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Putting Big Screen Gaming In Your Pocket.
5,691 backers pledged $647,658 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Adrian Peers on

      Has the gamestick started shipping to its backers yet?

    2. Prateek Moitra on

      For God sake tell us how to track our orders? Are they already shipped?

    3. Till on

      Ups, sorry to late:
      Till Könneker c/o Apps with love
      Lorrainestrasse 14
      3013 Bern

    4. Pranesh on

      Hi! Also curious about the shipping, I'm from South Africa, any news on those tracking numbers? Thanks :)

    5. Prateek Moitra on

      When is the actual shipping starting or has it started already? How do we track it?

    6. PCMX on

      Sent a private message on kick starter with new address info & another inquiry today regarding a confirmation. Did anyone get a confirmation for their address change?

    7. Matthew Goldenberg on

      Tanner, you backed this project because you believe in the product and wanted to help bring it to life. Getting the Gamestick in advance shouldn't really be looked at as the purpose of your backing, but more as a nice little perk.

    8. Missing avatar

      Paul King on

      Please change to:
      Paul King
      1311 Broadfield Blvd, Ste 400
      Houston, Texas 77084

    9. Klaus T. on

      It's a shame PlayJam are not answering our questions or even give specific info about launch/shipping, now that they got our money. Great way to motivate support in the future!

    10. Missing avatar

      Thor Christian Ulland Cusick on

      Norway, Nesveien 202, 3158 Andebu

    11. joseph spurny on

      Is it too late to get an SDK for game stick? I am getting a package with 2 consoles controllers a dock and other goodies but I would like an sdk if possible to develop some games and apps please.

    12. Joseph Shivak on

      Question about shipping? USPS? UPS? Tracking?

    13. Joseph Shivak on

      got my address change sent a couple days ago, thanks for the reminder :)

    14. GameStick Creator on

      Hi everyone - please send us a message here with your mailing details! Thanks so much. Love, GameStick

    15. ZeroBiss on

      I cant w8 anymore. GameStick to Brazil... =-D

    16. prhd0337 on

      EMAIL people, not leave it in the comments

    17. Léo Morel on

      Mr MOREL
      11 Rue de la République
      42000 Saint Etienne

    18. Klaus T. on

      So when will the units *actually* start shipping?

      Would be nice with a confirmed date.

    19. Missing avatar

      Vinod Gopinath on

      Vinod Gopinath,
      I.T Department, BMMI,
      812 Shaikh Jaber Al Ahmed Al Subah Highway,
      P.B:No: 828
      Phone : +973-392-56870

    20. MOPE4ok on

      20049 SW 112th Ave
      Qwintry Suite 9047
      Tualatin, OR 97062
      Phone 858-633-6353

    21. Chabrerie on

      i live in France where can i update my address.

    22. Missing avatar

      v campisi on

      I just sent you a message via the KS messages here. I just saw you answered me a long time ago while I thought I was being ignored by you. I was expecting a response by email, not on here. I am angry now that all that time I was trying to figure out how to add the dock has gone by and now I am being referred to paying twice as much for it. After supporting you early in the game, I feel like I should still be able to get it at the $20. it was offered at.

    23. Tanner Lubuk on

      I've got a question now that you replied to Adrian's comment. In a update earlier I read it was said that units were going to be shipping to people in June and will be in retail store by July. You have me a bit confused because in a reply to him the shipping date is June 26, so to me this sounds like some of us won't see it tell July, which if this is the case then why did some of us even back the project only for us backers to get the gamestick in the same month you plan to have it in retail stores

    24. Euan Campbell on

      Are they ready to ship? =)

    25. Alex Neilson

      I already changed my address with you a while ago, but I'd just like to express my admiration for putting up an update like this - I think it's the first time I've seen a project give people a heads-up as to when the shipping is starting to let them know they have to get their address up to date. Kudos!

    26. Missing avatar

      Miguel Isamat on

      I'm also moving in July, but my current house is up for sale. What happens if my house is sold after June 7th but before June 26th?

    27. Justin on

      Any ETA on the username emails to reserve our username?

    28. Missing avatar

      Mistermark on

      Hi awesome gamestick people,

      I send you an address change a few weeks ago. Could I get a confirmation that it has been changed?

      Keep up the great work.

    29. Scott on

      I'm just gonna leave a quick Thank You for running such a good project, all these little details like last minute address checks are great, and imo what will make your project much more successful then others.

    30. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    31. Gary Elvin on

      Go down to your pldege and check your survey responce to check the address you submitted.
      You can email by clicking on the Contact Me link next to the Game Stick badge at the top.

    32. Missing avatar

      Alex Ong on

      Hi Jay Walker,

      Check on the Pledge you selected. You will see "Survey sent: 02/12/13 • Your response"!
      Click on "Your response" to check on your inserted address.
      This is how I find out my submitted address.

      Good Luck!

    33. GameStick Creator on

      @Ryan - you can send us a message (via the email/message option).

      @everyone else - please message us privately with your details.


    34. aeugler on

      Oh guys... They mean, to send your adress through a message on kickstarter, not to leave a comment... *facepalm*

    35. Jay Walker on

      Ooh just found its on the `survey` i responded to earlier this year (linked on the right next to my pledge amount).. Address set to where i want it sent :) thanks

    36. Missing avatar

      Le Vady Sinarta on

      Hi, please send it to:

      siti hapsari dyahningrum
      MRM Worldwide (McCann Worldgroup)
      Macdonald House 9th floor
      40A Orchard Road
      singapore 238 837


    37. Missing avatar

      Ty Huffman on

      I would like to know where I had mine sent to please.

    38. Missing avatar

      Ryan Faerman on

      How can I give you my updated shipping address without leaving a public comment?

    39. John Gould on

      Update on shipment of beta GS's? We've gone from April to May to now June. Is it going to arrive before or after the final version at this point? Not sure if it's going to be feasible to beta test in only 3 weeks now. Kind of regretting that decision to spend $300 on what was supposed to be 3 months of testing and now looking like 3 weeks or less.

    40. Peter Ebbe Sundberg on

      Hi! I've moved! Send it to:

      Peter Sundberg c/o Axel Guttsman Raab
      Sankt Göransgatan 153
      112 51 Stockholm

    41. Tanner Lubuk on

      Sounds to me the gamestick will be shipping very soon which has me interested to finally receive my gamestick

    42. GameStick Creator on

      Hi Adrian - we're still working towards a shipping date of June 26th so you should be fine!


    43. Jay Walker on

      Silly question, but how do i check which address you have for me :)

    44. Missing avatar

      Adrian Peers on

      When will the Gamesticks start shipping. I will be moving house in July. Thanks