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    1. lartomar2002 on

      I forgot to mention in my previous post. Also, do not do like Ouya did and pull the units that were promished to backers and pre-orders and send them to their retail partners so that they ( the retailers) will have stock at the retail launch date.

    2. lartomar2002 on

      Please, please, do not use DHL unless you have a Playjam company representative on site so we do not have screw up as Ouya. There are still early backers and pre-orders that have not received their units. So please take a lesson from them and don't subject us to the same.

    3. E. Scott Lockwood on

      I don't mind the lack of games. I am looking at both the OUYA and Gamestick as a tool to help me with my programming studies. I would appreciate more information as we go along, and if we are going to get yet another delay then I believe that as backers there should be some sort of reparation for our investment. I understand that as backers it is a 50/50 chance of hitting a home run. We back these products because we believe in it and the vision that the creators have. I have gotten more information about what's going on with the GameStick by Googling it than by any information from the group i'm backing. I am not trying to complain, and my pledge was only $110. Any information is better than none at all.

    4. Klaus T. on

      @Cyclops & W. Scott L: It will be like the last time GameStick was delayed - PlayJam will wait till the last minute of the current official ship date of the retail backer units ("end of June") before they announce another delay. The lack of any concrete info from PlayJam in any media, and they refuse to answer the question when asked directly, is a good indication that they know it's delayed and they are just stalling the announcement. It's a shame PlayJam are not more honest since it's hurting their credibility.

    5. Missing avatar

      Hendrik Dammers on

      Today I read an article about Ouya in an IT magazine (German -> c't), they said it's far from good games can charge what the want without the need to state what you have to pay, not to mention the product quality. But you probably already know this stuff, so my opinion on GameStick derived from the article and the actual situation:
      Ouya had more time and they said they need one year => GameStick wants to do the same in bearly have the time. Make some math here
      Compare the available games from Ouya with GameStick, they had way more announcements and whats there? Except FF (was it 4?) only Trash and below. What do we have here? ShadowGun. And the rest? Trash not even worth to remember. What we will receive? Probably the same experience. But here I have to mention the presentation of the menu is waaaaay better in GameStick. Just some colors for Ouya.....
      Quality: Do we have statements here? I'm a little bit anxious since the controller looks bulky (for what we have seen so far).
      To cut the comment, I think the release will be a "non-starter". Right know I just hope we have the options to do some sideload (for emulator) and use XBMC

    6. Missing avatar

      Cyclops on

      Yes. E. Scott Lockwood has it correct. "keeping your the backers who helped you get where you are up to date would be nice" Way back in Update #20 you promised WEEKLY production updates. What ever happened to that? What ever happened to your statement that you would be "adding games regularly" and that we should check back often? Adding games Rarely is more accurate. I foolishly assumed that you would take your position at e# to make some sort of informative announcement. Instead all we got was silence. Heck even CNET questioned the lack of decent games on the system. With just a couple of weeks until we get our Gamesticks, where are the 100+ games you mentioned that would be ready for launch?

    7. E. Scott Lockwood on

      Amazon Pre-Order says that July 6th is the release date. I would really like to get a little more than a commercial letting us know when ours will be coming. An email would be good enough to make me happy. I understand that you've had to jump through some hoops to get things done and running, but keeping your the backers who helped you get where you are up to date would be nice.

    8. Johnson Lam

      Wow! The commercial is good, the games may add some retro type (similar to the good old 8bit Nintendo) to sow GameStick is capable of doing all kind of games!

    9. Alpacapaca on

      I, Really hate to ask this, but When do you going to ship our gamestick? I mean, OUYA already announced to us by e-mail that their shipment is ready last weak. and they said it'll going to take 1~2weeks for shipping.

      Then.... what about you guys? gamestick? S:
      I'm not whining, just curious.

    10. Tanner Lubuk on

      My cotton bunny this better mean we will be, but seems odd to me we would get ours around the same time as public release

    11. Missing avatar

      Cyclops on

      @ Justin, LOL I never stated that it was a "high end console." That would be XBox or Playstation. I simply used Gamesticks own description of the products capabilities. What my concern is, and has long been, is the lack of titles for the platform, and specifically the lack of A list games. There are plenty of A list games from Top Android Developers available on Google Play. This is why some people have requested Sideloading.

