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Putting Big Screen Gaming In Your Pocket.
5,691 backers pledged $647,658 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. ZeroBiss on

      Ha ha ha, october, :-D

    2. Rohan on

      @Pierre - I wouldn't worry about getting it before you leave. It's not happening, and given their current state of play I'd be surprised if it showed up before the 23rd... of October that is.

    3. Vikas Prabhu on

      Whats the latest update ???

    4. Missing avatar

      Pierre Nadeau on

      Hello guys, I was hoping to get my Gamestick before sept 12th because I'm leaving for Virginia Beach on that date, until sept 23rd. Since I won't have it for my trip (a shame, really!), can you try to find my adress with my user name and try to send it to me for end of september instead?


    5. Whirlwound

      It wouldn't be a Kickstarter project if it wasn't delayed a number of times. Just so long as you don't try to overtake the Pebble.

    6. Brad Tanner on

      Gareth, the stores are claiming 30th release date. The latest official update had mid September as when backers would have theirs.... Are you stating that we will get ours when it officially goes on sale? If we are lucky??

    7. David Seidel on

      I'm tired of waiting and am kinda over the whole GameStick thing. Any way to cancel my order and get my money back?

    8. Maggie Evans on

      "We have first units coming off the line next week and we hope to start shipping as soon as possible - we still very much expect you to have your GameStick by the end of this month"

    9. Sølve Horrigmoe on

      Could we get an update, please? This radio silence is making us worried. And irritated. Again.

    10. Brad Tanner on

      Mid September is nearly upon us... Soon will be the release date that every store is currently touting...

      Where is the update?!?!?!??!

    11. Missing avatar

      Oubay on

      Guys! This is taking so long and longer than I thought! I just hope it eventually turns out to be as good as you claim it is..

    12. Missing avatar

      KamikaziKarl on

      Approaching a month after this post and no details on shipping... what's the word, folks? I've noticed no responses to backers posting on your fb, no new updates here and I've waited nearly a week for a response to a technical question submitted on your support site. Let's stop the social blackout... Thanks.

    13. Klaus T. on

      No updates reg. shipping backer units... yet another delay then!

      It's a disgrace how PlayJam are treating their backers. I will NEVER spend another cent on anything from them.

    14. Missing avatar

      Markus Bisinger

      I registered my account August, 17th.
      Shipping should start end of August.
      My Backer ID is 1661.
      When 5.691 Backers should be delivered by mid September, i wonder where my Gamestick is!
      Where is the next update to bring information about shipping?
      When it´s delayed again, tell us!
      Looking forward to hearing from you.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Dodson on

      Still no email here. :/

    16. Missing avatar

      Stephanie Greenside on

      So since Gamestop and Amazon are both selling this product at the end of the general population going to get them before we do?

    17. Maggie Evans on

      I read an article that claimed the units have been shipped, is that true?

    18. Whirlwound

      I agree with Jonathan. I was there for the Pebble; backed that when I was 39, and it didn't land until I'd turned 41...!

      In comparison, this is nowt.

    19. Jonathan Reisdorf on

      Guys, calm down, delays of this kind are normal in kickstarters and in case of a product like this also a good sign that they care about quality over delivering speed. Believe me, you would not have wanted your product in April if you had the chance to compare it to what you will be getting now. Just give the guys their time to finish the product until it is solid. Kickstarter projects tend to be optimistic on the delivery dates, but something unexpected can always show up, like the manufacturing machines taking some time to be assembled. I'm sure nearly all of us will be happy when we receive the final product in September or the beginning of October.

    20. Jacob Andrew Mason on

      gamestop now says september 30th btw. dont know if anyone else caught that.

    21. Jacob Andrew Mason on

      got my email and registered >.< surprised to hear other people are still waiting for the email. I wasn't among the earliest of backers.

    22. Missing avatar

      Igal David on

      Same thing here, I have not received the registration email yet.

    23. Darryl William Davis on

      So... August is over in a week from tomorrow. Any more news when we will be receiving our Kickerstarter units? I completely understand delays and I haven't commented or emailed you all in an attempt to be patient but the last shipping date was mid to late August. If that's still valid that means I should get mine next week... or has it been pushed to September?
      I appreciate the product/testing updates but please continue to include as accurate as possible shipping updates as well.

