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Putting Big Screen Gaming In Your Pocket.
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    1. Brad Tanner on

      A number if recent reviews mention you are already looking at hardware upgrades for the stick.

      As a backer could I expect to see any upgrades being offered for free or dramatically reduced?

    2. Brad Tanner on

      A number if recent reviews mention you are already looking at hardware upgrades for the stick.

      As a backer could I expect to see any upgrades being offered for free or dramatically reduced?

    3. Missing avatar

      Markus Bisinger

      Sad news for me. Waiting so long. Delivery mid August. Hopefully I get my Gamestick delievered for my birthday, August, 13, here in Germany.

      Keep up the good work.

    4. Stu on

      Gawyn Lloyd: I'd suspect Game are still to update their product information. Our stuff is likely being built along with that of the Game stock, and will likely be sent in one big old container to the UK. Then distributed by the Game Stick guys to us, and then to the retailers.

    5. Achmad Fienan Rahardianto on

      that means another 2+ months waiting for me down here in Indonesia to get on my Gamestick... I am disappointed as one of the early backers.....

      The Kickstarter Limited edition color should have green thumb controller instead of white...

      UI issues should be updateable via OTA, as long as the app works and there are games to play, that's acceptable..

      This is a real showstopper for me and kills my excitement right away.

      I hope once they ship the item, the hardware is not obsolete in short time, since dual core chip is slowly replaced by the quad core one......

    6. Jerason Banes

      @PlayJam - Thank you for your response. I hate to be a pain, but your answer makes no sense. I already have my dev kit in my hands. How are you going to swap out the UI mockup with the working UI?

    7. Missing avatar

      Vincent on

      Thanks for the update! As usual, you are being honest and open about the process, showing us pictures and explaining all the details behind it; i like it. :) Good luck with the further work and I hope these sweet mini console babies can be shipped soon. ^^

    8. Missing avatar

      Gawyn Lloyd on

      On this is being released early july... does that mean that the kickstarters are getting it after the actual launch date?

    9. pclabtech on

      That's fine, ANOTHER delay: *sets time machine to August* Due to a delay in the manufacturing process, your GameStick has been delayed until December.... *sets time machine to December* Due to a delay from our dev partners getting software to work with the Gamestick... (etc. etc. etc)


    10. Miguel Ferreira on

      "We now expect to ship product from China during early August and expect it to be with you by the middle of the month, prior to units launching in retail."
      Less than 15 days to get from china (by ship) to our homes ?!!? Ok, see you in early August for another post announcing ... another delay :/

    11. Bill Vernon on

      What happened to the guess the news competition on face book with guessed dates ?
      May I make a suggestion - maybe have updates on the progress on the games mission . I think the overiding understanding is that you guys are going 100% to release a top notch product. And user Software.Obviously needed if you need to make a footprint in todays Game Console Playing Market.However on the negative side it is also obvious that a lot of the backers are rightly concerned about the depth of quality and number of games that you will have available .
      Please also have some educational games for all ages of Kids available .I bought into this project because I have a couple of youngsters and I would like to play with them as a family and for them to see the good that comes out of visual stimulation .Multiplayer games are an obvious way to go .I really hope that china fulfills your manufacturing and shipping redquirements on time and all goes snoothly for you .However please note the longer you delay the less chance you have of gaining a foothold in the market especially if you do not release before your rivals releases .The space is there grab it and take advantage.
      Finally - maybe to appease frustrated backers a free game of their choice can be thrown in when their item is delivered seperate to the already uploaded games that come with the main stream market version .What do you think ? Only a suggestion but a good gesture of good will.
      Once again thankyou for your update and please keep them coming .

    12. afoi on

      The only few persons who will keep on having great support for all this last-minute-delay and no-update-as-promise and hear-no-evil-on-game-list , is probably, just .. some fanboy here and your parents

    13. papa.coen on

      Pls, do not only use fb to hold the design contest and/or distribute the .ai, some of us (like me) don't use it. Also not everybody has adobe software available, can you also offer other formats?


    14. GameStick Creator on

      Hi Miguel! No problem, please contact us asap (via our website or here with a DM) with your address change.
      Thanks for all of the feedback, everyone. We know it's frustrating and we really want your GameStick in your hands as soon as possible, too. We appreciate your understanding in all of this!

    15. papa.coen on

      Looking good! I'd like to have a go at some controller artwork, can you provide some stencils? Concerning the delays: don't you go Ouya on me! :)

    16. Michael Parrillo on

      Are backers going to be compensated for all of these delays with any kind of free games or exclusive features? Many of us expected this product months ago, while a few delays are okay and understandable this is starting to get kind of disheartening. The custom skins thing is okay I guess but how many of us backed this product to stare at the controller. We want to play games.

    17. Waqqas Hanafi on

      Wait a minute: WHY are the Kickstarter controller's thumb-sticks WHITE?!

