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Putting Big Screen Gaming In Your Pocket.
5,691 backers pledged $647,658 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Karl Tayfer on

      I was expecting delivery before September, but it has been delayed many times. I can't send direct E-mail from my mobile; can I still change the delivery address?

    2. joseph spurny on

      Is it too late to get an SDK for game stick? I am getting a package with 2 consoles controllers a dock and other goodies but I would like an sdk if possible to develop some games and apps please.

    3. GameStick Creator on

      Hi Kunai! You can email us here directly.
      Thanks, Ryan!

    4. Missing avatar

      Kunal Dua on

      How do I check what is the address you have on record?

    5. Ryan Johnston on

      Congratulations to the Gamestick team. This has been an excellently run campaign and I can't wait to receive the finished product. To meet deliveries only a couple of months behind initial schedule is unbelievable for a project of this scale! Well done!

    6. Joseph Shivak on

      my bad read the comments: "in any event we'll be emailing all backers in early june to confirm all order and shipping addresses - that will be the final check." i can still update it if i get a place beginning of june awesome..

    7. Joseph Shivak on

      hmm went to my email and clicked the address email survey but just took me to the kickstart page, unsure how to find where it was to be sent.

    8. Joseph Shivak on

      i'm switching jobs to another city.. my default address will work but it'll be at my parents house so it'd be the weekend before i get to it.. Not sure where i'm living yet so i have a small dilemma about that but oh well it should be fine. I wonder if i had it shipped to my old job.. hmm i should look into this...

    9. Egon Arnoldo Hoffmann Soto on

      hello, i need to change my adress
      how i do that?

    10. Erick Gontijo on

      Hey, I could tell me if everything is ok with my order to ship? Already I conveyed some e-mail's and did not return.

      My address information for shipping and color of the console remains the same.

    11. GameStick Creator on

      @coleman - We'll look into it. Thanks!

    12. Missing avatar

      Coleman Lee on

      Can you verify that you got my order on file. I don't remember ever filing out the survey. Thanks.

    13. GameStick Creator on

      @Bryan @Eric - You'll get confirmation emails when your address has been changed. Thanks!

    14. Missing avatar

      Bryan McCraw on

      I have left a message for an address change. Will an email be sent to me to confirm?

    15. Missing avatar

      Eric Martin on

      How do I request and address change?

    16. Nabeel on

      Cant wait for my KS Edition GameStick... Thanks for the updates!

    17. joseph spurny on

      Just a do I get an SDK?

    18. Missing avatar

      Amy Louis on

      Thanks much Gamestick! :)

    19. joseph spurny on

      I pledged enough for the 2 game stick package and dock. I was wondering, How would I go about getting the software for the Dev. kit so I could begin to write for the game stick once I get my items.

    20. Missing avatar

      MIS on

      i don't remember being asked what username i want to reserve

    21. Kamil Garbacz on

      I don't even remember what color I have ordered. :P Would it be possible to automatically send out all those information to us by mail, so we can check if everything ist right? :)

    22. GameStick Creator on

      @Amy Hi.. one of our colleagues is setting up the pre-registration for usernames at the moment.. you can expect to hear from us on that in the next coupe of weeks.

      @Scott - You should receive an email confirming the address change, but in any event we'll be emailing all backers in early june to confirm all order and shipping addresses - that will be the final check.

      @Juan - If you have also ordered from our pre-order site then we may be able to combine orders but that depends on how the logistics are set up. Kickstarter gets priority over everything but if we can match up any pre-orders from KS backers then we'll do what we can to get everything in one shipment.

      Lastly, thanks to everyone for the replies so far with changes to shipping info - we now have twice the number of requests that we had at the start of the day, but we're getting through them :)

      The shipping date is still estimated at around June 26th but we'll keep you updated.

      Not long to go now!


    23. Missing avatar

      Amy Louis on

      Hi Gamestick, just a quick question, when will we be getting the email concerning a reserved username? Thanks!

    24. Missing avatar

      Scott Komorouski on

      Awesome, I had to change my address! Will I receive an email confirming the change?

    25. Ralph Gonzalez on

      Can i get a refund?

    26. Juan Carlos Santana on

      If I pre-ordered the dock a couple of months ago shortly after the campaign ended, will I be getting the Dock with my Gamestick or Afterwards? Or can I give you my pre-order number so that you can send it together?

    27. Sion Coxall on

      Not to long now guys like they said by end of june all our backer gamesticks will shipped

    28. GameStick Creator on

      @Steve (again) - just in case it's not clear, you can send us a message by clicking on the 'See full bio' link across the page (over there--->) and then select the contact me box.

    29. GameStick Creator on

      @Steve - you can respond by emailing us here and we'll get you taken care of! :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Steve O'Flynn on

      What is the email address to advise of postal address changes?

    31. joseph spurny on

      I as well as the rest who backed the project would like to know when we will get to see what we backed. Not just in pictures and clips. Not in just snippits and soundbites. Not in the hands of developers but in the hands of the people who would like to play and tinker with it. Those that would like to get a DVK and a set and play a little and see what we could do just on our own.

    32. GameStick Creator on

      @Jonathan @EuroBuddha - as per our updates, we'll be shipping late June. Exact date not determined yet.
      Hope this helps!

    33. Missing avatar

      eurobuddha on

      yeah, when is the shipping date?

    34. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Atkins on

      When is the dispatch due?