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    1. Carlos Piñan on

      I'm still waiting my Game Stick because the estimated delivery was April and well... We are in June...

    2. Prateek Moitra on

      We were told that by end of may we should get an email confirming our shipping address, haven't seen that email yet??? Was up guys? Are u really serious shipping our products for which u guys took money about 5 months in advance???

    3. Noam Schwartz on

      I'm still waiting for my unit. What's up?

    4. Ken Carpenter on

      @John Gould Something sounds wrong. I received my beta unit over a month ago. You better check with them directly to see why you haven't received yours yet.

    5. Ken Carpenter on

      @s I would be very disappointed if they took your suggestion to allow games from Google Play. I don't want to pay for a game and then find out afterwards that it doesn't work properly on the Gamestick.

      It would be a public relations disaster if they allowed Google Play games. They would receive hundreds of complaints every day.

      In any case, I would expect that you'll be able to sideload apps shortly after release, so if you are dead set on getting games from Google Play, you can probably find a way to do it. Allowing the general public to do that would be crazy though.

    6. Missing avatar

      Cyclops on

      Thanks for the heads up S. Looks like an interesting Chrome concept.

      If you haven't read it yet, Stu posted a link to a great article on the Gamestick over in the main Comment section. Here is the link for anyone who missed it:

      It is the best article on Gamestick that I have seen so far and answers a lto of questions.

    7. Missing avatar

      Wolpertinger on

      A delivery date would be superb. That announcement would for sure also create much excitement.

    8. Missing avatar

      s on

      @GameStick good press, no mention of Android, which is also good at dispelling thoughts of the Google Play Store being accessible. You're going to have to 5691 angry backers if you don't change your distribution model quickly, this whole "approved" games portal is a bottleneck, you want games on the Google Play Store listed with a little icon for GameStick compatibility, or even better GameStick Edition games listed in parallel on the Google Play Store.

      I hope this concept hasn't been infiltrated by too many corporate saboteurs.

      GameStick could very well become the most optimized gaming controller for Android devices, a minor pivot but one that could be more rewarding for backers and PlayJam.

      As always all of these ideas are copyrighted by me, you can use them to expand the Android experience.

      Begrudgingly waiting for the hardware to arrive.

    9. Missing avatar

      s on

      @Cyclops have you had a chance to try the Chrome rollit experiment?

      Your desktop and your android phone, very interesting.

    10. Daniel Kavali on

      Delivery date for backers is......?

    11. Missing avatar

      Cyclops on

      @Brad Tanner. Incorrect. All Android games will not be available as Gamestick is not compatible with Google Play, by design. You can only get games from the Gamestick "store" and only the 34 games that they have currently posted. There is no other method yet available for loading games onto the Gamestick. This may change if/when someone hacks the system to allow sideloading, but there will be no guarantee that the games will be at all playable as they are designed for a touch screen and not for a control stick.
      @Jonathan Goldsmith. The problems with the Wii U have been widely reported and Nintendo is facing significant financial distress due to lack of sales. To quote NIntendo directly: “Owing to the fact that Wii U hardware sales has a negative impact on Nintendo’s profits, the operating loss was 36.4 billion yen.” Nintendo goes on to talk about software delays and the lack of titles having a significant negative impact on sales, and thus they are currently scrambling to get more quality game titles to the system. They have an established partnership with developers and hope to have better titles sometime in the later half of this year. As Nintento has discovered, no matter how good the hardware is, it does not translate into sales if the game titles are not there. Keep in mind that unlike Gamestick, Nintendo has a multimillion dollar company backing them up with a long history of successful development and partnerships with the Developer community. Gamstick does not have the same resources nor do they have any previous track record with any developers. A system without enticing games, is a paperweight. My concern continues to be that Gamestick is focusing on seeking out Indie developers and announcing no progress with the top developers. This is a valid critique given that it has been well proven to be a problem with other manufacturers.

    12. Jacob Andrew Mason on

      Sion Coxall ;
      I hope to a non-existant higher power that english is not your first language.

    13. Brad Tanner on

      A more plausable analogy would have been the Sony PS Vita which has failed to deliver anything significant. Or something like the Amstrad GX4000....

      Anyway my understanding is ALL android games will be available, just not optimised for the gamestick. A bit like an iPhone app running on an iPad when it's not been optimised so runs small and gets magnified. I'm assuming that similar apps that have no controller functionality will struggle on the gamestick.

      Any chance of a compatability list being started anywhere maybe on Wikipedia? People with Dev devices can give it a head start before backers get theirs, this would be a good reference for everyone to get started.

      I'm still hoping as mentioned by others that the backer models are shipped in advance of the pending public release. Where is the update on this?

    14. Jonathan Goldsmith on

      What? You wish they had better games? First off, I think all the games look awesome, and second, as the old adage goes, "If you build it, they will come." Also, Wii U failed?!? How so? It has not had a strong launch, I agree, but that is not only because of the games, I think. Shush up, quit your whining, and wait for the thing before you comment on the games. Otherwise, take your negativity elsewhere. Good job, guys!

    15. Sion Coxall on

      Got to love the comment how can u comment about launch title games this thing is going yo run android games im sure dev will be lining up to make they games work with gamestick im happy with the launch line up and be willing to wait im sure we will get ours before retail plus gone for kickstarter colour will not get that in a shop

    16. John Gould on

      Any word on the Beta shipments? We're coming up on June now and I'm beginning to wonder what the point of backing at the $300 level was when I'm only now going to have 1 month to use and test the beta GameStick before the general release. I was looking forward to 3 months of testing our games out before the final shipments, but now I might as well have just pledged $69 if the difference between the two was going to be a mere 4 weeks or less!

    17. Steve Fish on

      We kinda get it, Cyclops. You wish they had a better lineup of games announced. #messagereceived

    18. M. Wade Jackson on

      UPDATE - From prior post about mailing addresses - JUNE 26th is shipping ETA - See prior comments in thread - MWJ

    19. M. Wade Jackson on

      So is there an ETA for kickstarter backer release - if Launch is July 5 2013 in UK to general Public - Don't forget July 4th is a Holiday in the States - will we see our rewards before the general public ?

    20. Missing avatar

      Cyclops on

      Would be nice if they actually had any decent games for the system. The Wii U failed as they didn't offer any good games and Gamstick is headed for Epic sales failure if they continue to drop the ball with their current lack of titles.

    21. Missing avatar

      Kevin Berger on

      12:30 pm EDT we are 3rd!

    22. Mario on

      Coming soon, right?

    23. Simon Dick

      Sounds promising for a quick release... ;)