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    1. E. Scott Lockwood on

      That looks pretty cool! Too bad there couldn't be a clear version of the GameStick. I'm pretty happy with the Kickstarter exclusive colors I'm getting.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jon on

      Thanks for the update. Glad to hear that Gamesticks will be shipping in August1

      As for the game debate... I am not worried. Eventually (and probably sooner rather than later) someone will come up with a way to get the Play Store on the Gamestick and then you can play any game you want.

    3. Justin on

      Well put Steve! We'll get the Gamestick when it's fully baked. The rest of you cry babies will be thankful later.

    4. Steve Fish on

      Ouya was released after an aggressive schedule and is desperately trying to stem the tide of nearly universal mediocre to awful reviews of their device - especially how they treated their Kickstarter backers with substandard equipment. I'm glad GameStick are not following their lead in any way. As far as I'm concerned they can take their time with game announcements. It's a game device - not a donor heart. I'm in no rush for delivery nor am I disappointed in the progress so far. I look forward to receiving my GameStick, but I keep it in perspective.

    5. Peter Stumpf

      A bit off-topic but this was quite a nice article - compared to the Ouya bashing ;-). (PlayJam's GameStick micro Android game console gets set to take on Ouya (hands-on))

      Here the Ouya bashing: (Huge disruptive potential not yet realized)

    6. Missing avatar

      Ricky on

      @Steve, if you're also hoping for a huge games announcement just like other people do, then you're pretty much in the same boat. Also, that's not happening and will probably never happen. We have a shit list of B level games right now, and it's no where close to the list of games that Ouya has right now.

    7. Steve Fish on

      I'm getting to a point where I kinda hope there's a huge game announcement that Cyclops and terry never find out about so we can all watch them explode with frustration.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jeroen Wolf on

      Hi there, sorry I post this items which is not on topic...
      But I know moderators of gamestick read this (and sometimes they reply ;)) But I while ago (feb/march I think) I posted the same question and now the heat is off I'll try my question again.
      I work in the educational sector and there is a huge demant of a device that works like apple tv, only which is independed of a wireless network. Main reason I ask this is that there are questions from our teachers and students to connect their mobile application hardware like a iphone/ipad/smartphone/android tablets wireless to a beamer (100% audio/video mirroring). Is it possible that this gamestick can be modified 'to fit the bill'? I know you need software apps for this or perhaps airplay (apple monopoly), but if this is possible it would be of major importance for educational and also portable sectors. Now their are technical issues with apple tv (wired network) and for example an ipad (wireless network) ... it would be a huge plus if their is a totale network independant hardware device. Hope this can be accomplish in (the future) with the gamestick receiver... because you can plug this straight into the hdmi input.

      sorry for my bad english grammer,... I'm not a teacher hihi ;)

      Well that's it, hope to hear a reply.... And hope to receive the gamestick soon and also start gaming :) :)


    9. Missing avatar

      Cyclops on

      @Terry, There is a list of games on It is a weak list, but it is all they have posted thus far.

    10. terry on



    11. Randy Graham

      I'm sensing a lot of negativity. I, for one, often purchase skins for my electronics, so I'm looking forward to this. More great games? Sure, I want those, too. But I'll almost certainly be purchasing a skin for my Gamestick, which I know is coming even if it's a little later than the creators had hoped.

    12. Missing avatar

      Cyclops on

      Great, Stickers. Just what I always wanted. How about focusing on getting some better games for the system. Now THAT I would get excited about. But stickers??? Stickers wont cover up the lack of decent games. OUYA has them, why can't we?

    13. GameStick Creator on

      Your GameStick ships in August!

      And, for Terry - there are instructions on how to participate right above! Download the template and email directly to - easy!


    14. Missing avatar

      steelwraith on

      Yea yea whatever.. who bloody cares.. wheres my damn Gamestick?

    15. terry on

      i dont do facebook ,,so thats me out..

    16. Missing avatar

      Jon on

      Great, so.. when will I have my Gamestick to skin? :)