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Machines Rolling.

Posted by GameStick (Creator)

Hello Backers - 

A quick update to let you know that we are on track per our last update on the manufacture of the main units with the sticks now coming off the production line. We have put together some images and video to give you an inside look below. They were taken on mobile phones so are unlikely to win any Oscars but we hope they will give you a good idea of the process.

Right now we are looking good on sticks, controllers and cases and expect them to leave the factory as indicated on the 30th Sept. The Dock is running a little behind schedule with the upcoming week-long holiday in China not helping things. Rather than delay shipment we will, (if necessary), ship the Docks out separately a week or two later. We will of course do everything to avoid this but wanted to give the heads up.

Step 1 - PCBs enter the printing machine.

The first stage of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is our 6 layer Printed Circuit Board (PCB) enters a printing machine where Solder Paste, which is a mixture of flux and solder particles, is screen printed on to the PCB in the positions where the components are to be attached.

Step 2 - Sticks enter the SMT machine.

The PCB then enters the pick and place machine, as seen in the video, where it has all the components stuck to the sticky solder paste. This machine has all the different components in reels of plastic tapes along the front of the machine. The robotic arm then comes forward to pick up the components from these reels and places them accurately on the PCB.

Step 3 - PCBs emerge before entering soldering machine.

Once the components are in place, the PCB comes out of the pick and place machine via conveyer belt. At this point all the components are in place but are only stuck to the PCB by the solder paste. They then enter the Reflow Soldering Oven. Within this large grey box the PCB is first gradually and uniformly heated in order not to damage any of the delicate components. Once the board is hot it briefly enters a zone where the temperature is high enough to melt the solder in the solder paste. Finally the PCB enters a cooling zone where the solder is hardened. 

Step 4 - Quality Control - first step.

At this point only one side of the PCB is complete. It must then go through the whole process again to attach all the correct components to the other side of the board. Before this can happen, all the PCB's go through a Quality Control inspection to ensure that all the Solder paste has melted correctly on the first side and no gaps or flux residue are left on the board. Any imperfections are removed and faulty boards removed form the process.

The first boards from the Kickstarter Production run.

And here they are...!

Thanks to Tim and Simon who are out in China right now monitoring this process and who are no doubt thankful that the Strongest Storm on Earth missed them in the end!

Stay safe guys!




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    1. William Goff on

      Thank you for the information, one cannot be too careful.

    2. Missing avatar

      Vishal on

      Good to see the update. So what time frame are we looking around for these to get shipped?

    3. Joseph Shivak on

      Thanks for the update

    4. Missing avatar

      Robert Pickup on

      I know I'm a little late, just wanted to say thanks for the update, nice to see that you are being completely transparent and honest about your situation, I can ask no more than that.

      Good work !

    5. Nelson Diaz on

      When will we be receiving these? We have waited quite a long time, and are not receiving anything as a consolation. I understand that things change, but as a (successful) business owner myself, when extended delays happen, we always offer some sort of 'thanks for having patience' reward. This is a product that's success will depend on repeat buyers (of online games and accessories), so this is not a good indication of the future, especially when I backed this hoping to receive it prior to it hitting store shelves, which looks very unlikely now that it still has not shipped from China, and retailers have it releasing to the masses on October 29th.

    6. Lanable Games on

      Moving tomorrow. Any way i can change my shipping address?

    7. GameStick Creator on

      Hi Bez - our deliveries to Australia are coming straight out of Hong Kong so you should receive them at the same time as everyone else.

    8. Missing avatar

      Bez on

      Haven't seen any mention of shipping to Australia. Are we expecting any shipping delays?

    9. ZeroBiss on

      I cant wait anymore. I want my gamestick fast as possible. BUT I as you a favor, if you send to me my gamestick without a Dock, Dont put in a involce the full price that i paid. I confess to you, i bought too "another android console" with 2 controllers, they send to me with only one and a involce comes with the full price. So, I paid import taxes about full price and dont receive the full order. Now, when the 2nd controller arrive (if arrive) i will pay the taxes again >:-(. And, here,in Brazil, the taxes are really REALLY high. Please Help me with this. Sorry my english ;-).

    10. GameStick Creator on

      Hello William,

      We're guessing 24-26. We have vetted these factories extensively.



    11. William Goff on

      Do I want to know how old the young lady is in the picture with the two workers?

    12. Telmo Mendes Leal on

      If it's only a question of two weeks, I'd prefer to wait the two weeks and receive everything at once.

    13. Achmad Fienan Rahardianto on

      Thank you for the update! I hope everything will be done soon. And I hope I don't get 1 year delay for the dock.....

    14. Justin on

      "For all the delays, every backer should get a free sd-card with their gamesticks.
      What do you think?"

      Hell no.

    15. Missing avatar

      Laurent Francois on

      OULALALA !! Ben nous voilà bien avancé...
      Pfff... osef sérieux, ça fait juste 6 mois que l'on attend la console.

    16. Missing avatar

      nickr on

      I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I think that new iPhone 5S you bought to take the video with might not be all you are expecting. Did they say you have to push the fingerprint scanner until it clicks to make it work?

    17. Missing avatar

      Markus Bisinger

      Thanks for the update!

      To see all machines working is a good sign.

      I hope the delivery will go also that smooth.

      For all the delays, every backer should get a free sd-card with their gamesticks.

      What do you think?

    18. Justin on

      Awesome pics! Many thanks for that. I love seeing boards getting created.

    19. Whirlwound

      Nah, not wind, just 1980s anime :p

    20. GameStick Creator on

      Hello Gareth,

      All units will be leaving for either the UK, USA or Hong Kong from where they will be shipped out to backers at once. The only caveat is that the Dock, as mentioned, may ship separately.



    21. GameStick Creator on

      Hello Phil - an expert on wind you most certainly are! As it turns out it was indeed a false alarm :)



    22. Maggie Evans on

      Thank you for the update. Will you be doing shipments in batches or all at once?

    23. Whirlwound

      Strongest Storm on Earth.

      Do me a favour.

      They called it Typhoon Usagi, for crying out loud. You know what that was?! It was Pretty Weather Phenomenon Sailor Moon! It would only ever whine ineffectually until Hurricane Minako or Tropical Storm Mamoru turned up!

    24. Justin on

      I'd rather have a delay than 2 shipments. Save money!

    25. M. Wade Jackson on

      Thanks for the update ! Cannot wait for my game stick to arrive - stay safe and ever moving forward

    26. Missing avatar

      KamikaziKarl on

      Thanks for the update! Keep 'em coming! Also, glad to hear everyone is safe and production is going smoothly. :)