    24. Jonathan Goldsmith on

      Btw, @Stephan, if you pay attention to and/or look at the previous updates, you will see that shipments of GameSticks have been delayed. This has been due to some complications that were unavoidable at the point that they came up, and their solutions will provide us with a better GameStick than originally planned. So thanks for giving us a better product, PlayJam, even if you can't properly write a good website for registration. But I realize that has very little effect on their ability to manufacture a device. I am hoping that the only reason the registration website is so poorly done is because they are focused on the GameStick itself.

    25. Jonathan Goldsmith on

      I am having trouble with the birthdate as well. I must say that I am sorely dissapointed. I am losing some faith in the ability of these guys to code and program well. I have tried every browser on my iPhone, to no avail, and several times at that. I will give them that they fixed the main problem with mobile browsers, but I don't believe that that should have EVER been a problem in the first place.

    26. Stephan Dube on


    27. Missing avatar

      Willie Little on

      Have not received an email yet

    28. Christian Morgan on

      Just an fyi, no registration email as of yet.

    29. GameStick Creator on

      Hi all

      We now have well over 4,000 registered users so for the most part, registration seems to be working fine. We're fixing a few bugs on mobile browsers, and on the date of birth selection so we appreciate your feedback so far on that.

      If you are still having problems entering your date of birth then please try using a mouse to point and click on the date selection - sometimes using arrow keys and the tab key doesn't pick up your input properly. Also, we still have some reports of IE not working as well it should, so Firefox and Chrome are still the preferred brewer choices right now - full screen mode works best.

      If you still haven't received your registration email then please check your survey response and check that the email address you gave us is correct - we have had several messages from backers saying that they haven't received their registration email, only to discover that they requested it to a different address. Failing that, please email and the support team will be able to help you.. you should get a reply within 24 hours if not sooner.

      Thank you for all the comments.



    30. Adrian Stein

      I have not received a registration email yet.

    31. Missing avatar

      John T Bolds on

      Done and done, definitely an issue with not being able to scroll to the 'confirm' button. Had to go to full screen.

    32. Missing avatar

      Miguel Isamat on

      I also have the same invalid date error as a couple folks below... what's going on, GameStick team?

    33. Éric Boutonnet on

      Now seems mobile friendly but refuse to validate my date of birth ... Perhaps I'm to old to use gamestick ...

    34. Maggie Evans on

      @ Daniel, have you tried full screen mode? I had a similar problem but it was just out of sight.

    35. Daniel Spöck on

      I received an email, but the linked site doesnt have no confirm button...

    36. Missing avatar

      Ian de Beer on

      Haven't received the email, I was a backer.

    37. Missing avatar

      s on

      @Patrick Anderson Those of us that don't use desktop operating systems are having problems, this is short sighted at the very least.

    38. Missing avatar

      s on

      Fix your registration front end, its not that hard to enable the "scrollable" flag.

      You keep putting nails in your own coffin, making it a pain for your backers to do a simple gamertag registration while data mining is annoying.

      *wake up* you're running in shallow waters.

    39. Mr Anderson

      @GameStick - Browser shouldn't matter as I was able to register GS #2 with no issues. I was able to get the number 69 to work for #1, is that acceptable?

    40. prhd0337 on

      It's nice to see that we will soon have our Gamesticks :)

    41. Jonathan Goldsmith on

      Yeah, I tried to do the registration on my iPhone(mind you, I used all but one browser installed on my iPhone), and the dropboxes would not allow me to select the correct numbers for my birthdate. I wouldn't care that much if I could at least select the correct year, but I was not even able to do that. The lists of dates will not scroll. As I do not have a working computer at the moment, this is important for me to be able to do this this way.

    42. JC Todd on

      Lame. The registration form isn't mobile friendly.

    43. Cocorickoo on

      @GameStick : Could you update us on the carrying case design ? i dont remember seeing anything so far. thank you

    44. Michael Ennis

      @Garrett Did you notice the day and month are switched (Day/Month/Year instead of the more 'American' Month/Day/Year)? That could be the cause of your error message.

    45. Missing avatar

      Nabil Kassis on

      i did not get any email !!!

    46. Garrett C, on

      The user registration form keeps saying I have an invalid birthdate. I'm not under 18, I'm using 1984 for crying out! Why are there so many problems with this registration form??

    47. ISAAC TAN on

      Does not receive user registration email. Do follow the issue. Thanks

    48. Todd Glasspoole on

      Please disregard previous comment. I opened it up with a different browser and everything seems fine now.

    49. Todd Glasspoole on

      I tried to register and it is telling me that my birthdate is invalid.

    50. Rafael Raposo on

      It could be also that it doesn't accept special characters in the password. But the message that is displayed is "missing information" on every field.