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Putting Big Screen Gaming In Your Pocket.
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    1. Chris Alsip on

      I need to change my shipping address. I understand you asked for finalized addresses, however, I was hoping it would be shipped already.

      Who can I contact about this? Thanks!

    2. Maksim Kuzmin on

      There is one Russian gadget exhibition in September in which I think you're guys should participate:

    3. Stian Helgesen Sellevold on

      * i hope i get it before my birthday*

    4. Stian Helgesen Sellevold on

      Mid august :D i how i get it before my birthday :D

    5. Missing avatar

      s on

      @Justin @Logan thats better than no days, August is coming up fast.

    6. Missing avatar

      Young Kim on

      So excited to get this in the mail!

    7. Missing avatar

      Jay Kavanagh on

      Am I the only one, still looking for the SDK. The links you find on the net never work and all i see on twitter is another game announcement.

    8. Missing avatar

      Logan Inwood on


      Similar situation for me. I go to Canada when they're supposed to ship, and when I get back I have 3 days to play it. The shipping and Canada time didn't work out for me. When it was in July, I was supposed to be in Canada then. Trip was rescheduled. Now it's coming to me when it was rescheduled.

    9. Justin on

      "I want to be playing on this before the nieces and nephews go back to school."

      Ugh, not me :( SoCal has their schools all screwed up now. Our school starts second week of August. At the rate they're going we'll soon have a winter break instead of a summer break!

    10. Missing avatar

      s on

      Best update yet, at least the release date will be in a month that has the same first letter of the month we were supposed to get them in.

      I want to be playing on this before the nieces and nephews go back to school.

    11. Emanuele Tumminia on

      Why don't you show your device in Italy too, at SMAU, the main italian technology expo, in late october?

    12. Vikas Prabhu on

      Cant wait to get my hands on it :)

    13. Justin on

      Looks great! Can you link us to a larger box image? From what I can squint and see it looks wicked!

      Thanks for the awesome update!

    14. Daren Kavich on

      Hey, is it possible to to upgrade my pledge to get an additional controller and carrying case?

    15. GameStick Creator on

      Hello Miguel,

      The colour runs will ship at the same time.



    16. Samuel Batista on

      Incredibly smooth operation guys! I'm happy to be a backer of this project.

    17. Sion Coxall on

      Super update not long now guys and that kickstick will be dropped to my door

    18. Missing avatar

      Miguel Isamat on

      Quick question. Are you going to be manufacturing all colors simultaneously? I know other Kickstarter projects (like the Pebble watch) had some issues with dye injections impacting the quality of the plastics so they took much longer to ship different colors. Thanks, PlayJam/GameStick team.

    19. carter627 on

      Looks awesome! Excited to get mine and take it for a spin.

    20. J.R. Raith on

      Also, I'm a sucker for exclusive colors so I ordered the KS edition, but that white one is super hot. :)

    21. J.R. Raith on

      Looks fantastic! Thanks for posting the pictures down below. I'm really looking forward to playing this this bad boy. :D

    22. Jonathan Goldsmith on

      Sounds awesome...looks awesome! Great update, can't wait! Haven't enjoyed the delays so far, but I know that they were only to give me and the other backers the best possible product PlayJam can deliver. So I am ok with the delays.

    23. Ryan Leslie on

      So long as US Kickstarter backers get it before retail (Ouya I'm looking at you!) we'll be happy.

    24. Mark Müller on

      Very glad I stuck with my first choice of white now... that looks very slick - and may I say much nicer than an OUYA :)

    25. Steve Fish on

      Very nice. Can't wait!

    26. carter627 on

      What Steve said. :)

    27. Steve Fish on

      Do y'all have any photos of the Golden Sample to share? :D