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Putting Big Screen Gaming In Your Pocket.
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    1. Peter Williams on

      Just got mine in th mail today. I can't seem to get past the setup stage where it attempts to go "Searching for Updates", it just sits there and spins forever. Anyone else having this problem?

      Emailed their support, and got a quick response telling me the standard tech support mantra of turn everything off and on again, which I've done several times now, to no effect.

    2. yves on

      Keep working hard! Looking fwd to receiving my gamestick! #amazing

    3. Missing avatar

      Tim Hellhake on

      Fine! Just ignore the uncomfortable questions -.-
      @Jerason Banes
      I hope you are right :)
      In Update 17 they mentioned that their "SDK will support C++, Java, Marmalade and Unity".

    4. GameStick Creator on

      Hello James - you can do so now via GameStop in the US, Game in the UK or direct from us on

      Love GameStick

    5. Missing avatar

      James Schlegel on

      @Gamestick - Can we pre-order a second controller. If so, how would we go about it? Wouldn't need a second console.

    6. Justin on

      @Juan Carlos Santana - that list provided is a year old and even then it's not complete. All of Samsungs large format TVs (40"+) for the past couple years support MHL. The same goes for LG and Sharp plus all the other manufactures. So right off that bat a ton of them have support.

      The problem with most of them though is...usually only ONE HDMI port supports MHL out of all of the ports on the TV.

    7. Allen Lam on

      Great ~~ you will promote this product to Hong Kong & China Market ? I believe i can help that to be able to provide assistance !!

    8. Stephen Bush on

      Woot! Can't wait! Thanks for the great updatel.

    9. Samuel Batista on

      I'm interested to see what comes out of deal to integrate the Green Throttle controllers. They sent me a pair a few months ago, but because they have a proprietary API and don't route input through the standard Android Joystick API, I haven't used them for development yet.

      Thanks a bunch for providing a service that is very easy to integrate with, especially with regards to the gamepads. I can't wait to get my unit and test my prototype on the big screen!

    10. Jonathan Goldsmith on

      Looking and sounding great! Only thing is, the more I hear about the dock, the more I want one to go with my GameStick. Hopefully I can purchase one separately later on. I also wondered if there was any possibility of the dock(if I can purchase it separately) if the retail version would definitely be compatible with My Kickstarter version of GameStick. I hooe so!

    11. Jerason Banes

      @Tim - I've been assured by GameStick dev support that Java is a supported platform for their SDK, despite the fact that they never advertise it. Not a big deal, though. Worst case is that we have to do a bit of JNI wrapping around C/C++.

      Javascript as a gaming platform continues to perplex me. Bully for PlayJam if it's a serious option in the SDK. (I may never go back to another language!) I'm patiently waiting to see how it turns out.

    12. Missing avatar

      Kevin Berger on

      With the portable battery, the only constraint would be if the battery is capable of pushing the 1-2 Amps the gamestick requires, so if it is "iPad" capable, it should work fine. however the little Duracell ones, or similar won't be able to do the job. At all. (trust me, i tried with my PocketTV and my MK808... the little Duracell bugger got them to boot. but ANYTHING outside of the home screen, and the device rebooted. (All of this is assumption, except for the Duracell thing with the HDMI sticks i have... If I were to do what i assume Juan means, I would have the battery plugged in to charge OFF the TV, and power the GameStick, as the draw off the device will suddenly "kill" the remaining charge in the battery, when the battery reaches a certain level, and the USB may not be enough to actually run the stick, but it will be enough to extend the run time of the battery, and by extension the GameStick.

    13. Missing avatar

      Derrell R Harrison on

      very excitied about receiving my very own GAMESTICK, but I would be greatly disappointed if the delivery date for the backers got push back

    14. Juan Carlos Santana on

      How about connecting the gamestick to a portable battery? like the one's you use to charge cell phones on the go, would that work?

    15. Juan Carlos Santana on

      Here's a short list of MHL compatible tv's just in case, im trying to search for more, but aparently there are very few :(

    16. Missing avatar

      Tim Hellhake on

      Btw i think you meant "mA" not "mAh"

    17. Missing avatar

      Tim Hellhake on

      Did you just missed to mention Java as possible language or is this no longer an option for gamedevelopment?

    18. Waqqas Hanafi on

      FOR THE POWER THING: Instead of having me bring along a power adapter/cable everywhere I go, why don't you build a small Li-Ion battery right into the GameStick? It can charge when not in use or when using low power, and use up the charge when playing power-heavy games.

