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    1. Jerason Banes

      @PlayJam - Check your Youtube account to see if you received a copyright validation notice. There's a corporation who's claimed copyright over all of Vivaldi's performances, even if you're using a public domain performance. (e.g. I used Winter from the US Military band and got slapped with a notice.) If you answer the claim as you believe you have the rights (I answered "Public Domain" in my case) they seem to back down and leave you alone.

    2. Jacob Andrew Mason on

      works fine for me from the united states >.< tho the wide angle lens was a little much at some points :P glad to see an update of any kind.

    3. Missing avatar

      Bez on

      Can't play video using my Android phone. It says it's not available on mobile devices when trying to play within the browser and youtube app.

    4. Klaus T. on

      Very ironic that the video is using Vivaldi's Four Season music score: it takes four season for Playjam to deliver on their promises.

    5. GameStick Creator on

      Thanks for the clarification Justin! That's a rare distinction these past 48 hours ;)



    6. Justin on

      Thanks for the new link! SoCal here so no clue what happened.

      BTW, I meant what a stupid way for Youtube to handle the URL....not that you guys are stupid ;p

    7. GameStick Creator on

      Or San Francisco..

    8. GameStick Creator on

      Hello Justin - thanks for your helpful comments and guidance to others on how to view the video directly in YouTube. Some of us are in San Franciso and it works fine. We used Kickstarter's standard imbed tools as we have done in the past to publish it so did not anticipate any issues. Clearly there are some.

      For those of you that have the video blocked, you can download a copy from here:



    9. Justin on

      Can't play this video from the USA either. It says it must be played directly on the YouTube site because it contains content from UMG. So the full window URL wont work:

      What a stupid way to post a video.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ian on

      Please use music that dosen't get blocked

    11. Mario on

      Feeling sorry for all my kickstarter friends here, especially German. Maybe they can ship by this year with xbmc installed so we do that?

    12. Eduard Pech on

      "Unfortunately, this UMG-music-content is not available in Germany because GEMA has not granted the respective music publishing rights."

      Could you please upload the video without the music? Thanks!

      @Alex It's GEMA that is too greedy, not Google.

    13. Justin on

      What the heck is UMG? Can't play the video from within kickstarter. Tells me to go to YouTube to play it yet the link doesn't work on mobile kickstarter. YouTube is turning into such a piece of crap!

    14. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      Hey Guys,

      any other video hosting than youtube, please? Cannot watch it in Germany as youtube is to greedy to pay license fees according to copyright law...

    15. GameStick Creator on

      Hello William - go ahead and extend that pinky!

      @Christian - the backing music was, unless I am mistaken, taken from Vivaldi's Four Seasons. We did not expect there to be copyright issues with such a piece.

      Love GameStick.

    16. William Goff on

      I feel like I should have my pinky out throughout this video. Sorry to hear my fellow backers in Germany can't view the video. Had no idea copyright was so strict there.

    17. Christian Funke on

      The Music has copyright and it's not available in Germany

    18. malvin henry on

      Won't let me play, says it has restrictions

    19. Mazzel on

      Apparently it's not available in Germany...

    20. daniel faulkner on

      How about making it available on a mobile device?