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Putting Big Screen Gaming In Your Pocket.
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    1. Sebastian Röring on

      Last update was half a month ago - everyone is waiting for dhe GameStick to get shipped.
      Please inform your backers, now! What's going on? Why are there no more updates? When do we get our consoles?

    2. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Dubois on

      I need to update my shipping address, however all your domains (playjam, are bouncing back. Anyone else has this problem? My name is Benjamin Dubois.

    3. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    4. Missing avatar

      Raymond Sommer on

      Any more details on ship date? First was June, then July, and now August. Please dont push till September

    5. Steve Fish on

      Fantastic project with wonderful updates. Glad you're taking the time to make the GameStick a success. #fth

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael Tweiten on

      OUYA sucked. Want my GameStick Canceled. Taking to long to ship and if it's anything like OUYA I will be disappointed.

    7. John Sebastian La Valle on

      Are we going to get this BEFORE it goes into stores at the end of August or what? This is obscene. Another KICKSTARTER RIPOFF.

    8. Éric Boutonnet on

      Mándales una nota con tu antigua dirección y la nueva. Creo que llevan un listing y que modificarán ese al recibir tu nueva dirección


    9. Joseph Shivak on

      August is just a couple days away.. soon... soon.. Oh i forgot already.. i need a microsd for the stick, and an sd for the base right? what's the max size allowable? 32gb each? forgot sorry. figure get at least the micro sd card for now.

    10. Brent Mills on

      Hahahaha - What is that song? My roommate and I want to rig it as our doorbell.

    11. Missing avatar

      jose nabor bustamante rivera on

      una ayuda, vivo en mexico y me voy a cambiar de domicilio, como le puedo hacer para cambiar la direccion de envio?

    12. E. Scott Lockwood on

      Just curious. Are we on track for August release?

    13. ZeroBiss on

      I hope you guys test the Dpad well. Since N64,Psx,Sat, when analog stick "born", the Dpad it became forgotten. (sorry my english, im from brazil). One new android console didnt observe this and the Dpad...... not good, not good at all...

    14. Stu on

      Yay for Gawker...

    15. Steve Fish on

      Leave it to Kotaku to post a video about a new system only when it can also talk about porn.

    16. GameStick Creator on

      Hello Thomas,

      We recently changed the silicon that sits under these buttons to make sure that did not happen.



    17. Thomas Daugaard on

      I hope you thoroughly test the ABXY buttons for "under-the-frame" issues as the OUYA controller has suffered under. It is really a bummer to have a controller that gets a button stuck when you're playing a game and quite a deal-breaker for me personally. :)

    18. Kyle Platt on

      "Stop poking me!" - Game Stick

    19. Vince Montelione on

      BOM chicka wamp wamp!!!

    20. Justin on

      Wow, that music was......simply wrong! Funny, but wrong ;p

    21. GameStick Creator on

      Hello Jonathan,

      Yes all buttons will be tested. These tests are carried out on the Golden Samples, thereafter they are not required as the materials will be identical.



    22. Jonathan Goldsmith on

      Just wondering, the power button will be tested as well? And also just wondering how often these tests will be repeated? Will it be one controller out of every 1,000 made, or every 10,000 made, or is this testing a one time thing?

    23. Mark Müller on

      Stu, you are a sick man! All this frivolity and it's not even Friday yet - get back to work everyone!

    24. Stu on

      Sourjelly - I agree. Controller likes it rough.

    25. Mark Müller on

      Holy Carp Batman! It'll take forever for each device to leave the factory at that rate... 1,000,000 * 5,691 KS Backers = 5,691,000,000 tests and at the speed the machine was going I could be 70 before I get my stick thing going on... Haha, also that door mechanism test shouldn't last any longer than about 10-20 cycles as this device is young and inexperienced ;)

      BTW, All the above is a joke! Before any takes this post seriously...

    26. Alpacapaca on

      I, After watch the 10 sec of this movie clip :

      "rated M for mature"