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Putting Big Screen Gaming In Your Pocket.
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    1. Ryan Berger on

      Any update on shipping? 10/21/13 and I haven't seen anything, not even an e-mail confirmation.

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      Robert Pickup on

      @Klaus lol, they are probably too busy playing with their gamesticks

    3. Klaus T. on

      @Robert P: PlayJam on schedule? That would be a first :D

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      Robert Pickup on

      GAMESTICK ! Hello again, tomorrow is the proposed start date for US and EU backers to receive units, can you please let all us backers know if that is still the plan, are you on schedule ?

    5. Mike Tremoulet on

      Mark M - that was confirmation of the address change, not confirmation of shipping.

    6. Mark M on

      On October 2 Gamestick says "If you haven't had any confirmation then I apologise but over 50% of backers have"

      But isnt it odd that not one person has gleefully posted here "I got my shipping acknowledgement!"

    7. Tanner Lubuk on

      So....what's going on with us Canadians gamestick. You said you'd update but I don't see any kind of update yet

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      Robert Pickup on

      Hi Gamestick, please can we have a quick status update ?

    9. Twix on

      RE: Canadians

      Can you send it via USPS instead of DHL. I believe then we won't be required to pay duty, but I could be wrong.

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      Markus Bisinger

      Have the Sticks arrived in London?
      When do I get a tracking number?
      Please answer this 2 questions!

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      Nikolay Ivanchev on

      It is 8th of October, I haven't received no tracking #
      Would you please check.

    12. J.R. Raith on

      Excited to hear about shipping! Any news on retail availability yet? I'm looking forward to add a red controller to my set when I can. :)

      I live in Colorado and would be happy to take the 300 orders to my local post office if you can get 'em here! I'm sure they'd hate me for it, but hey, friends help friends out, and we're all friends here, right? :)

    13. E. Scott Lockwood on

      I know that this is probably last minute, but are we able to get tracking numbers through UPS? Thanks for using UPS by the way. FedEx is horrid.

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      Mark-Temba Christensen on

      Is there any way to pre-order a carry case as I was such a stupid miser when I backed... :-/

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      Jose Ignacio Musso on

      What about Latinamerica backers? when will we get the product? And how much is the going to be DHL fee?

    16. Aman on

      @GameStick I am worried about the performance of the gamestick. I have been reading about the processor and it looks like that it has lower performance than the outdated iPad 2 and the GPU fill rate is limited to 800 Megapixel/Second which cause it to perform poorly on a Full HD (1080p) display. Should we expect poor performance issues? waiting your respond

    17. Missing avatar

      s on

      @GameStick Thanks.

    18. Tanner Lubuk on

      Great another small delay for use Canadians just what I want to read....not

    19. GameStick Creator on

      That moment came and went in a flash ZeroBliss! I have no time to stand about taking videos and pictures.. we have 5,268 orders to pack :) It's all going well so far though.. another 3 or 4 days and units should be on the move again. I'm flying home to UK today and leaving the packing the capable hands of our Chinese colleagues. I'll keep you all posted on progress at the weekend if I can.

    20. GameStick Creator on

      Note for Canadian backers: We have pulled the shipment of units for Canadian backers from the delivery to the hub in Dallas. You won't be sent your units from there via UPS now. However it does mean a probable delay in you receiving your orders as we'll either send DHL from UK, or by USPS in the States if we can find a hub that will receive the goods in. We have no physical presence in the United States, or Canada, so it's not a simple case of going to the post office.. we have to send in bulk from our base which is currently HK but soon to be London. We'll keep you updated.

    21. ZeroBiss on

      Cmon Simon. Post a vídeo of your official 1st unboxing. Do you have one? do ya? =-D

    22. GameStick Creator on

      Hi Cabola - don't worry!

    23. GameStick Creator on

      Hi all.

      Please note that all shipping labels have now been printed and can no longer be amended. If you have written to us asking to change your address then we will have confirmed the change with you already and there's no need to contact us again.

      If you haven't had any confirmation then I apologise but over 50% of backers have, incredibly, moved house in the last 9 months so we have had a lot of changes to make. The KS survey system doesn't allow any amendments online - we have had to make those changes manually - some as recently as last night - but I am confident that we have picked up 99.9% of all changes that have been requested.

      Many thanks!

    24. Cabola on

      Remember not to include the shipping costs into the package value! By that I mean for everyone that needs to add the $15 USD to ship outside the US. Those $15 shouldn't be added to the value of the package.

      So if your pledge is ex. the $155 or more pledge and you have to have shipping outside US then you'd have pledged $170. This would be the price that you guys then put on the package when shipping it, but it should really only be $155 as the shipping fee is not something you actually get or is included within the package. So if it's set as $170 then we're actually paying customs of the shipping fee too which we shouldn't!!

      I did send a support ticket in with this information too a month or 2 ago, so I hope you guys have read it..

    25. TheAvt on

      best news I received so far! I am in Singapore, so I should be getting mine soon! too bad I have to receive the dock separately...

      in any case, I am now eagerly waiting for my GameStick in the mail, or from the DHL dude!