      The FACT that numerous Media outlets have ALSO commented on this issue and how it could negatively affect unit sales, speaks volumes and fully backs up my point. Professional Journalists by the way, not bloggers. Why even Gamesticks own Marketing Officer spoke that they are focusing on Indie developers, not the Top Android Developers. If PlayJams own Charles Tigges, the Chief Commercial Officer, (producers of Gamestick) can make comparisons to Nintendo, then your claims of Zero comparison have been proven incorrect. There is no physical reason why any Micro Console utilizing the Android system can not also support these games when the hardware is sufficient, as it is in this case.
      Your ranting is getting the best of you and once again proves the point that you only know how to make snide remarks like a typical online troll. I thought that perhaps you would rise above that, but I can see that I was quite mistaken.

      I stand by my assessment until Gamestick demonstrates otherwise. They have been entirely silent on the issue and have not kept up with their statement that they would be releasing a new title daily, leading up to launch. Given your lack of dignified input I shall leave it at that and move forward to better things. Happy Gaming!

    12. Justin on

      There is nothing to add to your crap. This is NOT a high end console. Zero comparison.

      No amount of ignorant bloggers will change that. If you are expecting something other than a MICRO console then aren't too bright.

    13. Missing avatar

      Cyclops on

      Once again Justin you add nothing to the discussion but simply come back with more snide remarks.
      You can easily find console comparisons all over the internet and this article was just one that Gamestick posted which made the comparison to several other platforms. Even Charles Tigges chief commercial officer of the company behind the GameStick talks about Nintendo in relation to Gamestick and specifically, it's design. Several articles indeed have gone on to make the point regarding lack of titles relating to lower unit sales. Here is one that directly addresses the issue of game titles driving sales:
      The fact remains that Gamestick currently has a very limited title list and has made no mention to us of any of the top Android Developers. There was initially talk about "hundreds of titles" but none of that has materialized. The previous article I pointed to mentioned the necessity of Ouya building a library of games and goes on to state that the same goes for Gamestick. The article mentions how the Nvidea Shield, which it contrasted with the Wii U, had the added benefit that it can tap into quite large game libraries. There is a reason why the Wii U was mentioned in that article as it has been in other articles. I guess that point missed you unless you are claiming that lack of titles has nothing to do with unit sales for Gamestick alone.

      Time Magazine stated "... the Wii U’s underwhelming sales illustrate that even the market for new consoles will be challenging" Lewis Ward, research manager of gaming at IDC. "blames a lack of good games. Some folks might wait until they see their favorite titles before they buy it — a lot of people are attracted to the consoles because of the games themselves.”

      Until you have something valuable to add to the discussion please, learn to stop making personal attacks.

    14. Justin on

      Wow! I can't believe you are serious. That article does NOT compare the gamestick to the Wii U. They simply stated that we are getting ALTERNATIVE consoles from someone other then the top three and then called it exactly what it Android based MICRO console.

      They compared the gamestick to the ouya and the shield to the Wii U gamepad.

      Maybe you should spend a few days re-reading that article until you understand it all.

    15. Missing avatar

      Cyclops on

      For anyone who cares to read it, here is the article that Gamestick posted on their Facebook page which compares several of the new alternative "micro"consoles soon to reach the market:

    16. Missing avatar

      Cyclops on

      @ justin,
      So in other words you have absolutely nothing to add to the discussion other than your ranting. You use words like "Absurd," Ignorant" and "Ridiculous" when I dare to make a comparison to other game platforms.
      Guess what . . . if you go to Gamesticks Facebook page you can see where Gamestick themselves posted a link to an article that makes such comparisons to SEVEN other gaming devices including the Ouya. The Article hits on exactly the topic I mentioned and points out that Gamestick has the weakest hardware of the bunch. My cell phone has a more powerful processor and it can play thousands of games from Google Play, It can also connect to my TV easily in full HD. I can even add a controller if I want as the article points out. I guess then that you are calling Gamestick themselves ignorant about their own product as they posted the article which makes the comparisons.