    18. Vikas Prabhu on

      What am i getting more for waiting 1 more month...?
      If software is the issue.. i suppose that can be done via a OTA update later...
      please be clear on whats the real issue......we have supported you for good.. so will also support if you are in trouble...

    19. Robert Newton on

      I paid $109 for a "GameStick" I'm supposed to get in August now... Where are my games? Seriously... The announced games so far, aren't going to cut it. I may end up selling mine if no good games are announced. I am not surprised on the delay, but I would have at least liked something to look forward to in the update. I have no interest on custom skins... There was nothing in this update to put a smile on my face. What a disappointment.

    20. Missing avatar

      Ryan Paul Wilson on

      Sigh, another delay...

      Although, I do know what happens to projects when you want to get it just right, making sure not to deliver a fouled up product that may never be correctable by hardware or software fixes.

      So I patiently wait. I have other projects the go to keep my interest up (as always) so it's no real skin off my nose.

      Is there any news on the SDK? I have not heard anything about it since March. How is that coming along?

    21. Missing avatar

      Miguel Isamat on

      Hello Gamestick team,

      I'm having the same issue as Jacob Andrew Mason. I'm moving at the end of July so I hadn't changed my address based on the previous release date you announced. How can I change my address now?


    22. Missing avatar

      Ricky on

      delayed YET again. This is surely becoming a thing with PlayJam. I won't be surprised if by the end of July, this gets delayed even further.

    23. Alex Neilson

      I'm really glad I chose to go with the Black-and-Green controller - it looks awesome!

    24. terry on

      Accounts Accounting Reference Date: 31 December Category: Total Exemption Small
      Last made up date: 31 December 2011 Next due date: 30 September 2013
      Annual Return, Last made up date: 28 April 2012 , Next due date: 26 May 2013 + Overdue +

      this is the kind of stuff .....that i think Overdue is the new name for plajam

      ebay will be busy in August or September or when ever they send it to me

      search playjam ...Company Number 03364451

    25. Missing avatar

      Logan Inwood on

      Something I did enjoy about the update that I forgot to add in-

      I love the look of the kickstarter controller. Certainly strikes my fancy.

    26. Missing avatar

      Logan Inwood on

      I must not have a mind of a programmer, but how does a UI that was already doing good work at E3 need a month delay to be finished? In my opinion, that's an excuse. Anyways, I'm very disappointed.
      A lot of your backers go on a thing called vacation. Especially in the Summer. Even I am! A lot of teens, who I'm going to guess take up a good amount of your backer percentage get out of school in late June. That leaves July and August as their summer. Their family tends to drag them out on vacation to go somewhere, a lot of people going somewhere in August. That means they won't be home, and that means they won't get theirs before leaving the house. Let's say someone gets out of school on June 25. He have the last few June days, and July. Here comes August, he goes on vacation on August 15, mid August exactly. His Gamestick arrives on August 16. He gets home on August 22. School starts August 28. Do the math, how many days does he have to play his Gamestick all day? Not the bet planning. For the retail, I honestly don't think September is the best month to release a console or game. Kids/teens from the age of 5/17 are back in school. A lot of people in those age groups play games.

    27. E. Scott Lockwood on

      I understand the obstacles that you have to overcome, and I wish that I could be more supportive than I currently am. There is always the possibility of delays when it comes to these things, but you still could have kept us, the backers, better informed. I think that maybe there would be less disappointment

    28. Maggie Evans on

      Well that's annoying.

    29. Florence L

      This is seriously some the best news I heard today! custom decals as well? :) I do like this :D thanks for giving us such a nice update gamestick :) I saw your commercial at gamestop recently too.

    30. siddhartha i dick on

      thank you for the update
      though i am not thrilled about the delay but agree it is necessary to ensure a top notch product. the kickstarter color scheme is awesome.

    31. Lucas Hylton on

      Not good news per-say but at least its something. I would rather get my console and have you patch the UI via updates. Still Right on by doing right by your backer levels

    32. Missing avatar

      Cyclops on

      So now we know why you did not meet your commitment to give us Weekly Production updates as you said you would back in an earlier Update. Will you meet that commitment going forward, or will you continue to keep things hidden from your backers until the last minute?

      Games, Can you address this issue? What is the current status of getting some games from some of the top level publishers or "Heavyweight publishers" as you called them? You mentioned Sega, EA, and Disney. Are they really coming to the platform or was that just bluster prior to funding? You also mentioned three specific games from DotEmu, yet they are not currently listed as available. Will they be available at launch? Will there truly be 100+ games at launch as you have been telling the media?

      These are simple questions. They have been asked before and left unanswered. Can we get an answer please.