    26. Missing avatar

      Young Kim on

      Great job! I can't wait to play!

    27. GameStick Creator on

      Hi Thiago - HK Post will not accept deliveries which include Lithium batteries - so we're stuck with DHL I'm afraid. ~Simon

    28. GameStick Creator on

      Guy, guys! We appreciate that some of you have a preference for how you would like your GameStick to be shipped, but we have to send over 5,000 orders in the next few days and we can't make any individual exceptions. We are using the most reliable and effective method wherever we can. If anyone is seriously affected by duties and fees then please contact us after shipment. Thanks!

    29. Gerard Braad on

      Gamestick, seriously... do NOT use DHL to ship my device to China.
      I have never received anything this way.

    30. Thiago Stocco on

      If you ship it from HK please send it by HK Post!

    31. Thiago Stocco on

      Please don't send to brazil by UPS or DHL, as the chances of being taxed would be bigger!

    32. GameStick Creator on

      Hi Canadian friends (all 295 of you).. there does seem to be a groundswell of opinion that we shouldn't use UPS for deliveries to your country, so we will have a re-think. We have no easy access to USPS as we're based in HK and UK which is why we engaged with a distribution centre in the States to act on our behalf. They only use UPS. We only have a day or so to change our plans so we can't make any promises but we will do what we can. ~Simon

    33. Howell A. Bicomong on

      Please use USPS to ship to Canada Please! Thank You!!!

    34. Austin M on

      Great update! Good job with all the hard work GameStick!

    35. Darren Cooper on

      Any news for XBMC?

    36. Renan Costa Sousa on

      The update says shipping will be done to the world minus Latin America & Africa. I know we are the poor minority but as far as funding goes our money is as green as anybody else's. So how are we going to get our gamesticks? Or is it that the only stick we'll get is the proverbial one?

    37. Missing avatar

      James Cain on

      As another James in Canada I can say NO Canadian wants their packages delivered through UPS. It's not a matter of Duties, it's that UPS charges illegal (yes it's illegal) brokerage fees by not offering the option to allow us to broker it ourselves. They charge over $40 for this "service" that they do in flight then claim that they cannot reverse it as it has already completed. If you ask to do it yourself they make it as difficult as possible (hoping you give up) and saying that you have to catch the delivery person on the 1st or 3rd attempt and ask them for the information so that you can go to their warehouse to get the whey-bill to take to customs yourself, then go back to pick it up. They feel $40 is a fair compensation (which they wouldn't need to charge in the first place if we just did it ourselves).

      I echo the other James in that USPS is amazing and fair.

      I've replied in a DM to prove that I've mentioned this issue months ago.


    38. Missing avatar

      James Botham on sounds like most people outside of the US have the same feelings with regards to UPS. Out of all of them....they are hands down the worst and most unreliable. Then there is FEDEX...they are a lot more reliable but just as expensive as UPS with regards to their fees and duty/tax calculations. USPS I personally can't say it is the fastest or slowest but out of any shipper to Canada they are the most reliable and affordable.

    39. Pablo Noel on

      USPS Its the fastest and secure option for South America too, please dont use UPS or Fedex!

    40. Sean Chu on

      I'm glad that they're finally ready! Congratulations!
      I originally put down my home address, but now I'm at college and would like to get it at the college address. So what I was wondering was if I could change the shipping address?

    41. Tanner Lubuk on

      Awesome! No can't wait to get my gamestick, I'll just have to visit my rents place to pick up my gamestick because that's where I'm having mine delivered to due to moving 3 weeks ago

    42. Ryan Zecchel on

      As a Canadian resident I must echo James' request to use USPS instead of UPS. UPS charges resiculous brokerage fees on packages entering Canada while USPS does not

    43. Erick Gontijo on

      For the brazil will be sent that way? When will be sent?

    44. GameStick Creator on

      James - thanks for your comment, and your DM. We will investigate if other options are available but at this late stage I can't make any guarantees. We will certainly do all we can to minimise duties and fees for all of our backers.


    45. Missing avatar

      James Botham on

      Please consider using USPS to ship to Canada. Both UPS and FEDEX charge over the top brokerage fees which will end up costing your backers big bucks!!

      If shipped UPS it could easily cost 60-80 more in brokerage, duty and taxes. Yes USPS I still have to pay duty and taxes but in general everything is calculated at a lower rate and I have seen parcels valued at $75 come through owning nothing.

      With UPS that would never happen. The unit is already delayed and having UPS ask for another 60-80 would kill the desire for the game stick completely.

      Please reconsider your shipping options! I know many other backers in Canada will agree with this



    46. GameStick Creator on

      Hi Kamil - if only it was that easy! I'll send you a DM.


    47. GameStick Creator on

      Hi Terry

      Thanks, we are aware of that, which is why we're using DHL for deliveries out of HK. They inform us that shipments including batteries will be fine. Might want to cross fingers though!


    48. Ted Foxberry on

      Glad to hear the GameStick is coming to Australia straight from Hong Kong. Should take next to no time to arrive. Thanks for the update.