      I have done a great deal of research into the product and am not at all ill informed as you propose. When called to offer more input on your claims, you decline to add anything relevant but instead continue personal attacks. Says a lot about you.

    17. Justin on

      Not going to happen. The gamestick bashing has gone on for far to long. I have no problem calling people out on their crap.

      The hilarious part is, all they have to do it wait. Odds are they will get everything they want. If not then sell your gamestick.

      The only possible ounce of negativity that can be justified is the FACT that beta testers won't get their units very far in advance.

    18. Klaus T. on

      You start to sound like the crying child which you accuse anyone else of being. Be polite and respect other people's opinion.

    19. Justin on

      I did not read anymore of your nonsense. I highly suspect that you will be very disappointed with the product as you clearly do not have the slightest understanding of what the product actually is.

    20. Klaus T. on

      I agree the game situation doest look to bright right now - something PlayJam are not fully in control over and I honestly never expected much at day one. But there is no excuse for not giving backers a update on the shipping situation. If GameStick is still scheduled to ship to backers in late june, why not just confirm it? If it's delayed again (which it seems like to me), let us know.
      Instead PlayJam continue to ignore backers' questions here and on Twitter.
      I don't think it's an inpolite, unfair or big request since they got our money.

    21. Missing avatar

      Cyclops on

      Justin, you seem to enjoy making snide comments but not backing them up with any actual data as I have. Gamestick has been compared in the media to a number of systems, both current platforms and those still in development. You can find such platform comparison articles all over the net with increasing frequency as we get closer to E3 and launch date. You can find comparison articles between the Ouya and Gamestick on IGN, Slashdot, Kotaku, Gamasutra, Engadget, Wikipedia, Techcrunch and dozens of other game focused media outlets so there is nothing "absurd" about it at all. You can also find comparisons to a number of other gaming platforms. When it comes to the lack of high end titles on Gamestick, here is what a professional journalist had to say on the subject:
      From Polygon: Samit Sakar,
      ****"... But flipping through the few titles listed on the GameStick menu ... gave us some doubts about the system's software lineup. If GameStick is supposed to be primarily about the games, we didn't see very many well-regarded smaller mobile titles, let alone popular ones from major publishers. Marketing officer Anthony Johnson, said that's not necessarily a specific focus for Gamestick. They are not after the big games we all know and love. . . they are focused on getting indie developers instead." ***

      This lack of focus on any of the bigger games is odd as the Gamestick webpage specifically states "Download and play your favorite Android games."

      Please explain with some detail why you feel that the problems facing the Wii U and Ouya are not relevant. Both are having launch issues that directly correspond to Gamestick. The fact that they are much bigger entities with significantly more resources would seem to indicate that they would have an easier go of it, while Gamestick with less resources has a much harder climb ahead.

      Ouya is showing 130+ games available at launch, some of which are bigger titles from top developers. Gamestick only shows 34 casual games thus far and has made no mention of working with the top Android developers.

    22. Justin on

      You just explained why the Wii U and Nintendo are NOT valid.

      You are a very confused individual.

      Let me guess, do you also back indie developers then rant paragraphs at a time when they don't turn into world class developers overnight?

      You need to learn to compare apples to apples. This has to be, hands down, the most absurd conversation I've ever had on kickstarter.

    23. Missing avatar

      Cyclops on

      @ Justin. The comparison to the Wii U is very valid. Nintendo is a massive company with a great deal of experience in console gaming and with significant depth in the developer field. Yet the Wii U has been a big problem for Nintendo. Their sales are way off and contributed significantly to a massive profit loss this past quarter. Nintendo has admitted that the main problem was the lack of available games for the Wii U. Games drive sales. That is a fact. Gamestick on the other hand has almost no experience, no previous developer relations, and no massive established corporate structure. Yet they seem to be in the same boat with a significant lack of titles leading up to launch. This comparison to the problems facing the Wii U was made by journalists in the gaming media and it is a valid point. There is nothing at all "ignorant" about making such a critique. No mater how good the hardware may be, without quality game titles, it will have difficulty making sales. Their stated goal is Half a Million units in the first production run. It has been firmly established that people will not buy hardware if it does not support titles that the consumer desires.

