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We're Shipping!

Posted by GameStick (Creator)

Hello backers,

We’re really excited to confirm that the Kickstarter units left the factory near Shenzhen yesterday, arriving in Hong Kong this morning. While this seems like a short distance, symbolically it is huge as product is now out the gate and on the move.

This is the first truck load arriving in Hong Kong in the early hours of this morning:

This shipment includes 5,446 GameSticks bundled with:

  • 777 white controllers
  • 711 black controllers
  • 321 red controllers
  • 3,637 in the KS colors
  • plus 1,272 additional controllers, the majority also in the special edition colors.

The factory deliver these items to us individually boxed up by product type (or SKU). We have 20 SKUs made up of 16 main bundle variations, and 4 controller variations. As mentioned in our last update, we will be shipping the dock separately later this month.

Due to customs regulations in China, we have to export these SKUs individually – they are all checked for weight and contents and so can’t be mixed up before they leave the country.

With the product now in Hong Kong, the next step is to match each customer's order to their reward preferences, giving them the right combination of controller colors, adapters & cases - some have one main unit, some have two, some people ordered extra units and some have extra controllers - each in their own color preference etc. This process will start on Wednesday, as it’s a national holiday in Hong Kong on The 1st October.

We are breaking down our 5,268 backers in 71 countries to the following regions:

  • 3,270 in USA and Canada
  • 1,531 in UK & Mainland Europe
  • 467 in the Asia region including Australia.

Once picked and packed with address labels applied in HK, the units will be shipped in bulk to:

  • Texas for final fulfillment to US and Canadian backers via UPS
  • London for final fulfillment across the EU by courier and postal service
  • Backers in Asia will ship DHL direct from HK.

We will aim to time deliveries to each region so that everyone receives theirs globally within a 2 week window, starting next week, but some countries can expect theirs to take a little longer.

We expect US backers to receive theirs some time around the weekend of 12th October onwards. EU backers can expect the same. Asia backers may be the first to receive theirs, a little earlier, as their orders don't have so far to travel and are being sent direct.

Thanks to Simon who has been away from family for two weeks co-ordinating the process!

Happy days!

Love GameStick.

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    1. Achmad Fienan Rahardianto on

      great news guys!
      finally 1 more step before all your efforts paid off :)
      Can't wait to receive them...and the dock also


    2. Missing avatar

      John Staniland on

      so close i can smell it....

    3. Julien JEANROY-BERTRAND on

      "Youpi ! " as we say in France.

    4. terry on

      just seen this...

      10 September 2013
      Delay In Outbound Air Mail Services

      To safeguard aviation security, Hongkong Post does not accept the sending of air mail items (including Speedpost) that contain dangerous articles such as perfumery products, lighters and lithium batteries. Hence, all mail items entering the Air Mail Centre are subject to x-ray screening. Recently, there is an increasing number of air mail items detected to contain suspected dangerous articles, in particular, lithium batteries, which lengthens the screening process. In this connection, air mail registration service, iMail service and Bulk Air Mail service may be subject to delay. Any inconvenience caused is much regretted.

      i hope this dose not sent the arrival date back

    5. Kamil Garbacz on

      Hey Gamestick, great News! One question: My shipping address have not changed, but is there a way to check the address, so we can be sure everything is all right? Like an online login somewhere to check data? Or is it even possible to check it here on kickstarter? Can not find anything. I don't even remember what color I have chosen... :D

    6. Missing avatar

      Markus Bisinger

      Good job, guys! Well done.
      Looking forward to receiving my GS.
      Will you send each backer an e-mail with parcel code for tracking?

    7. Stu on

      Congrats to all involved. I'm looking forward to it now as it is coming around my birthday weekend (HUZZAH!).

      Thanks for the hard work, Simon :) (and everyone else, obviously)

    8. Missing avatar

      jose nabor bustamante rivera on

      I dont remember my adreess to shipment. I change Two times...

    9. Missing avatar

      Vishal on

      Wow!! that is a great news. Can't wait.

    10. David O'Hare on

      All smiles here guys!

      It must be emotional for you all seeing your little babies venturing out into world to fend for themselves!

      I wouldn't be surprised if theres some well earned holidays being booked very soon, you all deserve it, good luck!

    11. Ryan Johnston on

      Living in Asia just became great!

    12. Laird Popkin

      It's great to see this transparency. And I can't wait to see the GameStick in action!

    13. Justin on

      Well, if it's UPS then it won't be on the weekend ; p

      Woot! Awesome news!!!!

    14. GameStick Creator on

      Hi Simon - yeah I'm sure we can arrange that. I'm back in the office next week so we'll make a plan and let you know.

    15. Simon Dick

      Any chance we could pick up the UK ones form your office as I work in central London? ;)

    16. Simon Dick

      OK, now I'm starting to get excited again :)

    17. GameStick Creator on

      Hi Thiago. We're only shipping to Asia region from HK but we'll check on South America - it may be possible from here, too. Will let you know.


    18. Pranesh on

      Great news! Congratulations yeah!

      Any idea on when South Africa will receive delivery?

    19. Gerard Braad on

      Please, do not ship to me with DHL!
      This is why a lot of my stuff gets lost...

    20. Thiago Stocco on

      What about Brazil? Is it shipping from HK? Via DHL?

    21. Ripley Rose on

      Awesome guys, that must be something amazing to see after all your hard work!

    22. GameStick Creator on

      Hi Juan - it's Simon here - that's a good point. We're sending GameSticks to Latin and South American backers from the UK. They should be in the UK within a week and then on their way to your after that. We'll keep you updated.

    23. GameStick Creator on

      Hello Juan, those orders will ship direct from Hong Kong.



    24. Missing avatar

      Juan Francisco Roco on

      Congratulations.... wait .... where is Latin America in your list?

    25. Sharad Kumar Sharma on

      Lovely. Congratulations guys. There was indeed a lot of hard work and coordination involved. Can't wait now. Waiting for my GS impatiently.

    26. Rico Hui on

      Woohoo, my game stick will ship to HK from HK? What a good news :D

    27. GameStick Creator on

      Hello KamikarxiKarl - it's been emotional, that's for sure!



    28. Missing avatar

      KamikaziKarl on

      Good news, everyone!

      Way to go guys! Glad to see the shipments are out and moving. It's been a crazy ride, but I'm glad I got to be a part of it and look forward to being a part of it as the platform grows.

    29. Mark Müller on

      Congratulations to all concerned! Looking forward to receiving my pledge!

    30. E. Scott Lockwood on

      Cheers guys! Good job.