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Putting Big Screen Gaming In Your Pocket.
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    1. Missing avatar

      s on

      You need to edit the swearing for public viewing, but the demo was great.

      Devs will come if the workflow is smooth, but to increase your distribution capabilities I would suggest a game store distributed on the Google Play Store for devices that support your bluetooth controller.

      I still think you should have shipped the dev units for the backers.

    2. Missing avatar

      exposhabs on

      Please contact Super Gnes... i had an email convo with a crew member and he said to me that there no point to go on GameStick.... theres no chance this console can be competitive vs rhe Ouya if you continue like that... seriously no new games since two weeks... I hope you will give us an excellent control because for now... i regret to not have pledged on the ouya!

      Wake up guys! We believe in you

    3. Eric Olson on

      I would like to know when the delivery date will be for the KS backers. And will we get an email letting us know that the Game Stick has been shipped or will we learn through KickStarter, Facebook,, etc?

    4. Daniel Kavali on

      Is the next delivery date for KS Backers a set in stone date? Amping to get my hands on the gamesstick. Also I want to sell this product on my website and feature it. How do I go about seeing if I can be a reseller?

    5. Missing avatar

      Trey Duch on

      @Kamil Powalowski
      Agreed! Looking forward to seeing this working on a Dev unit before receiving the finished product.

    6. Waqqas Hanafi on

      I prefer you focus on quality rather than quantity. I would be happier with 5 really solid games rather than 5000 crappy ass games.

    7. Missing avatar

      Cyclops on

      Great to see you finally acknowledge the importance of having a better game title selection. Let's just hope that some of those A list titles arrive by launch date.

    8. Kamil Powałowski on

      Please, make GameStick have worked emulators app. This give users a way to play own old systems game on the big screen with this nice controller.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Atkins on

      Can we backers expect delivery before mass release? When are we due to take delivery? Thank you.