      The Ouya had similar problems. Like Gamestick it is a new kid on the block. It was launched with much excitement, but seems to be suffering from it's success, and they had 15 million dollars to get it right. Owners are reporting hardware issues and poor quality gaming experience. Admittedly, it seems that they perhaps expected too much from a $100 system, but none the less it seems Ouya has delivered a product with less than spectacular performance for the price.

      If Gamestick wishes to be successful and reach their current goal of half a million units, it is important that the hardware performs as advertised, and that they have sufficient quality games to entice new customers. We as Kickstarter backers are just a drop in the bucket. Gamestick needs to attract much larger numbers if they wish to be successful as no developer will put in the effort for just 6000 potential sales. If one takes a look at the big boys on the block, Xbox and Playstation, it becomes very obvious that game titles drive sales. This is marketing 101. It is why Microsoft spent so much money to make Halo exclusive to the Xbox, as it drove sales in a big way. Playstation also has exclusive games to entice sales. Currently Gamestick does not have any console type or "Hit" games that would drive sales in a similar fashion. Their "update" history is entirely blank when it comes to discussions on game developers and the potential release of any A list games. I certainly do not expect Gamestick to offer big games like Halo, but they should be going after the bigger games that can be easily found for the Android system on Google Play. The 34 titles they currently offer is anemic and full of casual games, and not all the "Favorite Android Games" as their web site promotes. Launch date is fast approaching and they have yet to have any discussions on top developers. That is troubling, and why it was reported in the media.

    24. Justin on

      Thanks, you just agreed with me. So you're basically complaining for nothing. There is no excuse for foul language here, period. Now take your own advice and stick to gaming. Nothing worse then a hypocrite.

      For a $99 console there will be plenty of games. Your problems with the console are just that, your problems. Attempting to compare this console to the Wii U or this company to Nintendo is not only ignorant, it's just plain ridiculous.

    25. Missing avatar

      Cyclops on

      @Justin. At no point did Ricky cry or act like a child. He could have chosen better words to express his consternation at Gamesticks lack of engagement, but no need to call him names. Fact: adults use foul language far more often than children. Doesn't make it right, but none the less, it happens. Perhaps it is best that you stick to discussing Gamestick and simply ignore language that does not suit you.

      As for Gamesticks lack of engagement with it's backers, the evidence backs me up on that point. We can only hope that they do not repeat the faults of the Wii U, and the Ouya, but we have no way of knowing.

    26. ZeroBiss on

      Cmon guys. Whats up? this is no time to so rude. GameStick is about to launch. Its time to be happy.Ok, we expect more games, but now,i believe, its a complicated time for everyone. For us, still w8ing, and for them, preparing all things to send to us.Expecially for me that live so distance(Brazil, sorry my english by the way). All backers, include me, believe in this project. Its time to continue to believe. We will receive a new console with news ideas and new games .If dont have a game that you like it, make one. Theres a free SDK ready to download. its not too hard make games....believe... Make games not war :-D

    27. Justin on

      Wrong, being a foul mouthed crying child is never valid.

    28. Missing avatar

      Cyclops on

      @Justin, Praise Jebus and thank you for being the thought police, but RIcky has a perfectly valid point. Gamestick said that they would be posting new games Daily leading up to the launch, but they haven't done that now have they? They have only posted an anemic list of casual games best suited for playing on a cell phone, mostly by independent developers. They have been asked by a number of people both here, on Facebook, and on twitter, about the lack of A list games and questioned if they were courting some of the industries major developers, but they have remained entirely silent on the issue. Gamestick claims to be a "portable console" yet offers no console type games despite the fact that plenty of console type games can be found on Google Play. They had been asked to provide a production update so we can learn how the manufacturing process is currently progressing, Instead they release this current "Update" which in fact is not an update at all, as it provides no new information. It is simply a commercial. Indeed, Gamesticks lack of engagement with its backers, and the lack of transparency can indeed be compared to bovine excrement.

      I would like to know if they are taking steps to avoid the problems that face the Wii U, Namely lack of quality titles have lead to a significant lack of sales. I would like to know if they have taken the steps to avoid the problems faced by Ouya, where hardware/manufacturing issues have led to disappointed fans and a less than spectacular product. These are important issues that Gamestick has been entirely silent on. As an investor in this company Ricky is perfectly valid in his critique.