      I wouldn't mind the GameStick being a centimeter thicker if it saves me from carrying a power-adapter!

    19. J.R. Raith on

      Thanks for the note re: docks! I'm very excited to hear about them. GameStick is going to be very fun, I think!

      Can anyone sign up to be a developer or will there be some sort of gateway to getting a game in the GameStick game store? While I'm not a developer, I'd very much like to be one at some point, heh.

      Kind regards!

    20. GameStick Creator on

      No problem - glad we got there in the end ;)

    21. Jerason Banes

      Awesome. Thanks for clarifying! :-)

    22. GameStick Creator on

      Hello Jerason - It's late here! Forgive us! we meant Founding Content Partner. Premium Content Partner was a tier we never launched in the end.

      Love GameStick.

    23. Jerason Banes

      @Gamestick - Thank you for your response, but I fear you missed the question. My pledge is called "$500 Founding Content Partner". Neither of the names you mentioned for shipments match that tier. I'm looking for clarification on where our tier fits in the shipment schedule. Thanks!

    24. GameStick Creator on

      Hello Jerason. We have recently taken shipment of the DEV units from China. These came in batches and we had issues with air transportation of devices with batteries which caused s slight delay - we did not realize that we needed to provide additional paperwork for this - another point on the learning curve...

      Devices for Premium Content Partners have begun to ship from the first batch we received. These will be followed by the Designed By Me devices later this week.

      Love GameStick

    25. GameStick Creator on

      Hello J.R. We hope to post an update on the Dock soon. We are still working on the final housing mechanism for the stick on the basis that we need to ensure adequate ventilation.

      Regarding power - you are correct. If you have an MHL compliant TV, you will be able to power the stick directly from the HDMI connector. If you do not, you will use the power adapter that will ship with the device.

      Love GameStick

    26. Jerason Banes

      Can you clarify: Are "Founding Content Partners" considered in the same group as "Premium Content Partners"? If not, will Founding members get their units after the "Designed by Me" beta testers?

    27. J.R. Raith on

      Excellent update with lots of great info! Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

      How's the dock progressing? I haven't seen any imagery or heard much talk of the dock itself since the initial fundraiser. I'd be curious to see a render or maybe an early version of the product.

      I'm not 100% sure on the whole powering scheme. I have an older (2006) TV with just HDMI inputs -- Am I correct to understand that I'll need to run a power line to the gamestick stick itself? If I had a TV or receiver with this MHL thing, I wouldn't? I am looking to upgrade in the next couple of years, but it's not necessary *quite* yet. However, knowing what to look for when I do would be helpful. :)

      Cheers GameStick! Getting more excited with each update.

    28. lartomar2002 on

      Great update. You guys have more on the ball than that other Kickstarter console. You know the one I mean!

    29. GameStick Creator on

      Sorry! Pictures added!

    30. Missing avatar

      Panzerdragoon7 on

      Great update!
      (One teeny tiny remark though, you forgot to ad the pictures :p )

    31. Juan Carlos Santana on

      Hey guys, on TOOLING you said that there where pictures attached below, but I don't see them?

      ..thanks for the update, tons of great new, looking forward to AIrplay if you manage to add it :)

    32. Cocorickoo on

      wow this was a great update ! every day i am more impressed by all the hard work you do.

    33. Simon Dick

      That's a good update, not everyone will be happy but its nice and comprehensive and explains any changes, congrats!

    34. Justin on

      AWESOME UPDATE! It's greatly appreciated. I'm glad we're getting the MHL version as that's what I was looking forward to the most. Straight plug and play.

      Having to carry around an adapter all the time (or any cable(s)) would kind of make the size of this unit a moot point.

      Can't wait!!!

    35. GameStick Creator on

      Hi Luke - we are working on this and hope to send out a link to register usernames very soon.

      Love GameStick

    36. Chad Morassi on

      Thanks for the update!

    37. GameStick Creator on

      Hello Darren - We are working with the folks at XBMC and PIVOS and expect this functionality to now be included at launch. We have movies and music working - we are working on supporting Airplay - once we do - we will post a video.

    38. Darren Cooper on

      Thanks for the update :)

      Any more information about XBMC? Will this come with GameStick or we still waiting for September?

    39. Missing avatar

      Valkyrja on

      When will the name check become available?