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Putting Big Screen Gaming In Your Pocket.
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    1. Missing avatar

      s on

      I like it.

    2. Carlos Piñan on

      Hi, What about the shipping date? Because the pledge info say: "Estimated delivery: Apr 2013"

      Well we are in july =/

    3. Nick Burklow on

      @ From Nothing Game Studios - three updates ago " We now expect to ship product from China during early August and expect it to be with you by the middle of the month, prior to units launching in retail."

      They are delaying it for another month so that feedback from the dev units can be delivered to help improve the UI.

    4. From Nothing Game Studios on

      When can we expect these to ship? Amazon claims they're to be released July 6th.

    5. David Lection on

      I looked back through the last couple of Kickstarter emails, but I am unsure of the ship date for units for backers. Can you post the latest?

    6. Missing avatar

      DJ GodKnows on

      Although delays are never liked by anyone, i believe is taking the right step to ensure product sustenance and longevity. With technology evolving at light-speed, it is better to deliver a reliable product than a fancy one without it. At this point we should be glad to get hands on a game-changing device. Hopefully its glory lasts a while. _DJ_GK

    7. Missing avatar

      Andrew Mcgregor on

      Looks brilliant. Very impressive. Now I'm going to repeat myself but will see the gamestick controller ( mfi ) made for ios as per ios 7. That would be really cool and also attract business for you guys. Win win. C'mon get it done and keep up the good work.

    8. Marusame on

      thats fine but i dont have a smart phone >.> kinda the reason i got these in the first place.

    9. TheAvt on

      hey fellows, give PlayJam a break here. i really don't mind the wait because that will give them more time to refine the Gamestick, iron out whatever software bugs or hardware issues there may be so that we the backers can have a stable system rather than the OUYA which i heard from backers that the ones they were getting were "half-baked".

      so keep up the good work! maybe PlayJam can compensate us backers for the wait by loading in free games into the Gamestick? one can only hope...

    10. James Bailey

      The other thing that would be amazing is combination with the LEAP controller. Any idea if this is possible?

    11. Missing avatar

      steelwraith on

      Who friggin cares.. where's my damn system?

    12. Julien JEANROY-BERTRAND on

      I really look forward to this. This is one of the many reasons I backed GameStick.
      More gameplays = More games ported
      Long live the GameStick!
      It seems unlikely that an Android based console won't have an Android version of this App. I'm surprised that they made an iOS version in the first place. Maybe they found a way to root an iPhone with an Android ROM :-)

    13. Sandesh Deshmukh on

      I hope there will be an android version of the app @ launch or you are gonna piss off a lot of folks!

    14. Sion Coxall on

      Fab can use my iphone if my controller needs charging lol

    15. terry on

      ok that great ,,,
      all we need now is a Gamestick,,
      and a list of games we can play,,,