    33. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Another month huh? Just to lay it out there, at least in the United States, many people travel in the summer. You can see how travel increases the allure of a portable device. Claiming a portable device would be ready at the beginning of the season, then pushing it back until the season is almost over... that'd be like if Sony sells this PS4, but its chief feature will be locked for 9 months.

      I'm actually a pretty patient person, so I can say it will be what it will be... but I would appreciate a real explanation. The UI needs 'perfecting?' Yeah, right. You're willing to risk diving all of your PR thus far, the loyalty of your base, and some serious bottom line dollars... for ... enhancing the UI...? If it's functional, why not just do an OTA update? ...or tell us the real reason...?

    34. GameStick Creator on

      Hello Jerason,

      The pre-release of the UI will come pre-installed on the DEV units.

      Love GameStick.

    35. Jacob Andrew Mason on

      Hey thanks for your reply, but i am not seeing a feedback tab when i go to
      I've looked over a few times now and am starting to feel a bit silly that i can't find it, but if you could more specifically direct me to it that would be awesome. thank you again.

    36. GameStick Creator on

      Decals - we will be running a competition on Facebook shortly to create a number of official designs where we will provide the .ai file. The company we are working with, ( will also be able to process individual submissions. We are working with them to set that up. More shortly.



    37. Missing avatar

      Andreas Stürmer on

      Uh, I've backed for Chameleon Launcher last year. Nearly one year after it's release there's still no 100% working software... so a 3 month delay for a hardware product with technology in it is just OK. I hope it will ship on August... finally ;-)

    38. Sion Coxall on

      Im sure they need to do some more work and looking very good so mid august dam im upset but there you go they want more time for testing. How about a few more free games for us backers or a gamestick t-shirt goodwill does go a long way

    39. GameStick Creator on

      Hi Jacob - that's no problem - if you contact the team via the feedback tab on, they will be able to sort for you.



    40. Jacob Andrew Mason on

      so i will be moving in august. can i change my address now? you cut that off a bit ago but it wasn't a problem if it got to me by mid august. I'm moving mid august tho and i need to change my address because of this delay. could you guys allow for another round of changes? please.

    41. James Verity on

      Thanks for the update... Kickstarter Backers LE looks great, colour I ordered ;)
      just hope you are also keeping the IAP on the games to a minimum (hopefully none at all)... any news if any emulators will be available on the Gamestick... good news about the decal customisation, will the kickstarter Backers also get a copy of the template file... also when do the Kickstarter Backers get to sort out their User ID's - Thanks

    42. Missing avatar

      Thomas Hogan on

      Love the Kickstarter controller, now let's get shipping.

    43. prhd0337 on

      I am pleased you did some color changes to the Kickstarter controller, it looks much better now. I am a bit peeved at the delay but I'll get over it. What really concerns me is the complete lack of good games, you've shown us very little and the info you have given is beginning to scare me that my Gamestick will turn into a dust collecting paperweight

    44. Jerason Banes

      @lartomar2002 - They're the $300 beta testing tier

      @PlayJam - Will there be a ROM to flash the development units or will the pre-release UI only be for the beta-testers? Thanks!

    45. DeltaLima

      thanks for the update, i actually really like the black on green KD edition controller.. nicely done

    46. lartomar2002 on

      What are these The Designed By Me units? Are these's the one's we were asked what colors we wanted? If so are they not the same as backer units. You have me very confused we this update. The last I heard was shipping would begin July 9 now you give a vague "early August". You guys are starting to sound a lot like Ouya.

    47. Steve Fish on

      This update is welcomed. The petulant responses (above and below) are predictable. These minimal delays don't bother me. Take your time and get it right rather than ship it early. If you ship an excellent device, all the whining will cease and look (even more) petty. If you ship a turd, you'll only validate the naysayers.

    48. Tanner Lubuk on

      I like the look if the white controller but this update doesn't exactly please me all that much, but then again this is kickstarter so anything can happen honestly so I'm also not surprised there's yet another delay

      I'm just hoping when I do FINALLY get the gamestick the controller doesn't feel cheap much like I've heard the Oyua is and in hoping the gamestick has a decent amount of apps not just a few

    49. Missing avatar

      A.I. on

      Really? The hardware is done, all pending changes seem to be in software, yet this can't be done via a firmware update?

    50. Sam Cook

      "Our PR team is currently rounding off a 20 day trip in the US, covering NY, LA and SF having met with over 40 key journalists preparing the way for launch."

      While I have been silent up to here, I have to say its disappointing that a PR "team" can't post a quick update on a weekly basis to the people funding your project. I also understand that delays are common, but it appears that the entire concept of "under-promise, over-deliver" is completely lost. I believe if you would have reevaluated the fact that you received 650% funding and said "WOW! We got so much money we are going to go back and do this right and it won't be released until Q3", then you released it in August, people would be ecstatic. I will end on a positive note, I applaud that you did go back to do it right, but your expectation and stakeholder management on this project have been extremely poor.