    29. Justin on

      @Ricky - please do everyone a favor and grow up. Also, watch your foul mouth.

    30. Francois Roy on

      I hope they got over the kernel problems and will release the stick with Android 4.2 and a fully working Miracast capability (even tough I know from using Netgear's PTV-3000 it's far from being perfect) cause I now happen to have very little use for a hyper outdated AmLogic MX- powered device rocking its own separate store.
      Sorry but I'm not buying Shadowgun, Riptide, Vector, Expandables and the like once again only for the Gamestick.
      On the other hand, a good bluetooth controller bundled with a Miracast Stick that would also happens to play some games, now that could be something I even recommend.

    31. Missing avatar

      Ricky on updated list of games, no production update, nothing. The latest bunch of updates on both their Facebook and Kickstarter are complete bullshit really.

    32. Steve Fish on

      And.. Boom goes the dynamite.

    33. Missing avatar

      Cyclops on

      Cute commercial, but I'd much rather see that you are posting a update with decent games. Still, not one A list game to be found for Gamestick. You mentioned that there would be daily game title updates, but instead the game postings have slowed down to a crawl. Could you please address this. Where are the A list games? No matter how good the hardware is, it is just a paperweight without top quality games. Will you be announcing any top level games by launch date????

    34. Maggie Evans on

      @ Steelwraith, GAME are listening their price for it on their website and I imagine that GameStop are doing the same so it is not like the information isn't out there

    35. Missing avatar

      Miguel Isamat on

      Sorry guys, I peed on Tanner's cereal so he's in a bad mood. My fault.

    36. Keith W on

      Cool Video, but I am sure if I had done that I would sitting in Jail :-)

    37. Missing avatar

      Logan Inwood on

      This ad was very creative! I'm intrigued...

      Intrigued enough to ask this. When will they be shipping out?

    38. Tanner Lubuk on

      I'm sorry but this is one pathetic "update" still no real official release on when us backers would get the device....

    39. Missing avatar

      steelwraith on

      Missing the two most important pieces of info for people who have never heard of it before:

      2. Price

      1. Bloody 'WHEN IS IT IN MY FREAKING HANDS' release date

    40. Missing avatar

      Andrew Mcgregor on

      Love it,
      I like the end slogan also.
      No release date but its on ore order from game with a release date of early next month so surely the backers are getting it before this?

    41. Klaus T. on

      Nice trailer but still no release date... meaning it't delayed but PlayJam are holding back the annoncement. My quess is they will announce the delay silently while the E3 noise is on.

    42. Whirlwound

      The second half of the music, after the 'I've got one too' gag and half-awkward smiles, feels a bit flat. I'd have gone for something a bit more energetic. Like this:

    43. MikeSinise on

      I really like the concept! The only thing I wanted to comment on is the tag line at the end. I like the words you chose (Portable; Big Screen; Gaming) but to be constructive, something about the balance seems off. Could the text below the logo be separated by periods or be in a slightly different shade of gray? Maybe if the 'Big Screen' has a space instead of a dash like 'Big-Screen'?

    44. Alex Johnson on

      I feel like you missed the real highlight points:
      It's entirely self contained
      It has exciting games from good indie publishers.

      It was cute, but a better shot of her pulling out the system from her pocket would have gone a long way. And a shot of going through the screens of games available to play would have helped as well.

      Otherwise you just have two people playing games and having fun-I already knew playing games is fun.

    45. Missing avatar

      Bryce Steel on

      That was actually a very creative advertisement. Perfect.

    46. Mark M on

      I have a generator, and a very nice 1080 hdmi projector.
      When it arrives I will find a building with large white outdoor wall, and post onto YouTube. :-)

    47. Justin on

      That was awesome! The best part is there is no disclaimer on the bottom saying not to break into movie theaters so now I can and blame you by stating this product said I could! ;p

      Yay America!

    48. Mark M on

      So when exactly do they arrive in our hands?

    49. Missing avatar

      Patrick Bellasi on

      F**k... my GameStick is on the way and I'm still missing a big screen! O_O