delivery to the distribution centre - this all takes more time than we thought. So we're very sorry guys but nothing will be coming out to you this week. We hope to have tracking numbers available by mid-week, next week.

      2. Canada orders are on their way to the States this week, too, and will be sent via USPS from San Francisco. I expect you will start receiving your GameSticks from early next week.

      3. UK/Europe/SouthAmerica - your orders arrived in to London yesterday so now just need to be sorted in to groups for postage and this will happen over the next 2-3 days. We want everyone to have their GameSticks as soon as possible and we hope to have them on the move again before the weekend.

      4. Asia orders will start leaving HK this week. As soon as tracking is available I will let you know.

      Thanks to all of you for your patience and understanding - every day is one day closer!


    30. Missing avatar

      Nikolay Ivanchev on

      So we are 3 weeks away until the parcels are dispatched from US and UK, right?

    31. Sharad Kumar Sharma on

      @ GameStick: The "next" week has started.

      1. Dear GS guys, can you give a more recent update on the whereabouts? I am from Asia (Malaysia). Hope the units will be dispatched as promised (middle of this week)

      2. Will we receive the full set (Controler + Dock + Case) for those who have backed with those options?

    32. Missing avatar

      s on

      I heard about the UPS complaints, so I did some searches, just horrible.

      Just imagine someone that ordered a $80 item, but because it was sent via UPS from the USA to Canada, it cost $40 for "brokerage" fees, and that's before they even let you receive the item, they'll hold it in front of you though.

      Just leaving this here for future generations.

    33. Missing avatar

      s on

      Good news everyone!

      I am very interested to find out how the final package performs, I expect lots of videos everywhere.

    34. Missing avatar

      Andrew Mcgregor on

      Great stuff I can almost smell it

    35. Fernando Betanzo Sánchez on

      Hi guys, these are really good news, but I have a concern: are you taking Mexico as part of US & Canadian Orders or as ROW? Thanks.

    36. Alex Neilson

      I'm incredibly impressed that I'm (probably) going to be getting a campaign reward in Australia before the US and EU. It would've been agony to wait for my GS to be shipped to the US or OK and only then sent off to Australia.

    37. Missing avatar

      Karla Morris on

      Thanks.. Great job keeping us in the know...Appreciate it!

    38. Kyle Platt on

      How do I update my address?

    39. Missing avatar

      Markus Bisinger

      Thank you guys!
      Can't wait for my GS.
      I hope custom to Germany doesn't take too long.
      I once imported a dvd-box from GB and it took nearly 3 weeks because of custom.
      Looking forward to receiving my tracking number.

      Keep up the good work.

    40. Tanner Lubuk on

      THANK YOU! for not going with ups...probably the worlds worst delivery service out there ha. This update makes me happy that I'll finally be to get my gamestick

    41. Howell A. Bicomong on

      Love It!!! Thank You Very Much!!! For using USPS to ship to Canada! I always Pay Dutie$ when ship by UPS(usually 40% to 50% Taxes on the Values of my Item). Can't Wait!!! Thank You! Thank You Very Much!!!:D

    42. Coral Tara Courtney on

      Thank-you Game Stick as a Canadian I hate paying for the extra 10 or 12 dollars to the broker then 10 or 12 for the customs agent then as I'm Ontario 13% HST then Duty.I'm sure the rest of the world get hit hard but it's so frustrating.

    43. Missing avatar

      Pierre Nadeau on

      Yesssss!! My son will finally stop asking me when we'll receive our Gamestick! Best news of the week so far! ;-)

    44. Missing avatar

      Robert Pickup on

      Thanks you for keeping us informed :D

    45. Missing avatar

      Shahin Tajalli on

      Great news. We've waited this long I don't think another week or so will be the end of the world :) As Brad said: Woohoo

    46. Missing avatar

      John Staniland on

      Just be patient it'll be here when it gets here. cant wait!!

    47. Kevin Hanson on

      Can you please confirm what we'll receive? Will we get our entire bundle? Or just the basic unit?