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Putting Big Screen Gaming In Your Pocket.
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    1. GameStick Creator on

      @Ma1ak - consumers are getting a free case when they pre-order from GAME, not from GameStick. That's an external promotion.
      @Andrew - we respond, however sometimes a while after posting. You can always contact us via FB, Twitter or through our website. :)

    2. Stu on

      Ma1ak, they are also paying more for the dock, and subsequent controllers. So I don't mind so much.

    3. Aman on

      Great news except for the fact that backers turned out to be paying $10 more for the case while consumers would get it for free.

    4. Stu on

      Try using the contact me button over there ----------------------------->

      And yes, the date slipped to late June from what I remember. I'm sure there was an update about this.

    5. Andrew Thomas on

      Is anyone from Gamestick actually responding to these comments? Is there any other way to contact Gamestick?

    6. Andrew Thomas on

      Are we going to be given a delivery date for these. I understood it was to be in April?

    7. T. Edward on

      @Jacob, I agree. I'm a shoot em up gamer sometimes as well. I just wanted to voice my opinion on the video with gore. Think of it this way, a PS3, PS4, 360, Wii, WiiU, etc commercial shown on TV would show the action shots but stop JUST short of the head shots to make it viewable on any station, any time, by any age group. That's all bud. No complaints here. My only suggestion would be to make another vid or edit this one slightly to omit those 7 seconds of gore so little ones can view it as well. Just MHO.

    8. Jacob Andrew Mason on

      im sure your six year old wont care if they see the commercial or not, so thanks GameStick for not censoring the game. i love zombie shoot-em-ups and was glad to see that clip in there as were many other fans of the genre.

    9. T. Edward on

      Great video. Agree on the headshots for our little ones but overall a great way to present the system to the masses. Great work Gamestick crew!

    10. Alex Neilson

      Now, *this* is the kind of video the ouya team should've made!

      Looks great, and is getting me really excited! :)

    11. Missing avatar

      T B on

      I know it's content from actual games, but couldn't you have resisted putting exploding bloody headshots in the video? I won't share this with my 6 year old because of those tiny sections.

    12. Justin on

      All that awesomeness in only 3 inches? Finally, size doesn't matter!!!

      Can't wait!!!

    13. Andy Lunn on


      Are you getting contact emails through kickstarter I have emailed you twice about my delivery address and I'm getting no response. Thanks

    14. Cocorickoo on

      i seriously can't wait to put my hands on my GameStick.

      Will there be some default compatibility with GooglePlay games or we have to hope for a Port from their developers ?

      Also, how will it work for XBMC ? Will the wireless module be able to stream HD from home networks ?

      Thank you :)

    15. Stu on

      Oooh, Weirdly, I hope they all come with that colour LED for the home/on button. Tis nice.

    16. Mark Müller on

      Hahaha, sooooo happy my app made it into the UI for this video - and I am now awaiting June patiently, ready to play some of my favourite apps on the BIG screen :D

      #me or /me ( choose twitter or irc tag depending on your preference ) = PROUD to be a backer and a dev!

    17. Missing avatar

      Tr2v on

      That looks fantastic! So excited!

    18. Aric Giron on

      looks slick guys, very amped for this